Trump Will Return: Guardian Spirit of Trump Speaks on the True Mission of Politicians

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The 74 million people who voted for former President Trump in the U.S. election are waiting with anticipation for his next move. Meanwhile, on February 25th, the guardian spirit of President Trump gave a spiritual message through Master Ryuho Okawa, the CEO of Happy Science (*1), in which he spoke about the media, global politics and the true mission of politicians. This followed a previous interaction that Trump’s guardian spirit had with Master Okawa after visiting him a week earlier.

Note (*1): Master Okawa maintains a state of mind in which he can receive messages from spirits and the heavenly world at all times — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For over 30 years, both guardian spirits of living people and spirits of past great figures have spoken through the voice of Master Okawa.


Biden Is Going in the Opposite Direction to Trump

The Biden administration has implemented policies that are the polar opposite of the Trump administration’s policies, including a ban on oil and gas drilling and pausing the construction of the southern border wall.

In response to these policies, Trump’s guardian spirit said the following:

“We can’t have a country that goes against all of our previous accomplishments. If our country keeps doing that, we’ll have something like the British disease again. Britain became shaky because the Conservative Party and the Labour Party kept going in opposite directions. I don’t think that should happen.”


The Media Is Taking Sovereignty Away From the People

Before Trump left office, large media platforms began to silence him; banning his Twitter account was a part of their effort. Trump’s guardian spirit commented on this:

“Around the time that media platforms began to silence me, I think it became visible that there seems to be some sort of sovereignty that is separate from the sovereignty of the people,” Trump’s guardian spirit said. “This will need to be addressed going forward in order to achieve a proper development of democracy.”

Trump also spoke about the reality of the media labeling him as a symbol of anti-intellectualism, division and suppression. He stated that he “well-understood this time to be a kind of madness in America.”.

Trump’s guardian spirit stated that journalism is America’s fourth power, Hollywood is its fifth power and foreign investors are its sixth power; this is a structure in which several forces both within and outside the U.S., not just U.S. citizens, can stir up the country. “They all make it sound like I divided the country, but actually, I was the one who tried to unite an already-divided country. The one who is trying to divide our country, a country that was coming together, is the Biden administration,” he said.

The media’s labeling of Trump as “divisionist” must have caught Trump off guard, especially given he has long advocated for “one nation under God.” If anything, Trump’s ambition was comparable to the great undertaking of George Washington’s era — consolidating 13 states that were initially disjointed. It should be noted that Trump’s label as a leading figure of division is a made-up concept that has been forged by the media.


Biden Raises the White Flag to China

The U.S. has reported more than 500,000 deaths from COVID-19. The current death toll is higher than the total number of U.S. deaths in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Iraq War and the Gulf War combined.

Master Okawa has revealed that COVID-19 is a biological weapon that has been unleashed by China against its hypothetical enemies.

In response to this tragic situation, Trump’s guardian spirit expressed the importance of continuing the battle to establish global justice, which was consistent with his message when he visited Master Okawa on February 18th:

“[Mr. Biden raised] a white flag from the moment he issued an executive order banning the use of terms like ‘China virus’ and ‘Wuhan virus,'” he said. “Someone has to keep fighting…It’s a battle over global values.”


China Needs a Surgical Operation

The Democratic Party has brought human rights diplomacy to the forefront of its foreign policy, but there is a real question about how seriously it is pursuing it. These concerns were highlighted when President Biden did a town hall in Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin state. During the event, which was Biden’s first town hall since becoming President, he stated that the U.S. should not get involved with human rights issues in China because of cultural differences, stating, “culturally, there are different norms that each country and the leaders are expected to follow.”

Trump’s guardian spirit was asked about Biden’s comments during the spiritual message by a questioner in the audience:

“I’m sure there were all kinds of circumstances faced by people who imported a lot of black slaves from Africa,” he said. “Mr. Biden’s logic is the same as saying, ‘Plantation owners needed cotton workers. It couldn’t be helped.'”

Trump’s guardian spirit shared his insights into the essence of democracy and highlighted its differences with practices in China:

“Today’s democracy is based on the idea that its purpose is to ensure the well-being of individuals,” he said. “The basic idea is this: human beings should not be treated as a means to something else.”

The purpose of China’s political system is a long way away from this core purpose of democracy, according to Trump’s guardian spirit.

“It’s not a problem at all to bury 100 million people in Tiananmen, all to protect the Communist Party, its leadership or Mr. Xi Jinping. It’s more important to protect laws created by the party leaders…I think a surgical operation needs to be performed.”

At the time of the Tiananmen incident in June 4, 1989, the Japanese government took a pro-China stance. It urged its emperor to visit China and Japan was the first Western country to lift sanctions against China. Trump’s guardian spirit summed up the Tiananmen incident as a turning point in history:

“[Japan’s pro-China actions] led to the collapse of the Japanese economy, and it also transformed China into a military power…The global trend would have changed had China been properly penalized for the the Tiananmen incident.”

