Dear Google, Don’t Become 21st Century’s Hitler
Google Sold Its Soul to China. Here's Why. [Part4]

Google is censoring on behalf of China and handing its technology to China. Perhaps they were presented with secret conditions to reenter China or being coerced into cooperation.

However, there is the question. There are countless global companies who have entered China. Why is it that unentered Google works this hard to cooperate?

It has a lot to do with the fact that 80 percent of Google’s revenue relies on advertisements, and AI is what guarantees its accuracy.


The Fateful Symbiosis Between AI and Totalitarianism

AI consists of two components: “algorithm” and “data.” Google excels in the former, the development of algorithms.

What is important here is that algorithms themselves are just a “calculation procedure,” and amounts to nothing alone.

Algorithms can only become powerful AI when they are fed vast amounts of “data.” Display search results based on users preferences make them addicted to the service and absorb information――. Then, they will gain a deeper understanding of people’s tastes and make them buy products with intriguing advertisements.

For such an AI-centered “AI company,” China is a perfect habitat, which was described as “the Saudi Arabia of data” by Gen. Spalding. The nation takes no interest in human rights and privacy, making it a haven to take as much information from the people as possible.

Furthermore, the country is a surveillance nation. How powerful can AI become if they can somehow get a hold of astronomical amounts of data gathered through surveillance cameras and smartphones?

Gen. Spalding made the following comment in an online program:

“[Google] sees where its future lies and that lies in the free and open (unrestrained) data rules within China that allows the government to actually monitor and control everything that everybody does. That’s a world that Google can appreciate because it can see where it can make a lot of money doing that.” (from online program, “Zooming In with Simon Gao”)

This is how an “AI company” is being pulled by the Chinese market’s immense gravitational force.

Meanwhile, Google’s AI technology is also something that China desperately wants for efficient dictatorship. This is the “fateful symbiosis” between an AI company and totalitarianism. AI, by its nature, yearns a surveillance society while a surveillance society longs for AI.


The Next Dictator Will Come from the Information Industry

Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO and founder of Happy Science, predicted the following 13 years ago in 2008:

“The ‘21st century Hitler’ will emerge from people who can erect ‘giant, information-based companies’ such as Microsoft and Google.

In other words, when someone, such as a new dictator, controls the world with a system that others do not understand and manipulates information behind-the-scenes, then most people will be unaware of this data manipulation and face tremendous damage.”

Google should have an ideal to “not be evil.” Can they continue to go on this path to join China and become a tool to control the people and expand hegemony? They must stop before they completely sell their soul.

Dear Google, Don’t Become 21st Century’s Hitler
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