Why Illnesses Cure in Happy Science

The documentary coming out this summer in Japan, “Living in the Age of Miracles” portrays numerous miracles that people experienced.

Why do so many phenomena—unexplainable by medicine—occur?

We investigated the mechanism behind miracles.

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A Daughter Deemed Dead Came Back to Life After Her Father’s Prayers!


“Living in the Age of Miracles” that will be released on August 28 nationwide in Japan introduces various unbelievable miracles(available to watch at your local branch or temple). In June of 2013, Robina (pictured right), who was two at the time died from a fever. The crying father repeatedly recited Happy Science sutra, “The Dharma of the Right Mind(The True Words Spoken by Budda).” After 45 minutes, Robina came back alive.

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While commuting, a man lost consciousness from acute myocardial infarction and went in emergency transport. The doctor explained that “only half of the heart’s pumping functions are working.” His Family took a ritual prayer for him from Happy Science immediately, and the pumping function recovered in the examination the next day. The doctor tilted his head, wondering how “such a mysterious, miracle-like” recovery can take place.

Although a woman suffered from an incurable disease of an unknown cause in which her blood platelets decreased, her platelets showed a sharp increase from the day she received the ritual prayer. Her platelets, which she only had 39,000 of in the beginning, increased to a normal value of 182,000 in less than four months.

The movie that will be released in August, “Living in the Age of Miracles”, portray various scenes of miraculous curing of illnesses and injuries. Out of the 1,200 miracles that has been reported in the past 10 years, the film puts a spotlight on 12 and portrays how these miracles occurred.

Furthermore, the production even contains the miracle of a dead reviving. This occurred seven years ago in Uganda, Africa (picture above).

There was a young girl who was medically “dead”; she was even confirmed dead by a nurse due to cardiopulmonary arrest. However, her father continued to recite Happy Science’s prayer book, “The Dharma of the Right Mind(The True Words Spoken by Budda),” for 45 minutes straight, and she came back to life. When the surprised nurse touched the young girl, her stopped heart began to move slowly again, and heat returned to her cold body.

It was like the “Rise of Lazarus,” when the dead revived upon Jesus’s call.


A Miracle Observed by a Physician Who Received a Nobel Prize

Miracles of illnesses curing have constantly been reported all around the world.

Especially famous is “the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes,” a Catholic sanctuary in the village of Lourdes, located in the southern parts of France. Ever since a farmer’s daughter, Bernadette, saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1858, the place became a pilgrimage site and people gathered from all over the world.

In 1912, Dr. Alexis Carrel, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, witnessed a miraculous cure of a close-to-death patient who suffered from tuberculous peritonitis; she recovered after receiving prayers in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, in a way that can only be explained by a miracle. A memoir found in relics vividly describe the surprise upon the witness of this miracle.

“Everything that I believed in before completely changed. Things that seemed impossible became true. A person who was near-death recovered within a matter of hours.” “[The patient with tuberculous peritonitis] was close to death in the afternoon. Not only is she still alive in the evening, but she has recovered as well. Nothing can explain this unbelievable fact.”

Miracles have always happened and will continue to happen in the future.




A World Beyond Our Current Knowledge of Medicine

We asked a doctor who starred in the movie “Living in the Age of Miracles” and treated numerous patients in the city of Tokyo about the mechanism between the heart and the body.


Isaragozaka Clinic Director


Katsunori Kawano

Born in 1957. After graduating from Yamaguchi University School of Medicine, worked as a neurosurgeon in the same university and went through Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital in the Department of Cardiology and Tokyo Fuchu Hospital in the Department of Cardiology before assuming his current position. A specialist in internal medicine and certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.

I have experienced many cases in which illnesses were cured by changing one’s mind.

One year, I consulted three breast cancer patients who were scheduled for surgery. I’m not a cancer specialist, but I told them to stop blaming others and themselves, hold a positive mindset and have gratitude for being given life. Then, the lumps disappeared from all three of them and the surgery was cancelled. Of the three, one of them had its cancer recurring, but they commented, “Immediately after I heard your story, I had a different mindset but later on my state of mind went back to being negative.”

In addition, a patient who had been hospitalized for heart disease was diagnosed with uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst at two hospitals, one of which was a university hospital. However, after joining Happy Science, her mindset changed and upon practicing self-reflection and gratitude, both her uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst disappeared.

Most doctors believe that illnesses such as cancer require some sort of physical remedy such as medicine or surgery to cure. Even if the illnesses cure with the power of faith or the mind, they wouldn’t think of it as miracles and instead come up with a more plausible explanations such as the initial diagnosis being mistaken. However, in reality, numerous strange things happen in the medical field. When I worked in cardiovascular medicine during my times at a university hospital, there were patients who occasionally said, “During my heart surgery, I met my family members who have already passed away.” My fellow doctors and professor of cardiac surgery said similar things.


Miracles Warn Us of Having Absolute Faith in Medicine

The reason why so many miracles are occurring in Happy Science is to display the power of the mind and faith, and to prove the existence of God and Buddha.

Dr. Alexis Carrel who was mentioned earlier created the very foundation of modern medicine by discovering techniques of suturing two blood vessels together, as well as the technology that is at the basis of artificial heart-lung machines. This doctor witnessed various miraculous healings—a near-death patient instantly healing upon visiting the spring of Lourdes and a completely blind child who was able to regain their eyesight—that can’t possibly be explained by medical standards. From such experiences, he stated that faith was the utmost important thing, and that theories and explanations are meaningless before life and death.

In cases where medicine and surgery can cure illnesses, of course they should be used. However, if advancements in modern medicine lead to absolute faith in medicine and lead to the loss of faith in God, then it is completely pointless. The countless miracles in which faith cures illnesses that cannot be cured by modern hospitals teach modern medicine, which favors materialistic views, that there is a world that exceeds medicine. Current doctors should increasingly give an eye to miracles where faith cures illnesses.


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Why Illnesses Cure in Happy Science
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