Dear Japan: Be Self-Aware as Guardian of Freedom

The Biden administration’s far-left policies have affected the American public’s opinion. According to Rasmussen Reports’ national telephone and online survey, only 36% of voters says President Biden’s first 100 days in office have been a success. The people are stepping back as the influx of illegal immigrants and the administration’s attempt to expand the Supreme Court – among other moves – have revealed the true nature of the “moderate” administration.

Regarding Mr. Biden’s China policy, he has already made a money-making agreement with China. It does not even come close to Mr. Trump’s China policy, in which he reduced China’s trade surplus with the U.S. by imposing tariffs and starving them out.

It’s no surprise. Ever since the Biden administration took charge, there’s one word that we don’t hear as often: “God.”

Mr. Biden was the first president in history to omit “God” from the annual National Day of Prayer proclamation. This is in stark contrast to Donald Trump who called for a prayer to overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

Politicians are easily fluttered in an appeasement of evil when they do not carry faith. Only with faith, as a pursuit of justice from God’s eyes, can Mr. Biden confront the totalitarian state of China and make a name for himself as President of the U.S., the guardian of liberalism and freedom.


Escaping U.S. Dependency Will Protect Asia

The voice of God doesn’t seem to have reached the Biden administration at this moment. Japan must continue to persuade the U.S. to complement Chinese encirclement, while simultaneously breaking away from U.S. dependence.

The most problematic is the scenario that Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit drew out: that Japan will become a battlefield (see our previous article).

We must prevent this future by making diplomatic efforts toward the division of China and Russia. Furthermore, it is only natural for Japan to take leadership and protect the democratic forces of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Myanmar. It is time for Japan to bring back God as the pillar of its politics.


Dear Japan: Be Self-Aware as Guardian of Freedom
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