Company CEO Who Is “Nice to Everyone” Will Make the Company Go Down
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The Question:

I am working at a travel agency under reconstruction. I would very much like to help this company rebuild and become a Daikokuten (Angel of Wealth) company to support Happy Science financially. Also, I’d like to help other companies become Daikokuten. Please teach me important points and advice on this matter.

Feb. 22, 2009 at the Happy Science Mito branch in Ibaraki prefecture


If you just want to help your company, it’s a personal issue and you only have to look at that company. However, if you want to help many other companies, you will need ability as a management consultant.

Generally speaking, some experience in the field will be required to be a management consultant. Although both “experience” and “knowledge” are necessary, you can start with knowledge alone. Since you can accumulate experience while you’re using your knowledge, it’s important that you study hard to gain knowledge.

If you want to help many companies to be successful, you will need the ability as a management consultant, so you need to read at least one management or business book a day. Otherwise, it’s hard for you to be in the position where you give advice to the CEOs. So once again, I would recommend you read a management or business book a day to gain knowledge.


Nurturing Love; the Love That You Need to Guide and Admonish CEOs

“A company is its people” is applied to all kinds of companies. This symbolizes that a company is its CEO. Fundamentally, how you “train” the CEOs is the crucial point. That is to say, how you manage to advise the top management or the president is a key factor in consulting. Happy Science basically teaches giving love and there are many kind and caring people at Happy Science. However, if you are in a position such as a business consultant, being kind is not always right. Because CEOs in general tend to be conceited and they don’t like to listen to other people’s advice. If you give them a chance, they’ll soon start bragging about themselves.
The companies will not be grown as Daikokuten (Angel of Wealth) if you only treat the CEOs nicely. You need to steel yourself and say things straightforwardly that no one else in the company can dear to say to their CEO.

You need to point out sharply in the areas that CEOs are unguarded and not paying enough attention.

This is what we call “nurturing love”. You need to guide and admonish CEOs when necessary so that the companies won’t go bankrupt, and the employees won’t lose their jobs. This is love. You can’t always praise them.

When the CEOs have wrong, unfair, self-centered views and think that the world is revolving around them, you need to tell them that they are wrong.

Fundamentally, the companies should put their customers first because the companies are there to serve them. In the case that the CEOs think that the world revolves around them, you need to tell them that it’s wrong. Also, you definitely need to correct the situation when the companies are treating people unfairly.


When Your Aspiration Is Low, You Are Lacking Love for Humanity

If you see the CEOs who are always bragging about their successes, you need to tell them, “Your aspiration is low!”
When people have low aspiration, they tend to become full of themselves and get intoxicated with their own success stories. If your aspiration is high, you realize your incapability, need for more effort and studies. So if you see a company CEO who is conceited, you need to tell him or her, “Your company will not be a Daikokuten if you are conceited”, “You need to have high aspiration”, “Aspirations are crucial”.

You should point out as follows; “Lack of aspiration means lack of love for humanity. Or lack of courage to take on something new or unfamiliar and what you fear to encounter.”

You shouldn’t be unrealistic of course. It’s unrealistic to tell a million-dollar company to become a billion-dollar company. It’s impossible.
If the company makes a million dollars in annual sales, it should aim at 3 million next, then 5 million, 10 million and 50 million in stages. If you tell a million-dollar company to suddenly aim at billion dollars, such ambition is too large to realize.

First, be realistic and say to the CEOs, “Are you satisfied with just one million? It is not enough, is it?”, “You need to aim at 10 million and then 100 million in revenue.”, “You need to set a goal, for example, by what year your company will make 10 million and thereafter by what year you will make 100 million. You need to make diligent effort to achieve that goal. If you do that, you will know what is lacking in you, and what kind of effort you need to put in. You need to be strict with yourself.”
This is what you need to advise the CEOs and executives. You need to point out and correct CEO’s wishful thinking while you continue to study.


A Responsible CEO Has to Be Strict with Himself or Herself

A CEO who is nice to everyone will make the company go down. If you study Happy Science books light heartedly, you might become a people pleaser. If you are company CEO and are responsible for other people’s lives, you can’t afford to be a mere people pleaser. You need to be strict with yourself. You need to have high aspiration and impose high expectations of yourself and make an effort every day. This is an important point to teach company CEOs. You need to warn them if the CEOs are overconfident, and if they are off guard you should tell them, “Be cautious”, “Have high aspiration!” Needless to say, you as a consultant have to make an effort to be excellent in the field.

So if you are able to give advice to Daikokuten (Angel of Wealth) while you keep contemplating the aforementioned points, and accumulate successful experiences, you will do well as a consultant.

Company CEOs typically don’t like to listen to other people, especially their subordinates. Only the outsiders can give them candid advice. The insiders are afraid to get fired by giving harsh but honest opinions to their CEO, so they shut their mouths. Someone from the outside has to say unpleasant but truthful and wholesome suggestions to those arrogant CEOs. It is tough love. If you have a willingness to nurture, you need to know there’s tough love. I know it is difficult.


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Company CEO Who Is “Nice to Everyone” Will Make the Company Go Down
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