President Trump’s Coronavirus Infection
Was it an Attempted Assassination by China?

U.S. President Trump, who was hospitalized for a COVID-19 infection, recovered immediately and resumed his duties and election campaigning, surprising the world.

There is a high possibility that Mr. Trump’s coronavirus infection was an attempted murder by China.

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading with China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping in October, where it was revealed that they “infected Mr. Trump’s close colleagues with COVID so they could get Mr. Trump.” Furthermore, Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit stated, “In the future, we are thinking about spreading the virus in the White House through insect-shaped drones such as mosquitoes or flies.”

At the Vice-Presidential Debate on October 7, the fact that a fly landed on Republican Mr. Pence’s head for two minutes went viral in the U.S. media and some Japanese media, but it is not so funny knowing about this plan.

China launching a bioterrorist attack means that they think there’s a high possibility of President Trump being reelected. China’s agitation to stop Mr. Trump’s election is obvious.


Even Democrats Believe Trump Will Win on November 3rd

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon pointed out in the John Fredericks Radio in September that even Biden’s Democrat colleagues believe that Trump has the advantage in polling results for November 3 and plans on overturning this through mail-in ballots.

Mr. Trump has long complained that large amounts of voter fraud will occur through mail-in ballots and predicted that there will be storms of lawsuits once the mail-in ballots are opened. If this goes to state courts or even further up to the Supreme Court, then the election results will not be determined immediately, and there will be prolonged confusion.

A lot of information suggests that Mr. Trump has an advantage, but the fake news is covering this up with reports of Mr. Biden leading in the polls.


Trump’s Overwhelming Victory in the Debate Flips Survey Results

The first Trump-Biden Presidential Debate was held on September 29 and was lauded by various U.S. media as a “Biden victory.” However, politically neutral news channel, C-SPAN, conducted a survey of more than 325,000 people in which 69% of the people responded that Trump won, while only 19% responded that Biden’s won, revealing an overwhelming preference towards Mr. Trump.

One of Japan’s most cited polls for the debate was NBC and the Wall Street Journal, who reported that “After the debate, those who vote for Mr. Biden lead those who vote for Mr. Trump by 14 points.” However, according to an article on internet media BonaFidr(a Japanese website), the number of Democratic supported that this survey was sent to was heavily biased.

There are countless similar cases in the U.S. media and the problem is that this situation cannot be seen from Japan.


U.S. Media’s Trust at 30%

This is the reason why the media has such low trust in the U.S.

In a public poll conducted in 2017, only 30% of the people responded that they can trust the media(*). Looking at the media’s activities since then, this number may have dropped even further.

The U.S. media has clear supporting parties and ideologies, and many mainstream media is left-winged. Opinions and poll results vary depending on the media, and there is no one representative like Japan. Many Americans have given up on the media’s reports.

It is important to realize that the people’s attitudes towards media outlets are completely different between Japan and the U.S. If the Japanese people do not recognize the background of the news and tell fake news apart from real news, they will misunderstand the direction of the world.

President Trump gives an election speech at an airport in Wisconsin, a massive swing state.

Every speech gathers numerous supporters that overflow the airport.

(*)From NPR/PB News Hour
President Trump’s Coronavirus Infection
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