He added, “I think the U.S. has to do what hasn’t been done thanks to the way Japan acted at the time of the Tiananmen Incident.” Trump’s guardian spirit also stated that China needs to disclose information about the incident, such as the number of people who died and the names of the victims, in the same way that similar information was disclosed with the collapse of the Soviet Union.


China to Test Biden: Step One, Target Pratas Islands and the Senkakus

During a previous spiritual message, Trump’s guardian spirit predicted that “China will first make fun of Biden to test the waters.” In this spiritual message he made a follow-up prediction: that China’s “test” will be the targeting of the Pratas Islands located at the entrance of the Bashi Channel. The reason is this: “Once China has a track record, it will start taking over various places one by one.”

If China seizes the Pratas Islands and turns them into a military fortress, it will then be able to take greater control over the Bashi Channel and the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan will then be targeted, not only from mainland China, but also from behind. China will also be able to take over the inland sea of the South China Sea and expand into the western Pacific Ocean. China will watch how Biden responds while it takes over the Pratas Islands and, should it succeed, it will take Kinmen Island and other neighboring islands for effective control. A point will arrive where China can institute a blockade on the Taiwan Strait. At that point, Taiwan will struggle for survival.

The guardian spirit of President Trump believes that China is “trying to completely carry out siege warfare” by cutting off vaccines and isolating Taiwan. He expressed a clear sense of caution about the situation unfolding in Asia.

Regarding the Senkaku Islands, the guardian spirit urged Japan to exercise its own line of defense:

“If many weapon-carrying vessels invade, land in three days and build a fortress, there will be effective control by China…It is worth enough to the U.S. to form a military alliance with Japan on even ground if Japan has the power to recapture the Senkaku Islands…If you guys aren’t willing to do anything, why should the U.S. be the only ones to attack and get it back?…The Japan-U.S. Security Treaty still applies, but we never promised to win the Senkaku Islands back.”


‘America First’ Stands on Economic Power, Determination and Execution

The guardian spirit of President Trump clarified that his “America First” policy meant that the U.S. would bear responsibility for the world; at the core of “America First” lies “one, economic power, and two, determination and execution as must-haves,” according to the guardian spirit, who spoke of its importance.

Trump’s guardian spirit also shared his observations as to why historically U.S. presidents have never had a consistent policy towards China:

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a clear understanding of what’s wrong with communism from a philosophical standpoint,” he said. “Equality as a term sounds good, but if this is equality of slavery, we have to reject it…We shouldn’t conduct politics in a way that would empty our efforts as human beings. We must give those who strive in the direction that God wishes, the gospel of success. I disagree with the idea that all kinds of outcomes should be the same…You can pose as nicely as you want, but I want to put it out there that we shouldn’t act in a way that makes the future of humanity pitch black.”

The Biden administration aims to redistribute wealth by increasing corporate and individual income taxes. Such economic policies are in line with China’s communism — President Trump is battling against the idea of “equality of outcome”, which is creating crises both at home and abroad.

For President Trump, fighting this battle doesn’t mean that he has abandoned the heart of God. The guardian spirit spoke about faith, in his eyes, as being an integral piece in the formation of a desirable world order.

“I want to form a spiritual relationship that understands God’s heart. Let’s build a spiritual Japan-U.S. community,” he said. “At the very least, I want countries like the U.S., U.K. and Japan to form a proper alliance and share certain values.”

Trump’s guardian spirit continued, demonstrating his view of equality in the presence of God: “It would be nice to have equality in the sense that we all believe in God’s heart as our own.”

And finally, he made a concluding note on the true mission of politicians:

“The importance isn’t in protecting the system of democracy itself. The real purpose is in our citizen’s right to live in happiness, and politics is really a creation of God’s kingdom, to bring God’s justice down here on Earth. After all, I want to convey that the mission of politicians is to help project God’s kingdom, in the spiritual world, as much as possible in this world.”

President Trump has encouraged people to pray for those who have been infected with COVID-19. Liberals have defended minority rights to the point that the country is becoming increasingly materialistic, and yet, President Trump has reaffirmed people’s right to pray to God in public — he tried to contain the materialistic climate of the U.S. Not only has he continued to fight for Christians, President Trump has also been speaking out about the repression of Uighurs, Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners.

Voices are crying out from all directions: “Trump is a dictator.” However, this is an image that has been stitched up by mainstream media. In fact, as comments from his guardian spirit have demonstrated, Trump has been working to create a religious nation by bowing his head before the Creator.

An ideal future is created by strengthening the alliance among religious nations who carry out politics under the will of God. It is a future in which politicians distinguish good and evil, and right and wrong, based on the Creator’s value judgment. This will give nations the power to stand against China who, as a materialistic nation, doesn’t hide its ambitions of expansion and hegemony.


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Trump Will Return: Guardian Spirit of Trump Speaks on the True Mission of Politicians
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