Shocking Spiritual Message From Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou: ‘Omicron Was Revenge’

As global Covid-19 cases surpassed 100 million in one month alone, with the cumulative total surpassing 400 million, on February 11 Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science called forth the perpetrator of the Omicron surge and conducted a spiritual reading.

Shockingly, the figure that came forward as the main “head” of the Omicron variant was the guardian spirit of Meng Wanzhou of Huawei Technologies, a Chinese telecom giant. Ms. Wanzhou is the deputy chairwoman and CFO of Huawei.


Covid-19 Cultivation at Huawei!? Revenge Plot Began When the U.S. Squeezed Huawei

Huawei’s telecommunications equipment is banned from domestic networks in countries such as the U.S. and Canada because of its ties with the Chinese military. Ms. Wanzhou’s spirit explained the motive behind the Omicron variant, saying that they were plotting revenge around the time that Huawei was squeezed by U.S. sanctions. She said a biological weapon was used because it is difficult to identify the perpetrator, unlike nuclear warfare. The spirit also said they are “creating a state of depression” by increasing viruses in areas that are imposing economic sanctions on China, such as the U.S. and Europe.

What is shocking is the location where the bioweapon is cultivated. She said the virus is being cultivated in Huawei-related facilities in order to avoid being caught. She also revealed that Covid-19 can be spread in various ways literally by attaching “viruses” to Huawei products.


The End Game of Covid-19: Achieving Totalitarian Surveillance Through AI

Ms. Wanzhou’s spirit said that “Companies that make electronic devices will profit more” if the surge of Covid-19 separates people and forces them to rely on electronic devices. She boasted that it would mean that “China can become a first-world country”. She also revealed her hostility toward religions and said that the coronavirus has partly been designed to “kill off religions” because it prevents people from gathering at church.

She also boasted that they are aiming to “make democracy impossible,” including the Hong Kong protests, by encouraging the physical separation that comes with today’s internet society. She further revealed China’s end game: to gain complete totalitarian surveillance through AI.

Regarding the future of U.S. tech giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta) and Google, she said there are plans to crush them. “Tribute diplomacy also applies to Big Tech. Those that embrace it will spread [in the Chinese market], but those that don’t, will perish,” she predicted.

“We are planning to release a virus that only kills white people,” she then said. She said that it is okay to annihilate all non-Chinese, revealing a horrifying plan to annihilate white people. What’s more, the coronavirus that is designed to wipe out white people is effective on the people of India. Alas, China will have no enemies left after destroying western countries and India.


Omicron’s Archenemy is Trump!?

The interviewer asked who the archenemy of the Omicron variant is, and she frankly answered, “It’s Trump.” She explained why and calmly analyzed China’s weaknesses:

“China’s greatest weakness is if other countries establish a clear standard of good and evil and shoot missiles into Hong Kong and Beijing. This will be the most astounding.” “Trump’s existence alone triggers that fear.” “China is done for if other countries make a case for punishing those that should be doubted.”

The Biden administration should lend an ear to this instead of remaining ambiguous about making a judgment of good and evil.


What is the Greatest Countermeasure?

A spiritual reading of Yaidron was also recorded. As a messianic space being, Yaidron is deemed capable of speaking about countermeasures against the intentional spread of the Omicron variant.

“The true archenemy is me,” he said, showing his dignity as a being that has long watched over Earth.

“To save or kill China, it is ultimately my decision,” Yaidron said.

According to Yaidron, although vaccines are not entirely useless against immediate infections, our immunity will be weakened when a “poison” is being used on top of another poison. He warned that infectious diseases like syphilis that were prevalent in the past could re-emerge.

He said the countermeasure would be an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] if China is identified as a group of criminals”. He hinted that China would keep creating epidemics with strong viruses if we don’t take action.

Yaidron said that China’s purpose is the “isolation of humankind” and that they aim to destroy love, democracy and faith in God. According to Yaidron, it is necessary to hold China accountable for perpetrating Covid-19 and causing deaths in numbers that far surpass that of an atomic bomb.

The above article sets out a portion of the spiritual readings only, and the following points were also covered.


Issues From Wang Menzhou’s Spiritual Message:

  • The cause of Biden’s death has already been decided!?
  • What will be repelled as Happy Science spreads?
  • How does Biden intend to survive?
  • What is the future of Latin America and Southeast Asia?
  • Is Meng Wanzhou aware of Tiandi (Chinese:天帝), the “Heavenly Emperor”?
  • What is the next world structure after the U.N. that China imagines?
  • What is attached to Huawei’s electronic devices?


Issues From Yaidron’s Spiritual Message:

  • What kind of people are susceptible to Covid-19 infection?
  • People who inhabit God’s __ have immunity
  • The W.H.O.’s __ is the equivalent of shooting
  • The “hosts” in which Covid-19 can’t stay for long
  • The strength of faith and __ are the same
Shocking Spiritual Message From Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou: ‘Omicron Was Revenge’
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