Shocking Confession! “I Removed Organs From a Prisoner Who Was Still Breathing.”

There are still rumors that organs are being harvested from Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs and other political prisoners in China. We interviewed a Uyghur former surgeon who removed organs from a prisoner.


Enver Tohti Bughda

Born in Hami (Krum), East Turkistan. Worked for 13 years as an oncological surgeon at the Central Hospital of Railways in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and has experience in organ removal from a prisoner. He exposed China’s nuclear testing in the Nopral region in the British documentary film “Death on the Silk Road”. After defecting to the United Kingdom, he continues to speak out about China’s organ harvesting around the world.

As a surgeon, I was complicit in a large criminal activity by the Chinese government, removing organs from a prisoner. I would rather forget about it because it’s not something nice to remember. It was quite shocking.

It happened on a Wednesday in the summer of 1995. On the afternoon of the previous day, the chief surgeon called me into his office and asked, “Do you want to do something wild?” As a young surgeon, I said “Yes, of course.”

He said, “Go to the theater and get the largest set of operation tools. Then take two nurses and two assistants. There will be an ambulance (light van) at the hospital gate at 9:30 tomorrow, so wait there.” Then I said, “Okay.” I was actually excited.

The next morning, as we were waiting with everything ready, the two chief surgeons appeared in cars and they said, “You’ll follow us.” So we started following them. The destination of the group was ―― the Western Mountain Execution Ground. As the name suggests, it is in a mountainous area.

The two chief surgeons who were waiting behind a hill told us, “Wait here and then come around when you hear gunshots.” We were actually scared, because we didn’t know why we were there. We just sat sit there smoking and scared of what was going to happen.


Removing the Liver and Kidneys From a Living “Dead Body”

After a while, we heard shouting, trucks driving, whistles, people chanting something over and over, and gunshots.

“Okay, let’s go.” We drove to the entrance of the execution site. There we saw more than ten executed bodies lying on the slope of the mountain. The bodies were all wearing prisoner’s clothes and had bullets through the back of their heads, blowing off their foreheads.

“Look, go to the far right. That is yours.” An armed policeman was shouting at us. There was a dead body lying down and our two chief surgeons were waiting there. They ordered, “Put this body into the car,” and while our assistants carried him in, they called me to aside and said, “Now, you do as quick as possible to remove the liver and the kidneys.” Then I understood why we were there, and I was actually relieved because that was not difficult to do.

I turned into a robot carrying out a programmed task without any feeling. When I inserted the scalpel, blood flowed. This meant that his heart was still beating.The prisoner was still alive!

They took organs and put in a box and said, “Now, you’ll take your team, go back to the hospital, and remember there was nothing happening today.” Since that day, nobody ever talked about it.


One Wednesday in the summer of 1995, Dr. Tohti removed a liver and two kidneys from a prisoner in the bed of a light van (image, prepared by the editorial department). The victim, a long-haired man in his thirties, had been shot in the right chest.


Brainwashing Released when Encountered Western Civilization

――Have you changed your way of thinking since you defected to the United Kingdom?

I was born into a Chinese communist society and was completely brainwashed. Just like the people in North Korea today, I believed that whatever I saw was the best thing that could happen to me.

In the education of the Chinese Communist Party, we were taught that “all the people around the world outside of China are suffering, and only the Chinese people are happy,” and at that time I also treated myself as Chinese, so I thought so.

However, after I left Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and encountered Western civilization and started reading the things that were not available in China. That way of thinking collapsed. Then I saw, “Oh my God, the world is much bigger than what I have seen, and the world is much freer and much more colorful and much warmer than what I had seen.”

Actually, my personality completely changed and a “reformation” took place within me. Then I realized what happened in 1995 could never be forgiven and that nowadays, hundreds of millions of people in China remain brainwashed because they have no chance to know what is going on in the outside world.

――It is believed that the Chinese government is preparing for organ harvesting by compiling a database of blood test results of Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners and others. Do you think there are any actual cases of organs being removed?

The problem with these things is that when organs are removed, there are no survivors. Removing organs means that the person will die, and there is no survivor who says, “Oh, they took my organs.”

When they take organs from your body, they don’t only take one. After removing as many organs as possible, they dismantle your whole body and burn it, so you will have no trace left. Since all the victims are dead, we don’t have direct proof, and “we don’t have victims of it”.


Even in Japan, Organs Will Be Stolen

――If China were to annex Hong Kong and Taiwan and take control of Japan, do you think the same thing could happen in Japan?

Definitely, it will happen. Last year, when the Hong Kong media interviewed me, I said, “Today’s Hong Kong is yesterday’s Xinjiang. Because we have seen everything that is happening in Hong Kong.”

Please pay attention to what is happening in Xinjiang. If your land is occupied by the CCP, everything that happened to us will happen to you. Your organs will be taken and your bodies will be burned.


Japan Should Stand Strong!

There have been many wars between China and Japan, but China has never defeated Japan. So, Japan is the only country that can give a lesson to communist China. Therefore, Japan should stand strong.

If you do not stand strong, you will be the next to suffer misery. Japan has the power, the knowledge, and the will to do that, so you have to stand strong.

History and experience teach us that the Communist Party will not go quietly. The principle of the Communist Party is violent revolution, so it will not back down voluntarily.

The only way to stop violence is a more powerful military force. Unfortunately, that is the current law of the weak and the strong. In order to stop China’s organ-grabbing and other atrocities, the international community must intervene and eliminate the CCP.

All communist leaders must be punished after trial. Without the elimination of the communist regime, the world will not find peace.


Shocking Confession! “I Removed Organs From a Prisoner Who Was Still Breathing.”
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