Huge “Anti-Terrorist Facility” Referred to as “Xinjiang” by Citizens
Hong Kong Version Concentration Camps


According to Mr. Elmer, the police force from Xinjiang withdrew by the end of 2019. In exchange, the iron cage called the “national security law” was dropped onto Hong Kong. Since no large-scale protests can be carried out, it may seem like there is a lull in activity in Hong Kong: confined but avoiding obvious oppression. However, the reality is not that pleasant.

Mr. Simon predicts that the number of “missing people” is increasing further while the transfer of information is blocked by the national security law. Hong Kong is becoming a “black box.”

“According to media reports, around 100 people have been arrested under the national security law, but the actual numbers may be different. This is because the secret police that are responsible for enforcing the law, the Office for Safeguarding National Security, does not even need to share its information with the Hong Kong police. I think there are quite a few cases that have been handled secretly.

They also have unlimited authority to transfer people from Hong Kong to mainland China for trial.

Recently, a new facility operated by the National Security Agency was found near the sea in Hong Kong. The place was previously a facility for maritime police. This is my guess, but they may be using boats to transport the Hong Kong people more covertly to mainland China.

Once they are transferred to China, they will not have the pressure of criticism of human rights oppression by foreign media,” said Mr. Simon.


36 Football Fields Worth of Public Security Facilities

There are other issues that foreshadow Hong Kong’s Uyghurization. They centre around the alleged construction of concentration camps.

Previously, we touched on the assault and rape of detained activists. Many of these testimonies were from the San Uk Ling Holding Center, located near the border between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Mr. Simon said that, “It is a remote, isolated place without any signals. We cannot even tell if [the things happening inside] the facility are humane. It’s a complete black box.”

Since it is near the border, it is easy to send off the people who have been detained there to mainland China. The protesters were most fearful of being sent to San Uk Ling.

However, the real story begins afterwards. Hong Kong’s privately-owned think tank, Liber Research Community, has discovered through government documents that there are plans to build an anti-terrorism training facility right next to the detention center.

China’s use of “anti-terrorism” in the name has horrific implications. According to them, the Uyghur people are put into concentration camps, tortured and slaughtered for “terrorism prevention” and “deradicalization.” The new facility, which is to be built with the same idea, will be the size of 36 football fields (a total of 19 hectares).

That is not all. It was reported that the Secretary for Security who proposed this construction project inspected the counter-terrorism center in Xinjiang shortly before the proposal and commented that it was “greatly helpful.”

There are rumors of additional concentration camps being built through construction projects or through the combination and transformation of training facilities and a police academy as well. Either way, the Hong Kong people tremble, calling this site “Xinjiang territory” instead of “San Uk Ling.”


Preparing For Mass Detainment

Mr. Elmer spoke about the possibility of an expanding concentration facility: “The authorities are preparing to arrest a large number of people in Hong Kong. The national security law is just the beginning. This is because two-thirds of the Hong Kong people are yellow (democratic). They are creating these facilities to do the same thing as Xinjiang.”


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Huge “Anti-Terrorist Facility” Referred to as “Xinjiang” by Citizens
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