The Horror of the Chinese Invasion That Will Destroy an Entire Civilization――The Uighur Genocide Is the Menace of the World

Criticism of the human rights oppression in Uyghur is increasing especially in Western countries. I interviewed the founding member of the World Uyghur Congress.

Inspector General of the World Uighur Congress

Abdulhakim Idris


Idris was born in East Turkistan in 1968. He studied Islamology and Arabic language at an underground Islamic school in Khotan and then studied Islam at Al-Azhar University in Egypt in 1986. He is one of founding members of the European East Turkistan Union, the first Uyghur organization in Europe, established in Germany in 1991. He co-founded the World Uyghur Youth Congress and the East Turkistan National Congress and established the World Uyghur Congress in 2004. In the World Uyghur Congress, he has served as Treasurer and Executive Vice Chairman.

――You have claimed that the Islamic countries are being invaded on the largest scale since the age of the Chinese Yuan dynasty. Can you elaborate on this point?

In the 13th century, the Muslim countries were brutally invaded by the Mongols who were under the Yuan dynasty. They never thought that the danger would come from the East, so they were not prepared and were destroyed.

As a result, areas with high standards of civilization were torn down, and the Muslim country was left without a brain. Cities like Baghdad were completely destroyed, and their knowledge in medicine, astronomy, geography, philosophy and everything else were burned away. From that time until today, the Muslim countries are still behind.

Today, they are in a similar situation to the time they were invaded by the Yuan dynasty. Because of the Iraq war and many others, all the Islamic countries expected the danger from the west. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came with a smile and money to make Islamic countries dependent on China. It’s an “unseeable genocide.”

Once they take over, the CCP will get rid of the Islamic religion and aim to dominate all the world. They are not attacking just the Uyghurs, but the Islamic religion itself. Eventually, they will not attack just the Islamic religion, but all religions. The world must quickly realize that China’s aggression has the dimension of destroying civilization.


20 Dummy Companies – Between the Company Like UNIQLO and The Bingtuan – and China’s Exporting the System of Slavery to Egypt

――Japanese corporations like UNIQLO are being criticized for partaking in the Uyghurs’ forced labor.

The CCP has reinvented slavery in this modern age. The Bingtuan, or the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, working under the CCP, either directly or indirectly, manages over 860,000 companies across 147 nations worldwide, and when doing business, they may put 20 subcontract Companies in between. It is extremely complex, so companies cannot prove that they are not engaging in forced labor as long as they are doing business with China.

Germany’s automobile company BMW’s founding family partook in Nazi’s forced labor. They’ve expressed some remorse, but now, they are taking advantage of the Uyghur forced laborers. It does not make sense.

Also, China establishes ‘special economic zones’ in Egypt. Many Chinese companies are investing in infrastructures such as electricity. They intend on using the slavery system there.

China can go to the Egyptian military and give them a contract that says, “Bring people from your prison to work here for free.” If the prison becomes empty, they can put more Innocent Egyptian People in the jail under the guise of counterterrorism and use them as slaves. China is trying to export the system of slavery like what has been done to the Uighurs to Egypt.

China is trying to spread this slavery system worldwide. Fighting the CCP is not just a Uyghur problem. It’s a humanity problem. I think that China, to take over the world, will first target and take over countries that are economically dependent to them (such as Pakistan and Iran).


Japan Has Invested in Genocide

――But still, the Japanese government remains silent about China’s barbarism.

Japan has a moral responsibility for this genocide. China got rich and strong because Japan invested a lot of money and technology into China. Japan invested in the Uyghur genocide and brought this monstrous system into power.

The Japanese people should get to know what’s happening in East Turkestan and stand up against China. I want Japan to support Taiwan, Hong Kong, Uyghur, Tibet and Mongolia. I don’t want to see the future of Japan becoming like Uyghurs.

The Horror of the Chinese Invasion That Will Destroy an Entire Civilization――The Uighur Genocide Is the Menace of the World
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