Ukraine’s Dictator Drags the World Into War

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Volodymyr Zelensky is considered a hero. Who is he really?

The media has been pushing the narrative that Russia has one-sidedly invaded Ukraine and that Zelensky is a hero.

On the contrary, Zelensky’s true character reveals that this narrative is just not true —Zelensky is a dangerous populist who will bring about a world war. In this article we take a look at how Zelensky’s rise to the Ukrainian presidency led to the current war.


A Comedian With No Substance Brings Turmoil to Ukraine’s Affairs

Zelensky, who has been an active comedian since his school days, gained great popularity on “Dancing with the Stars,” which recorded the highest viewing figure of 87% for the episode that he appeared on. He also appeared on a nationally popular variety show, “Vecherniy Kvartal (English: Evening Quarter),” where he played the piano using his genitals and performed other inappropriate acts (see photo below). Zelensky gained popularity, and with it, established an unshakeable celebrity status.


Caption: Zelensky pulls down his pants and plays the piano using his private parts on a television show (Image taken from YouTube “СтудияКвартал95 Online”).

The popular comedian entered the political sphere after he appeared on the comedy series, “Servant of the People,” that aired from 2015 to 2019. The show was about a high school history teacher, played by Zelensky, who is elected president and embarks on political reform after a video of him criticizing the country’s corrupt politics goes viral. The series became a huge hit, due in part to the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and because the government was on the verge of financial collapse.

Then, in 2017, while the television series was still on air, Zelensky founded a political party even though he had no prior political experience. His political party was given the same name as his television show. Zelensky ran for the presidency in 2019 and his “clever” speeches, which included lines from the television show, increased support for his candidacy. Just like the character in his leading role as a high school teacher, Zelensky cast the established political elites as “enemies of the people” that colluded with newly emerged conglomerates, while thoroughly criticizing the corruption of the previous administration.

On the other hand, his own manifesto only consisted about 1,600 words with no substance whatsoever, and Zelensky was harshly criticized by well-informed people who said it would be a “national disgrace” if he was elected president. However, the Ukrainian people’s dissatisfaction for governmental corruption and the effect that the civil war in the eastern region was having on their lives resulted in an outpouring of support for Zelensky’s party. Zelensky won the presidential election with the overwhelming support of over 70% of the electorate by promising to protect the rights of Russian people in Ukraine.

Real politics didn’t go as easy as his television series. The Zelensky administration was a group of political amateurs. It included cabinet members from an entertainment agency who used to work with Zelensky. As expected, the Zelensky administration was unable to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine or take effective measures against Covid-19, and they made one failed decision after another. The people of Ukraine saw through the administration and realized they had no idea what they were doing, and Zelensky’s approval rating dropped to around 20%. The Ukrainian government was plunged into turmoil. 


A Dictator That Purges Pro-Russian Factions, Shuts Down Opposition Media

In an attempt to win back the people’s support, the Zelensky administration decided to take a hard line against Russia. They insisted on early membership of the EU and NATO.

The Ukrainian people, especially the Russian residents, protested against President Zelensky’s sudden betrayal. In response, Zelensky began a fully-fledged effort to eliminate forces that were inconvenient to his political regime, all under the name of cleansing corruption.

In February 2021, Zelensky began to attack his political opponent, the opposition party leader that held the second largest number of seats in parliament. The opposition party was accused of pro-Russian activities funded by dirty money given to them by Russia, and the opposition party leader was added to a sanctions blacklist. Zelensky confiscated their assets, which included television stations and an oil pipeline. He even added their business partners to the sanctions blacklist and cut off their source of funding. In May 2021, the opposition party leader was arrested for treason, which dealt the opposition party a devasting blow.

The Zelensky administration’s crackdown was also directed at the media. They shut down one television station after another for criticizing the administration and arrested a number of journalists and analysts. In April of this year, the Ukrainian government mandated that only the government’s formal opinions could be broadcasted, and the government has been accused of decimating media that it does not like.

