Ask Yourself: Are You Becoming Delusional or Fanatical While Claiming to Follow Science?

A young girl scolded the heads of each country who are reluctant to adapt to climate change. Her name is Greta Thunberg, and she quickly became a global star of environmental issues; the media, including Japan’s NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is putting a great spotlight on Ms. Thunberg.

In February, however, a 22-year-old leader of an Indian division of the environmental movement led by Ms. Thunberg was arrested by the Indian police and charged with sedition for making a contribution to a detailed “toolkit” of emergency action plans that Ms. Thunberg tweeted. In India, agriculture reforms sparked widespread protests by farmers across the country. This movement, however, eventually turned violent and caused a fierce clash with police — who was the true mastermind behind this action plan documentation?

One country at odds with India is China. As The Liberty has previously featured, ties between Ms. Thunberg’s support groups and the Chinese government have already been pointed out.


The Divine Will Also Applies to Climate Change

Ms. Thunberg emphasizes the importance of science, but the current reality is that people can get the results they want by getting creative with numbers. We must pay close attention to whether or not we are becoming victims of delusion or fanaticism under claims of “science.”

A spiritual investigation under Happy Science has revealed that natural disasters such as typhoons are a manifestation of the divine will. The rise and fall of Earth’s temperature are also a part of this manifestation. Spiritual research under Happy Science has also found that the recent increase in tropical cyclone intensities is “highly likely to be a result of divine will.” Japan’s NHK program featured this rise in cyclone intensities as a result of global warming, but they brilliantly avoided discussing the proof of the strict causal relationship between the rise in temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and typhoons that are becoming increasingly dangerous.

Various studies made clear that over the past 10,000 years, we have undergone repetitive cycles between ice ages and warm periods. Civilizations flourish and prosper during a warm period, and they decline during an ice age. We should avoid jumping to conclusions based on short-term changes as there have been many historical periods in which the temperature on Earth was much higher, and the concentration of carbon dioxide also higher, than they are today.


Don’t Be Swayed by ‘Decarbonization,’ the Devil’s Shrewd Tool

As we have seen, if both the coronavirus and decarbonization fall upon us, Japan will fall into a great recession and the world will most likely experience another great depression. Who will be the one to laugh when developed countries collapse?

Spiritual investigations under Happy Science have revealed that there are really “two demons” behind the decarbonization movement.

The first is the spirit of Vladimir Lenin, the founding father of Soviet Russia, who is using Ms. Thunberg to popularize decarbonization. During one spiritual interview, Lenin’s spirit said that “if [they] can stop the emission of oil, natural gas and other CO2 emissions, economic growth of other countries will stop and Russia will become a leader of the next century,” and added that he is pulling the wires from behind along with the spirit of Joseph Stalin in Hell (recorded in “On Carbon footprints reducing: Why Greta Gets Angry?“). The spirit revealed that the global warming theory is their “tool” to stop the development of first-world countries.

A second demon is the Chinese Communist Party, which aims to conquer the world by leveraging decarbonization. In addition to the CCP being guided by the spirit of Mao Zedong, Happy Science has revealed the influence of a “dark universe being” on the CCP in recent years.

“Which party will benefit from driving liberal, capitalist countries to ‘zero’ CO2 emissions by 2050? The answer is clear if you think about it. Don’t be deceived. This is an issue of ‘world justice,’ not an issue of ‘climate justice,'” Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa said (recorded in “On Carbon footprints reducing: Why Greta Gets Angry?“).

There are real existences that are trying to brainwash and manipulate world opinions through an ideology known as “decarbonization.” To protect the future of Earth, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of their deception and reveal this truth.




NHK Director ‘Walked In’ by Malicious Alien

Master Okawa’s spiritual message revealed that a “god of the dark universe” is walking into a director of the NHK program production to spread a false narrative of decarbonization’s justice. This spiritual message titled “Zoroaster: How to Fight Against the God of Darkness in the Universe” was recorded on Jan. 13, 2021, and it is available in any Happy Science facility around the world (see below).

A walk-in is a state in which an alien’s soul enters a human body and lives concurrently with that individual’s soul. According to the recording, an NHK Director, under the influence of a malicious alien, is streaming Ms. Thunberg’s claims of the superiority of science and of CO2 destroying humanity to brainwash viewers into thinking that Ms. Thunberg is our savior. It should be noted that an individual who is “walked in” will not be able to distinguish their own thoughts from that of an alien, so they are manipulated without any realization.



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Ask Yourself: Are You Becoming Delusional or Fanatical While Claiming to Follow Science?
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