Xi Jinping Must Be Pursued as War Criminal

Why hasn’t he been? The reason why the true source of the problem isn’t being pursued is not from the lack of scientific discussion; rather, it is the nation’s unwillingness to create tension with China, which in turn created this appeasement policy.

Many experts have cited evidence suggesting that the coronavirus originated from China’s laboratories. Without technical evidence, however, many people dismiss this as a mere conspiracy theory. Therefore, this article introduces evidence that supports the lab-leak theory by incorporating the scientific technicalities behind the claim.

First and foremost, viruses from bats generally cannot infect humans; for this to happen, it must go through a series of mutations. For instance, it may infect from bats to cats, then go through another mutation that would enable them to infect humans.

However, Covid-19 is unusual because the virus was already adapted to humans since the early stage of the pandemic. Alina Chan, a postdoctoral associate and a researcher from the U.S. Broad Institute, has suggested the possibility of an artificially created virus “pre-adapted” to humans leaking from a lab.

Similarly, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from the Flinders University of Australia suspects a similar, artificial cause. The professor stated that Covid-19’s infectiousness on humans is higher than that on animals, and that this kind of virus does not exist in the natural world as of today. There are abnormalities in Covid-19 that contradict the previously held standards in virology, he said.


Artificial Commonalities Between Omicron, Delta, Alpha Variants

Furthermore, the greatest argument for the lab-leak theory that is inexplicable by that zoonotic-origin theory is the “furin cleavage site” that exists in the coronavirus, which exponentially increases the infectivity of Covid-19. Some say that the pandemic may not have happened in the first place without this trait.

The furin cleavage site is nonexistent in viruses similar to Covid-19, so it is a mystery as to why Covid-19 has this. Yuri Deigin, the co-founder and CEO of a biology company, has pointed out that China has performed experiments in which they artificially insert the cleavage site into live animals (gain-of-function studies) (*1). Dr. Deigin uses this as strong evidence to support the lab-leak theory.

As to support this claim, the globally widespread Omicron, Delta and Alpha variants all have the unusual commonality of the furin cleavage site mutation, which result in their increased transmissibility compared to their conventional forms.

Natural Origin Theory Has Astronomically Low Likelihood

Approximately 30 of the jagged spike proteins on the coronavirus have mutated on the Omicron variant. However, the media does not realize the seriousness of this spontaneous mutation, and instead only sheds light to its lower severity rate. They believe that Omicron has simply mutated according to the principles of natural selection, but it is probabilistically extremely unlikely that 30 sites that cause the virus to have increased infectivity and more immunity against vaccines have simultaneously mutated: natural mutation is unthinkable.

The possibility of this mutation occurring is comparable to that of a baby randomly hitting a computer keyboard to produce a grammatically correct sentence. Only when a baby has miraculously created a coherent sentence by luck, can a mutation occur that resulted in increased infectivity over the original virus.

The zoonotic origin theory argues that people should believe in the miraculous probability of a baby forming a stunning sentence—any sensible person would not.

Rather, it is much more rational to believe that China is taking revenge on Western nations that refuse to send government personnel to the Beijing Olympics by spreading an artificially mutated variant to weaken those nations.

We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to deduce that China is the culprit of this whole scheme when the U.S., the U.K. and France, who have all criticized China’s human rights oppression, are suffering from record-high infections. Some may argue that Omicron originated in South Africa, but it is clear from the actual damage it has caused that the Western nations are its true targets.


Academia Encourages Appeasement Policy Towards China

It cannot be argued that political motives aided the spread of the natural origin theory, rather than scientific rationality. This claim is made by Professor Emeritus Richard Muller from U.C. Berkeley.

There are many Nobel-Prize level biologists at U.C. Berkeley. When Dr. Muller inquired about the origin of Covid-19 to his coworkers and other world-class scholars in different universities, he was told, “‘I’m not going to do anything that will help Trump get reelected.’ … There was the impression that Trump, because he had come out and said it was a laboratory leak, that by doing this work it would lead credence to Trump, which might throw the [2020] election.”

Furthermore, Dr. Muller spoke to another expert who said, “‘If it gets out that [someone in the laboratory] is even looking at [controversial papers], they will be blacklisted by China. They will be labeled an enemy of China… China does some of the best work in the world. We all have co-authors. That will all stop. The Chinese Communist Party will put an end to it.’” Dr. Muller expressed his fear that China is undermining the academic freedom in the U.S. (*2).

Dr. Farrar, a scientist hired by the U.K. government to come up with coronavirus prevention measures, has also confessed concerning the realities of a scientific field filled with scientists without courage, who are trapped in various restraints. Dr. Farrar had originally suspected that the virus was artificially created, but given the U.S.-China tension, he feared that this could incite a war (*3).

“It was obvious that people would soon begin hunting for a scapegoat for what was rapidly turning into a global health disaster… There we were, sitting in our home in leafy Oxford, potentially caught up in one of the most polarized moments in history since the Cold War.”

Some renowned scientists were entranced by the “greater cause” of preventing a war, hesitating to chase the truth and place responsibility on China. This is true for our political leaders as well. They have relied on appeasement policies to avoid conflict with China, which acts as the greatest barrier against the pursuit of truth.


Japanese Media Even Exasperate Chinese, On Same Level as Chinese Media

The influence that the media had in the spread of the zoonotic origin theory cannot be neglected as well.

According to a tweet posted by the University of Tsukuba professor Hideki Kakeya, Chinese international students who attend Japanese universities have stated, regarding the Covid-19 reports broadcasted on Japanese television, that “They merely announce whatever is reported by the Chinese government and are completely useless.” Thus, they watch Taiwanese channels instead on the internet. He criticized the Japanese politicians, reporters and scientists who do their best to avoid conflict as being “no different from Chinese officials.”

The Japanese media is not too far from China’s national media, and neither the politicians nor scientists have courage as well. It is also baffling that the liberals who condemn the Fukushima nuclear accident are not criticizing China, who has committed the most grievous sin in the world. If the source of the coronavirus is not identified, then this tragedy may recur—we must not let this happen at any cost.

The Liberty has continuously emphasized this point, but the world is currently entering World War III, caused by viruses, and people must realize that optimistic views towards the international state of affairs will result in the death of their own citizens.

The evidence has already been set forth. Now, it is up to the politicians, researchers and the media to gather courage to speak up for world justice.


(*1) Some argue against the lab-leak theory by stating that there will be traces if sites were artificially inserted into the virus. However, a distinguished coronavirus expert, Dr. Ralph Baric, has invented a method to perform an insertion without leaving evidence. Dr. Baric also has close ties with researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
(*2) Japanese researchers are weak against American authority, so they will receive direct influence if the American academia leans towards China. There are also many who claim that they should not say anything about the origins of the virus because putting the blame on China may cause unnecessary troubles.
(*3) “Spike: The Virus vs. The People – the Inside Story,” co-authored by Jeremy Farrar.


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Xi Jinping Must Be Pursued as War Criminal
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