Space Wars Over Earth Have Already Begun
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“Do aliens and UFOs exist?” That is a debate of the past. This special edition article reveals the truth about space that is currently unknown to humanity, based on the latest spiritual reading by Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa.

Many of you may feel that “something is off” with the Earth. Natural disasters including abnormal climate and large earthquakes, as well as the spread of the novel coronavirus are reminiscent of an apocalypse. However, these unnatural disasters and events, which make us feel that “something is not right,” are not occurring by chance.

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa recorded “The Interpretation of Dreams ? Reading by Edgar Cayce” on May 28. This spiritual reading, conducted in relation to a scene that Master Okawa saw in his dreams, revealed the true form of the vast space wars that are happening right now.


Slug-Shaped Lifeform That Gathers Energy

In the dream that Master Okawa saw, there is a scene where a huge, slug-shaped object with a width of five meters and a length of about 20 meters is investigated in outer space. When this unidentified object was cut with a laser-like beam, its cross section looked like a garnet emitting blue and white light, and the dream ended there.

Therefore, Master Okawa invited the spirit of Edgar Cayce, a “sleeping prophet” from the 20th century, to perform a spiritual reading about what he saw. He found out that the space slug was dispatched from a hostile spaceship that is seeking to invade the Earth. This is just an early scouting team sent to survey Earth in preparation for a serious space war. The main squad will come later.


Xi Jinping X Targets Star’s M&A

What is the force that seeks to invade the Earth? The spiritual reading indicated that they were forces connected to a dark space being that referred to itself as “Xi Jinping X.” As suggested by its name, Xi Jinping X is a dark space being that walked into China’s President Xi Jinping to advance its plan for China’s world domination (*).

Similar to China taking in various countries with its “Belt and Road Initiative,” Xi Jinping X also has plans for “the merger and acquisition (M&A) of stars”, one by one.

Xi Jinping X is trying to realize China’s tyranny on the Earth in space: the method of stealing everything that can be used to its advantage while eliminating anything that does not cooperate with them. Now, the brunt of this aggression is beginning to be pointed at the Earth.

However, if they try to unnecessarily invade the Earth by force, humanity will respond with nuclear weapons. This is a situation that is problematic for the dark space beings as well because it would cause environmental pollution and other issues. Xi Jinping X and others are brainstorming various tactics to somehow neutralize Earth without humanity noticing, or of sieging and invading the Earth. The spiritual reading also revealed some of these tactics.


Invading the Earth by Bringing It Back to a Primitive Age

One of these methods is to spread an unknown virus and weaken humanity. The coronavirus is being spread as part of this plan. Dark space people were involved in the development of Covid-19 and its variants. Many lives have been taken, and pandemic prevention measures have caused the world economy to decline sharply. If space-originated viruses are spread on top of this, a difficult situation for humanity is not hard to imagine.

In addition, countries around the world are promoting “decarbonization” with the goal of zero carbon emissions. It has been pointed out that this plan will cause the level of human civilization to deteriorate back to the primitive ages given the vulnerability of renewable energy. The dark space people are also thinking about using weapons to destroy social infrastructure while making it seem like they were caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

An unknown virus has caused many deaths and created a barely functioning economy. To make matters worse, when social infrastructure weakens due to decarbonization efforts and deliberate natural disasters shut down electricity, mankind will be brought back to its “primitive times.”

Right at the moment when the Earth’s force weakens, Xi Jinping X and others will appear, pretending that God has come down from the Heavens. The spiritual reading has made clear that these forces intend on ruling Earthlings.



Dark Space Beings Invade Humanity’s Heart

In the past, there have been movies and TV shows that have portrayed “seemingly friendly aliens with true intentions of taking over the Earth.” For instance, V, an American Sci-Fi TV show, depicts reptilian aliens that offer advanced technology and medical knowledge to approach humans in a friendly manner to take over the Earth. They take an even longer time to coax people in various fields. The story continues as follows: because of the wide support that aliens have gained on the Earth, resistance activities by humans who have realized that the aliens’ true goals are to take over Earth have become difficult. This is reminiscent of China’s “Confucius Institute” as well as its other activities, such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and vaccine diplomacy.

However, the invasion plan advanced by the dark space being, Xi Jinping X, does not end there. Not only in China, but Western countries as well as Japan have had various dark space people walk into their citizens. The mind’s vibrations must be similar for these space people to walk into humans. Dark aliens can take advantage of people with the desire for power and self-expansion as well as those who live as they wish, thinking that this world is all they have.

In addition, the dark space beings generally have totalitarian tendencies, so they despise influential religions that see through their tactics. The spread of materialism and atheism that lead to shallow faith in science will attract dark space forces. Xi Jinping X is trying to infiltrate into the heart of humanity as well.

Xi Jinping X also suggested modifying the human body itself (from The Xi Jinping Thought Now). He is thinking about first sending in cyborgs to the Earth, then having the dark space beings possess these life forms modified for the Earth in order to start taking over the Earth. This is Xi Jinping X’s plan.

However, not all space people that fly to the Earth have come to invade. There are also space people that come to try to defend the Earth’s civilizations, such as space beings Yaidron, R.A. Goal and the Space Union that have appeared in The Liberty many times before. The space wars have been going on for a long time and are now moving to a new stage on Earth.

We must abandon self-centered thoughts that connect us with the dark side of space and possess selfless thoughts that align our hearts with the space beings trying to defend Earth. The key is “true faith.”

(*) The Xi Jinping Thought Now (By Ryuho Okawa, IRH Press).

This spiritual reading is available in Happy Science facilities.

Only part of the spiritual reading is introduced in this article. The below points were also covered:

  • The investigation of the space slug also involves ___.
  • Characteristics of the ore that serves as the primary energy source of UFOs
  • Unlike reptilians, Xi Jinping X uses a lot of ___.
  • ___ disease and ___ virus were also brought in by aliens
  • About the power of faith that can protect us from dark space forces


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Space Wars Over Earth Have Already Begun
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