The Prime Minister Cannot be Inarticulate When the Time Comes
Will Japan Side With the U.S. or China? — A decision Must be Made Soon

China’s activities are intensifying off the coast of Okinawa and the Senkaku Islands.

It has been 10 years since a Japanese Coast Guard patrol boat clashed with a Chinese fishing boat. For a record-long 111 consecutive days, the China Coast Guard vessels have been confirmed to be sailing the contiguous zones, and in October, the Coast Guard invaded Japan’s territorial waters for 57 hours and 39 minutes, the longest since the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands. They reached out to Japanese fishing vessels through radio, claiming territorial sovereignty and demanding that they leave the waters (as of Oct. 15).

However, the Japanese government has continued to be inarticulate in their response.

In a press conference on October 13, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Katsunobu Kato, stated that Japan has repeatedly and sternly protested to China through diplomatic channels. That being said, he still made a vague comment, “We will continue our policy of staying alert to protect our country’s water, land and air at all cost, while taking all precautions to survey around the Senkaku Islands, and respond both calmly and resolutely to the Chinese side.”


Nations Besides Japan Have Restrained Chinese Fishing Vessels

Japan’s light response is evident when contrasted with the approaches taken by other nations.

For instance, in September Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration seized a Chinese fishing vessel that was operating across the border in the Taiwan Strait and detained 11 people.

Malaysia, which is fighting with China over territorial sovereignty of the South China Sea, stopped six Chinese fishing vessels crossing their territorial waters in October and detained 60 Chinese nationals. Moreover, they took this action while the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was visiting Southeast Asian nations including Malaysia.


Double-Crossing Diplomacy Continued by Suga Administration

The fundamental problem lies in the double-crossing diplomacy that the Suga administration has copied from the Abe administration.

The Japanese government is currently refusing entry from 159 nations or regions in principle but plans to gradually allow business-related trips.

The next key step is to re-accept foreign tourists. One rumor is that the Japanese government is planning to lift the ban on tourists in the hope of holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the summer of 2021.

For the Suga administration, which is facing a declining economy from the coronavirus, foreign tourists are something that they are dying to get—especially if Chinese tourists are going to spend tons of money on shopping.

However, this will signify Japan’s continuing economical dependency on China. This could clash with U.S. policy on China.


Japan Needs to Make a Decision Before It’s Too Late

U.S. or China—. The Suga administration must decide soon, or they will face a dangerous time. The U.S. is undoubtedly closing in on China, and they will checkmate China soon. The U.S. is ready to fight China at any time.

Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa made a grave statement to the Suga administration during the Japanese goddess of the Sun Amaterasu’s spiritual reading in September:

“The key is whether Mr. Suga can immediately answer when asked who to choose [between the U.S. and China]. Based on Mr. Suga’s statements, I think he will say meaningless and empty words, or inconclusive ones. So I think he will say something along the lines of, ‘We would like to think about our situation, discuss carefully with other nations, and do our best,’ and leaders who use these words are unsuitable. Currently, I think they are unsuitable as leaders.”

We also know that China is approaching Mr. Suga. The guardian spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping stated the following in October:

“So our next step, thus, is to determine how weak Mr. Suga is. We are going to test that now, soon… Although we’re not sure whether we’ll target the Senkaku Islands. We can’t say that yet. We don’t know where we’ll target, but it will happen.”

In addition, Mr. Xi’s guardian spirits stated, “Mr. Suga should take walks outside too. Then, we can attack him with a drone (by spreading the coronavirus airborne),” knowing that morning walks were already part of Mr. Suga’s routine. It is certain that they look down on him.

Will the Suga administration continue their double-crossing diplomacy? Unless they clearly indicate which side Japan is on, the Japanese government will lose trust, not only in the international community but domestically as well.

The Prime Minister Cannot be Inarticulate When the Time Comes
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