Olga Baysha, a Ukrainian political scientist, compared Mr. Zelensky to Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator who imposed an oppressive regime with the support of the United States (*1). Zelensky isn’t a guardian of democracy, but rather an authoritarian, autocratic figure that Western countries normally despise.


Zelensky Wants to Join NATO. He Wished for War Against Russia All Along.

Zelensky suppressed the Russian population in Ukraine and invited Russia’s military intervention. Happy Science Master Ryuho Okawa said, “Like a ‘Joker,’ President Zelensky stepped up in Ukraine. He’s about to drag countries into a world war for the sake of Ukraine alone, using the world’s television ratings as collateral.” Master Okawa saw Zelensky’s incitement to war, backed by the huge support of the media, as a problem.

Zelensky’s guardian spirit visited Master Okawa in March, and he said, “I’d like British and French forces [with nuclear weapons] to attack Moscow.” His comment was extremely self-centered, claiming that NATO should be the ones to attack Russia, and that he wouldn’t mind if a world war broke out in order to protect Ukraine (*2).

That was no surprise. The Zelensky administration fully understood that taking a hard line against Russia meant war, and they still chose that path. In fact, Arestovich, military adviser to the Ukrainian President, made the following prediction in 2019: “If Ukraine tries to join NATO, there is a 99.9% probability of an all-out war against Russia between 2021 and 2022.” Arestovich then said that Ukraine could be forced to join NATO by escalating the conflict in eastern Ukraine and gathering the attention of western regions, and he even spoke of wanting to change the Russian dictatorship, or Putin’s regime (*3, See image below).


Caption: In 2019, Arestovich, a military adviser to the Ukrainian government, said there’ll be war against Russia if Ukraine aims to join NATO (Image taken from YouTube “АпострофTV”).

In other words, Ukraine’s move to join NATO, as well as the repression of the Russian population, were intended to drag Russia into war, because that would be Ukraine path to membership of NATO. These were all calculated moves. It was an extremely irresponsible plan — almost as if Zelensky was willing to sacrifice Ukraine’s citizens in order to join NATO.

Perhaps that was why Zelensky’s guardian spirit said, “I didn’t think NATO would back away this much” (*4). The guardian spirit was surprised that NATO wouldn’t do anything even when a war broke out, so his initial calculation must not have been incorrect. Later on, incidents such as the Bucha massacre were labelled  “propaganda.” It is suspected that the intention of these incidents, coupled with Western countries, was to pull the world into an all-out war against Russia (*5).

A comedian is pretending to be a hero,” Master Okawa pointed out. “He’s trying to involve the world, and if he’s lucky enough, he thinks enough attacks on Russia can send President Putin to the death row.


Voting Responsibility: People of Ukraine Couldn’t Elect the Right Leader

Zelensky’s true character is a populist with dictatorial tendencies who chases after popularity. Zelensky almost seems like a “clown” who is willing to involve the world in a nuclear war for the sake of his own country.

Further, Master Okawa got straight to the point rather strictly. He said, “Ukraine will lose the war because the country is at fault for not having proper leadership and national policies. That is the ultimate responsibility for a nation that calls itself a democracy. The people who elected a comedian like Zelensky as president are responsible for killing a number of Ukrainians.

The people of Ukraine, who were overly influenced by television shows, have responsibility for voting a leader into power who put their nation in danger. This is the harsh reality of international politics: a wrong decision can result in the loss of a country.

Ukraine should quickly move toward a cease-fire in order to prevent further deaths as the country is being scorched.

(*1) The Grayzone article, April 28
(*2, 4) “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Zelensky (recorded urgently at 2 a.m., March 10)
(*3) On March 18, 2019, Ukrainian TV channel Apostrophe TV aired an interview titled, “Full-scale War With Russia in Several Years.”
(*5) Former Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva stated that the Bucha incident was prepared by British intelligence (MI6) and the Ukrainian security service (SBU), who placed the bodies.


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Ukraine’s Dictator Drags the World Into War
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