Happy Science Ritual Prayer Cures Covid-19, a Collection of Miraculous Reports [Part 2 of 3]

Happy Science ritual prayers, lectures and songs are creating many miraculous instances around the world in which people have rapidly recovered from Covid-19 infections.


Perfect Recovery Through Prayer, Lecture, Music and Self-Reflection

Mr. Marco Trejo, who is in his twenties and lives in Mexico, found out he was infected by the coronavirus when he visited a hospital last December due to a high fever.

Mr. Trejo is a believer of Happy Science, and he immediately contacted a Happy Science branch to take remotely a ritual prayer called “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.” He still had repeated fevers following the prayer, so two days later, Mr. Trejo watched a spiritual message titled, “Red Ogre of Kusatsu — Lecture for Repelling the Coronavirus (*1).”

Mr. Trejo said the following:

“When I had a high fever and breathing difficulties, ‘THE THUNDER – a composition for repelling the coronavirus’ was the only thing that put me to sleep so I kept playing it for 24 hours. Once I watched ‘Red Ogre of Kusatsu — Lecture for Repelling the Coronavirus,’ I felt very good and my symptoms disappeared. I was able to sleep at night. But I continued to have difficulty breathing even after that.

I went through deep self-reflection for three days, thinking about all the love given to me by Lord El Cantare, my family and friends, and gave my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I held strong faith for the Lord and vowed to devote my life to Him. Then, after a few days, my symptoms disappeared altogether! I think the light and love of the Lord protected me.”

Mr. Trejo was almost completely cured after about a week of praying.

“During the ritual prayer, I prayed, ‘Lord, please protect my family,’ and my 64-year-old father, 96-year-old grandfather and 85-year-old grandmother didn’t get Covid. The Lord’s light protected my family. This is a miracle, I think.”

Note1: Kusatsu is one of the most famous hot spring districts in Japan, and is blessed with therapeutic hot spring water. From the spiritual reading by Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa, it is revealed that a Red Ogre is spiritually protecting Kusatsu and curing those people’s illnesses who visit there.


Covid-19 Patient in ICU Recovers the Day After Ritual Prayer

Even in Brazil, where the rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths haven’t decelerated, many miracles are happening.

In February, the nephew of an anonymous Brazilian woman, who is a Happy Science member, was infected by Covid-19 and entered the intensive care unit (ICU). Her nephew was in his forties.

“In a hurry, I went to the Brazil Shoshinkan (Happy Science main temple) and received a ritual prayer for my nephew, the ‘Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.’ Immediately after that, my nephew recovered, and the day after the ritual prayer, I got a note that he moved from intensive care to the general ward. I believe that our faith in Lord El Cantare brought about this miracle,” she said.

Her nephew was safely discharged from the hospital within less than a week after receiving the ritual prayer.


From Mandatory Hospitalization to Medicine Only Through Ritual Prayer

Another anonymous Brazilian woman spoke of a miracle that happened to her male relative in his forties last September.

“My relative thought they had the virus, so I received the ‘Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China’ at the Brazil Shoshinkan. Two days after the prayer, I got a good message from his mother that his symptoms were improving,” she said.

“The doctor was saying that my relative needed a test for hospitalization, but to their surprise, the test result showed that his severity was lower. He was told to take medicine, but no longer needed to be hospitalized!”

Her relative recovered day by day, and one week after receiving the ritual prayer, his Covid-19 symptoms subsided.


Song to Repel the Coronavirus: Testing From Positive to Negative

A female U.S. resident in her fifties tested positive for Covid-19 last December.

“When I contacted my Happy Science minister, he sent me ‘THE THUNDER’ so I kept listening and listening to it. The next day, I tested negative. I tested again the following day and it was still negative!”

She said she recommends the song to the people around her.

“I hope people around the world are protected by listening to this song,” she said.

Happy Science Ritual Prayer Cures Covid-19, a Collection of Miraculous Reports [Part 2 of 3]
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