Biden’s Tough Stance Against China Is Just a Show

At first glance, the Biden administration seems to be continuing the Trump administration’s tough stance against China. That’s perception is far from reality.

President Biden signed an executive action to ban terms such as “Wuhan virus” and “China virus” immediately after he took office as these terms contribute to racism and xenophobia. The coronavirus has killed roughly 600,000 people in the U.S. as of June 18, but the Biden administration seemed to avoid reviews of the origin of Covid-19 for a while.

Mr. Biden, as former Vice President under the Obama administration, made multiple visits to China and was viewed as “pro-China.” He is also suspected of receiving stocks for a Chinese energy company from his son, Hunter Biden. Perhaps Mr. Biden fears taking a tough stance on China as he fears potential investigation into this alleged scandal.

Moreover, Kurt Campbell, Mr. Biden’s top Asia policy advisor, allowed China to effectively control the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea under the Obama administration. Mr. Campbell also led the strategic patience policy against North Korea, which resulted in North Korea obtaining greater power.


China Deceives the U.S. on Climate Change

In April’s climate summit, Mr. Biden pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Meanwhile, China pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, targeting net carbon emissions to reach zero; however, China emitted 27% of the world’s greenhouse gases in 2019. There is no prospect that China will keep its promise, and the country’s statistical manipulation happens on a daily basis, making its claims unreliable.

China wants to draw concessions and reduce the national power of developed countries by showing a cooperative attitude toward climate change initiatives. The Biden administration is perfectly fooled by China’s cunning diplomatic strategy.

We spoke to Mr. Masahiro Miyazaki, a Japanese critic who published “President Biden Will Destroy the World” (direct translation from 『バイデン大統領が世界を破滅させる』published in Japan), on the Biden administration’s China policy.


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U.S.-China Economic Relationship, Intimate Honeymoon Phase


Masahiro Miyazaki

Masahiro Miyazaki

Born in 1964 in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. He entered Waseda University but left before obtaining a degree. Miyazaki is known as a China watcher in Japan, and has worked as a publication editor, magazine planning coordinator and head of a trading company before becoming a critic. He has authored many books including “President Biden Will Destroy the World” (direct translation from 『バイデン大統領が世界を破滅させる』).

Miyazaki: Biden served as a Vice President under the Obama administration and received a large sum of money from China. He would never do that if he had an anti-communist belief. Biden lacks political principles and philosophy. He’s just a very lucky politics guy who knows how to navigate the waters in Washington D.C.


Biden Reaches a Money-Making Agreement With China

Miyazaki: Biden can’t make any decisions by himself. Also, Secretary of State Blinken is known for taking a tough stance against China, but he is Jewish. Many officials in the Biden administration are subconsciously anti-Jewish, so Blinken can’t take the initiative. There’s that restriction.

The problem lies in Wall Street and U.S. companies that are deep into China. The Biden administration has very strong ties with Wall Street, and the U.S. and China have already reached a money-making agreement.

China’s trade surplus with the U.S. and investments from Wall Street are extending the life of China’s economy. The Biden administration has made very little progress on economic sanctions such as additional tariffs on Chinese products, suspension of transactions with Chinese companies directly linked to China’s military industry and sanctions to prohibit the exchange of Hong Kong dollars and U.S. dollars. Instead of eliminating Chinese companies from Wall Street, Biden is actually increasing them. That’s one big difference from Trump.

Also, the climate change issue is a big lie. The issue is in the interest of the Democratic Party, and it has the same structure as the FDR administration’s New Deal. At that time, only the financial groups surrounding the administration profited, making almost no contributions to GDP growth.

The Biden administration is revoking permission to build a pipeline that carries crude oil from Canada, and it is also planning on eliminating shale gas. It is a characteristic of the Democratic Party to raise unrealizable ideals like decarbonization and environmental protection and be engrossed in those impossible ideals, all while China gains benefit.

Car manufacturers around the world are striving to popularize electric vehicles as if they’re seeing a nightmare, but I believe this EV trajectory will be corrected in a few years.


Economy Without Morality Is a Crime

Miyazaki: China’s economy is completely bankrupt. China’s budget deficit is about 9,900 trillion yen in Japanese yen (about 90 trillion dollars) according to my forecast. Zhu Yunlai, the son of former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, even said the budget deficit exceeded 10 quadrillion yen (about 91 trillion dollars).

I don’t know when the Chinese economy will collapse, but the U.S. and Japan will eventually suffer great damage. Toyota is approximately 17% dependent on China. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and TDK Corporation, the bases of Japanese high tech, carry higher risks as they are more than 50% dependent on China.

There are no brave ‘samurai’ with principles in today’s business world. Kinjiro Ninomiya said, ‘Morality without economy is silly talk. Economy without morality is a crime.” The modern business world is exactly an economy without morality. First, you have to reduce dependency on China and move factories to other countries. The best thing is [for Japanese businesses] to return to Japan.

Japan should be self-reliant regardless of the Biden administration. But when I speak with Japanese Self-Defense Force officers, all of their ideas are dependent on the U.S. I want them to talk at a larger scale, for instance, going to India or Pakistan to procure nuclear weapons. Think about how much Japan has helped both countries. Japan should negotiate something like, ‘All of our backup, let’s call it even. But the condition is to provide three nuclear weapons.’ It seems like the amount of economic aid to North Korea will be over one trillion yen. [North Korea’s] dictator might even sell nuclear weapons [to Japan].

This was the level of enthusiasm that leading figures of the Meiji Restoration carried. Just as Shoin Yoshida‘s famous Shokasonjuku Academy started with 17 people, I think there is a chance that a large number of highly motivated people will arise in times of crisis. (the end of interview)


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No Intention to Fight China?

In his April speech to Congress, Mr. Biden did not mention China’s human rights repression on Hong Konger’s and Uighurs, nor did he mention Chinese military threats toward Taiwan.

Additionally, Mr. Campbell was vague about the U.S. decision to defend Taiwan at the G7 Foreign and Development Minister’s Meeting in May, saying that the U.S. will pursue strategic ambiguity over the Taiwan issue. U.S. military spending will decline this year, while China’s military spending will increase by 6.8%. It is questionable whether the U.S. will be able to confront China with its current stance.


‘Keep the Battlefield in Japan’

In January, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading of Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit, in which Mr. Biden’s true intentions were revealed (*).

“Well, I guess since human rights diplomacy is supposed to be a motto of the Democratic Party, I will follow that. But I don’t see why we should help Uyghur at the cost of waging war…The domestic affairs of another country are their own domestic affairs after all. There are certain matters beyond the power of foreign intervention.”

In an earlier spiritual reading, Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit also spoke about a U.S.-China war.

“My honest opinion is that ‘A U.S.-China may break out, but I want to keep the battlefield in Japan.’ I won’t let [the PLA] come to San Francisco. The final war will come to an end in Japan as the battlefield.”

Mr. Biden’s true intentions show that the Biden administration may prioritize economic ties with China, abandon Asian countries and turn Japan into a battleground.

Note: Master Okawa maintains a state of mind in which he can receive messages from spirits and the heavenly world at all times — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For over 30 years, both guardian spirits of living people and spirits of past great figures have spoken through the voice of Master Okawa.


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Biden’s Tough Stance Against China Is Just a Show
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