China Sets Traps With Decarbonization
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‘Global warming’ has become a bigger issue under the Biden administration. What does China want?

In September 2020, China’s State Chairman Xi Jinping, in a video speech to the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly, expressed that China will achieve “carbon neutrality,” meaning carbon emissions will be virtually zero, by 2060. It was a shocking remark, given that China, which accounts for approximately 30% of the world’s net carbon emissions and has been steadfastly opposed to measures to prevent global warming, has announced “zero carbon emissions.”

Further, at the Climate Ambition Summit held in December 2020, Mr. Xi said that China will increase its total installed wind power and solar energy capacity to more than 1.2 billion kilowatts by 2030. This number is 2.3 times the current capacity, and is even comparable to the total installed power generation capacity of the U.S.

As if to show that these promises are being kept, China announced that the increase in installed capacity in 2020 was 120 million kilowatts, which is exactly one-tenth of their target number for both wind and solar power capacity. Compared to the previous year, new construction increased rapidly.


China Accounts for 90% of the Global Increase in Coal-Fired Power

China’s target year, however, is 10 years later than the 50-year zero carbon emissions timeframe stipulated by the Paris Agreement. Moreover, coal consumption in China is still on the rise.

In 2014, the Chinese government transferred licensing rights for new power plants to local areas. The construction of coal-fired power plants continued, and as a result, the number of new coal-fired power plants planned by China in the first half of 2020 accounted for 90% of the world capacity — it is predicted that CO2 will increase by an additional 37%, according to the British Petroleum’s “BP Energy Outlook 2035.”

China’s boasting, which makes it seem more involved in the issue of global warming, is clearly misleading the international public opinion. As one spiritual reading by Master Okawa points out, “China never keeps its promises, and they can adjust their CO2 emissions statistics as much as they want”. China’s announcements and pledges should be seen as a big lie, and it is better to assume that there is some other intention behind them.


Decarbonization Is Another ‘War’ That China Has Set Up

China has been deceiving foreign countries by releasing false statistics — a leading example is its GDP. China announced that its growth rate in 2020 was one of the fastest in the world to accelerate positively, but as we illustrated in a previous article, China’s import volume reveals that its GDP is close to zero.

In fact, some believe that China’s GDP is half of what it announces; Chinese Premier Li Keqiang famously claimed in the past that he himself doesn’t believe in the accuracy of China’s statistics.

There is no chance that China will abide by its promise to reach zero carbon emissions by 1960. Rather, we must prepare for a future in which China will continue to mislead people with its statistics, continue to import oil and coal and continue to run gasoline cars.


A World Where Only Companies and Countries That Have Entered the Chinese Market Can Survive

As we have shown in our simulation, the Japanese manufacturing industry is on the verge of collapse due to decarbonization. Other developed countries will also reach a dead-end.

A spiritual reading conducted by Happy Science foreshadows a future in which China dominates countries with rich resources through their import power in buying natural resources such as oil, coal and iron ore while developed countries are subject to CO2 emission restrictions. Additionally, gasoline cars will only be imported by China, and the gasoline car factories from all over the world will begin relocating to China. Thus, China will aim to become the “world’s factory” once again.

The world order will go through a drastic change with efforts to create a “decarbonized society,” and China will rise to military and economic hegemony.


China Is Also Taking Advantage of Greta Thunberg

It has been pointed out that the CCP is behind various environmental organizations.

The World Resources Institute (WRI), a global organization committed to environmental protection, frequently interacts with China’s senior government officials and praises China’s energy policy — even though China allows for large CO2 emissions. The WRI’s negative stance toward the U.S. has led to suspicions within the U.S. Senate Committee about WRI’s ties to the Chinese government.

The Committee also raised the issue of a U.S. organization that acted as an agent for the Chinese government when Ms. Greta Thunberg led an anti-CO2 campaign at the UN conference. Ms. Thunberg’s arrow of criticism never points to China. Many people are starting to become aware that the CCP is backing radical environmental activists.

China is attempting to dominate the world by setting unachievable goals and leveraging environmental activists to corner developed countries. We must see its “decarbonization” façade and realise that it is all part of a grand war that China is waging.

China Sets Traps With Decarbonization
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