Trump Is Not Dead: Guardian Spirit of Trump Speaks on Global Justice Revival

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All eyes are on the U.S. as the Biden administration begins to make its moves.

On Feb. 16, President Joe Biden participated in his first town hall as President. Aside from his incoherent speech, his ability to do the job was questioned as he made statements on China’s human rights violations that aligned with propaganda by the Chinese government.

Will a Biden-led U.S. have enough force to stop the Chinese Communist Party from expanding its hegemony?

Amid these growing concerns around the world, former President Donald Trump’s guardian spirit visited Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa and sent a powerful message to the U.S. and the world (*1).

Note (*1): Master Okawa maintains a state of mind in which he can receive inspiration from spirits and the heavenly world at all times — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For over 30 years, both guardian spirits of living people and spirits of past great figures, have spoken through the voice of Master Okawa.


‘People Will Continue to Wonder Whether a World Leader Exists’

The guardian spirit of Mr. Trump commented on U.S.-China relations under the Biden administration and predicted that “China will first make fun of Biden to test the waters.” He pointed out that the Chinese government is paying close attention to U.S. moves on Myanmar, where the military seized control through a coup d’etat, on Iran, where concerns over nuclear development are being raised again, and on trends in Israel that will largely impact the situation in the Middle East. According to Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit, China’s government is closely watching whether Mr. Biden has the ability to take effective measures on many issues in international politics. He added the following statement:

“People will continue to wonder whether or not a world leader exists. If you ask Biden, he’ll just tell you to ask the one in charge. Surely, he’ll tell you that it’s up to the top officials to decide. He doesn’t have his own thoughts.”

Unless the U.S. as a superpower distinguishes right from wrong, expressing firm principles for the world, global affairs will become increasingly chaotic; if that happens, China will gain momentum by fishing in troubled waters. Not only may this involve genocide against the Uighurs and the loss of freedom in Hong Kong, it could also accelerate invasions of Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit also mentioned that the Chinese government is targeting Pratas Islands, a group of atolls, located southwest of Taiwan. “[China is] trying to see what would happen if they enter and invade this territory,” he said.

Trump’s guardian spirit also spoke out on the possibility of China invading the Senkaku Islands in Japan.

“Will the U.S. fight for [Japan]? That, I don’t know,” he said. “[Mr. Biden] is a coward, so he may not fight.”


Will a New War Be Triggered in the Middle East?

The guardian spirit of Mr. Trump also expressed concerns about the Middle East situation.

“It’s not that I hate the country of Iran, but we must prevent a nuclear war in the Middle East. Yes, there may be both happiness and unhappiness, even unfairness, from the perspective of ethnicity. Still, I want to defang [Iran] so as not to cause a nuclear war in the Middle East,” he continued. “Israel is preparing for a nuclear war because there is no more backing [under the Biden administration]. They’re intending to fight their own battle. So you know that a new war is being triggered.”

Furthermore, he demanded the creation of a new United Nations structure with explicit standards of value.

“There’s absolutely no point in nuclear talks [with Iran] if China is part of the conversation. Those things are of no good in my opinion. The U.N. needs reform as well. It’s time to revisit and reconsider the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council,” he said. “[Countries] should come together with those who have shared values. With Biden, all sorts of things will be mixed together.”


China’s Political Responsibility for Spreading Covid-19 Must Be Questioned

The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has already resulted in over 2.49 million deaths across the world, with more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. alone (as of Feb. 25).

Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit disputed the claim made by the Chinese government that the coronavirus occurred naturally.

“I’m seeing that there definitely was a perpetrator of the global spread. And they must be arrested. We can’t establish global justice unless we attack China’s strategic point as a minimum.”

In fact, scientists around the world with legitimate authority have pointed out the extremely high likelihood that the coronavirus was man-made. China is waging a world war by using the virus as a weapon, making it difficult to trace the culprit, The Liberty has repeatedly reported.

There are countries other than China that have also made advancements in virus research, but Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit acknowledged that their “purposiveness is decided by politics” and that the “political responsibility for decision-making” must be “thoroughly questioned.”

“There is no doubt that the special forces of the People’s Liberation Army [spread the virus]. This must absolutely be brought up. To obtain evidence, we know that the PLA exchanges communication through their so-called electronic network, so dig that up and we’re bound to find something. Evidence will absolutely be found,” he said. “After all, the U.S. should catch anyone who was involved [in the decision-making to spread the virus] and adhere to the attitude that those who gave such instructions, commands and guidance are never allowed and these people should be brought to justice.”

