Trump Diplomacy as Expected
Why North Korea Became Silent

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North Korea stopped launching missiles in March this year (as of Sept. 16). Diplomatic negotiations became so quiet that rumors of Chairman Kim Jong-un suffering a serious illness spread around.

Looking back to 2017, North Korea engaged in nuclear tests and launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that brought the U.S. and North Korea to the verge of a military clash. The situation suddenly changed, however. U.S. President Trump held talks with Chairman Kim, and North Korea agreed to denuclearize.

Since then, North Korea has launched short-range missiles, but Mr. Trump does not view this as a problem because it does not violate their agreement; however, the U.S. will respond if North Korea launches an ICBM that reaches mainland U.S.


Playing Right Into Trump’s Hands

Mr. Trump is perceived as having a weak stance, and many people tend to label him as a failure when it comes to U.S.-North Korea relations. What is the truth?

As the Liberty has repeatedly stated, Trump is aiming for the simultaneous collapse of both China and North Korea. North Korea is heavily dependent on the Chinese economy, so if China collapses, North Korea will naturally follow suit.

If North Korea fires an ICBM, the American people will have no choice but to respond and Trump will not be able to focus on overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Therefore, Trump is most likely hoping that North Korea complies with their current agreement and stays quiet until the U.S. defeats the CCP.

In fact, North Korea launched 13 missiles in 2019, but most were short-range missiles.

In a spiritual reading conducted by Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa in late August, cosmic being R.A. Goal pointed out that Chairman Kim thinks his life will be safe as long as he obeys Mr. Trump’s request. It can be said that U.S. diplomacy is going well as long as North Korea stays close to the agreement.

Trump Diplomacy as Expected
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