Replacement Doesn’t Allow for Deception
The Essence of New Suga Administration Lies in Hiding Suspicions

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The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leadership election over former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s position took place in mid-September and Mr. Yoshihide Suga won a landslide victory, assuming the position of prime minister.

In a poll released by JNN after Abe announced his resignation, the approval rating of the Abe Cabinet rose to 62.4 percent. Mr. Suga even talked about taking advantage of the “festive number” and there are talks about a snap election.


Can He Become the “Economy’s Suga”?

Mr. Suga urgently took the mound and announced he would continue Mr. Abe’s policies. The number one issue is to respond to the economic crisis that arose from the coronavirus and Japan’s call for self-restraint.

Mr. Suga emphasized that the reissuance of a state of emergency has a large impact on the economy, and that he wants to avoid it as much as possible. Mr. Suga’s stance seems to be prioritizing economic recovery above everything else.

While his current attitude can be evaluated, it is still unknown whether Mr. Suga knows economics. Although he has held important positions in the past, such as chief cabinet secretary and minister for internal affairs and communications, Mr.Suga may not adhere to this policy if the corona pandemic continues to worsen.

Most importantly, Mr. Suga did not rule out the tax increase route, stating that he has no choice but to raise the consumption tax going forward. The direction that the Suga administration takes will depend upon whether or not he can grow into the “Economy’s Suga.”


Concealment of Moritomo and Cherry Blossom-Viewing Party Scandals Maintain ‘Acquisition Empire’

In early September, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual interview with Konosuke Matsushita, one of Japan’s greatest industrialists who founded Panasonic. Matsushita’s spirit analyzed the negotiations that were occurring behind the scenes of finding a new prime minister.

“Mr. Abe will have an honorary retirement due to his illness, and Mr. Suga will claim to succeed him,” the spirit of Matsushita said. “The Moritomo and cherry blossom-viewing party scandals will remain a permanent mystery, to fade away similarly to the mystery of the pyramids. The current political administration is one that conceals these scandals, and over a period of time, rewrites the story and erases the past.”

Before his chronic illness worsened, Mr. Abe was accused of the Moritomo and cherry blossom-viewing party scandals, and his approval rate was declining amongst the Japanese people. If public opinion brings back the scandal, the prosecution will eventually move to investigate.
As with the Lockheed bribery scandal, Mr. Abe wants to avoid a dirty situation where he is arrested for corruption. Who is the successor who can shut down the prosecution’s investigation and prevent the people from revolting against the retiring Abe?

Mr. Fumio Kishida led an unsuccessful proposal to provide a “300,000 yen stimulus payment to households with reduced income” as a measure to ameliorate the effects of the coronavirus, but due to opposition from the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) Toshihiro Nikai and the Komeito, he was forced to change his policy to a “100,000 yen uniform stimulus payment.” Kishida is vulnerable to pressure.

If that’s the case, how about Mr. Shigeru Ishiba? Mr. Ishiba has criticized the Abe administration for some time, so he was not on Abe’s list of successors from the start. According to a spiritual interview with the guardian spirit of Suga recorded in early September, he says that the scandals of Moritomo and the cherry blossom-viewing party may be disclosed if Ishiba becomes prime minister.

Using a process of elimination, there was no suitable candidate besides Mr. Suga.

Many mass media outlets captured Mr. Suga’s image as “one who moved from Akita to Tokyo for group employment,” “a hard worker who lived and worked in a factory while studying” and “a pancake lover.” The people of Japan also bought his image, and Mr. Suga’s victory was almost decided before the election.

The LDP, a party that is essentially building a huge acquisition empire of a “one-party dictatorship,” seems to be covering up Mr. Abe’s suspicious scandals by replacing him with personnel who will deceive the mass media and Japanese citizens.

The people of Japan can hope for the Suga administration to avoid an economic crisis, but they must also realize that the new prime minister will not “cleanse” the LDP’s past politics.

Replacement Doesn’t Allow for Deception
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