The guardian spirit of Mr. Trump continued.

“It’s important to establish global justice, and that has nothing to do with whether the culprit is white, black or yellow; that doesn’t matter at all. What matters are their thoughts and beliefs, whether they are causing harm to the world. This is the question.”

The mainstream media fails to discuss the fact that the coronavirus originated in China, and Google and YouTube, among other Big Tech organizations, continue to censor such discussions. In order to avoid further evil, however, it’s necessary to hold the Chinese government accountable for causing global chaos.

Meanwhile, China is the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, and yet, the state is making it seem like they succeeded in containing the spread of the virus. Simultaneously, China’s facade of a “strong economy” with fake statistics is an effort to lock in Asia, Africa and European countries with Chinese money. The expansion of Chinese hegemony is underpinned by technology theft from developed countries, unfair trade structures, undeserved capital earned from means like dumping and large-scale statistical deception.

“What [China] has in savings, the one-sided profits scraped from America, some of it will have to be returned,” Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit said, warning China against its ambitions. “America will have to take responsibility and crush China’s bubble.”


China to Win Single-Handedly From Decarbonization

Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit also cautioned on environmental issues and Big Tech.

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg is about to become the guru of environmental issues, and while countries around the world head toward decarbonization, China will continue to strengthen its arms race and create additional coal and oil-fired power plants. The spirit pointed out that China will continue to emit a large amount of carbon dioxide and manipulate its statistics to show that they’ve achieved a desirable decarbonization target.

Regarding Big Tech companies such as Google and Facebook, he stated that the “extent that China’s profits have penetrated” these companies is yet to be known, and that Big Tech “can’t be trusted.” The spirit called for the revival of conservative media and added that Mr. Trump needs his own media outlet.


Trump Was Receiving Light From God, the Creator of the Universe

During Mr. Trump’s tenure as president, he worked to “Make America Great Again” by bringing back America’s prosperity through tax cuts and deregulation and restoring public order by cracking down on illegal immigrants. Furthermore, in foreign affairs, Mr. Trump pursued the encirclement of China, in collaboration with foreign countries, to counter the Chinese government from continuing to expand its hegemony. Mr. Trump also took the lead in criticizing human rights violations that are taking place in China, and he sought to protect universal values such as freedom of religion and democracy.

It was revealed that Mr. Trump, who made these furious efforts, was receiving support from the Creator. “El Cantare’s light was coming down through God Thoth (*2),” said the guardian spirit of Mr. Trump.

The name of El Cantare has been revealed through Happy Science as the Supreme Being, and He is the equivalent of “Lord God” in Christianity, of “Elohim” in Judaism, of “Allah” in Islam, of “Emperor of Heaven” as China’s Confucius addressed or of “Ame-no-Mioyagami,” the being who is above the central god “Ame-no-Minakanushi-no-Kami” in Japanese Shinto. El Cantare is the Creator of the Universe who has long nurtured and guided humankind on Earth.

In other words, the Creator’s light flowed directly to Mr. Trump through God Thoth, the leading being for America’s spiritual world. Additionally, Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit sent a powerful message:

“I was continuing to fight by listening to the words of God Thoth, but the ordinary people who called out god’s words as non-scientific and absurd are the exact ones who performed a coup and formed today’s politics. So it’s not going to end just yet. Trump is not dead.”

Finally, Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit shared his chance of victory and said that “the tide can be turned again within a year.” “I want to create an opportunity to fight back within a year and make a comeback sometime around the next midterm election. We can still regain power in Congress and the Senate.”

The guardian spirit gave a concluding message:

“After all, I will keep saying that the flame of truth will never go out…America will not end as long as I’m alive…I have no desire to make America a mediocre country, and I won’t tolerate dictators to rise [from all over the world]…America’s soul will not die. It is America’s mission to protect the world.”

“Trump will definitely come back.” That said, the guardian spirit of Mr. Trump concluded the day’s spiritual message. It was mentioned that the spirit will come forth to Master Okawa at a later date for an official recording of its spiritual message.

Will America be able to fulfill its mission as “one nation under God,” or will it continue on its downward path? The nation’s fate is dependent on the degree to which the American people lend their ears to the words coming from the Creator of this universe.

Note *2: God Thoth is an omniscient and omnipotent master who led the Atlantic civilization in its zenith of influence. He was known as the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt. God Thoth is one of the branch spirits of El Cantare, God of the Earth, and it has been revealed that he is today guiding America.


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Trump Is Not Dead: Guardian Spirit of Trump Speaks on Global Justice Revival
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