Xi Jinping Walked Into by an Evil Dark Space Being

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President Xi Jinping-led China has been expanding its military force ferociously. On the other hand, it carries huge debts, which, from a normal perspective, suggests an unavoidable economic collapse. What should we make of this gap?

Happy Science CEO and founder Master Ryuho Okawa spoke about this in a lecture in April: “In the unlikely event that the nation is about to go bankrupt due to their budget deficit, they can just take over other nations. If they take over other nations, they can collect the money that they spent on military resources, and China is doing exactly this right now.”

In other words, President Xi has been trying to rule the world by taking rash risks because he is playing by the strategy of invading and taking control of territories such as Asia, the Middle East and Europe through the Belt and Road Initiative, and then controlling their mining sources and oil, so China can cancel its immense debt.

If China is pursuing its invasion strategy based on military economics (pirate economics) that will zero out its debt through military force, then we must stop it at all costs.


Abnormality Influenced by ‘Xi Jinping X’

However, this by itself cannot explain the abnormality of President Xi.

In February’s guardian spirit reading performed by Master Okawa, it was revealed that an “evil space being” has walked into (*) President Xi (“The Xi Jinping Thought Now”).

Its name is “Xi Jinping X.”

“Xi Jinping X” is plotting for world domination and has merged with President Xi’s guardian spirit to influence his consciousness. This is why President Xi can nonchalantly take tremendous, cruel actions that are unprecedented in human history.

Furthermore, in the spiritual reading performed in June, “The Water Revolution Never Ends—Xi Jinping X vs. Dongting Lake Niangniang,” the possibility was expressed that Xi Jinping X’s true spiritual form is a self-proclaimed Chinese God, the first Qin Emperor, and the dark space devil, “Ahriman”.

We must realize that this war with China is the embodiment of the “unseeable space wars.”

(*) A type of possession where aliens who come to Earth as spirits “take over the bodies of living people and control them as a spiritual entity.”


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Xi Jinping Walked Into by an Evil Dark Space Being
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