Will There Be War?
China-Related Spiritual Figures Voice the Future of U.S.-China Tensions — Lu Xun, First Emperor of Qin and Dongting Lake Niangniang

China’s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning (center).

U.S.-China tensions are escalating.

In addition to the closing of consulates and duel military exercise battles in the South China Sea, the highest-ranked U.S. minister’s visit to Taiwan for the first time since the U.S. ended diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979 and Hong Kong democratic activist Agnes Chow’s arrest have directly and indirectly escalated conflicts between the U.S. and China.

It feels as if a war will soon begin.

Despite these situations, Japanese politicians and the media are not functioning because they are only focused on the coronavirus, and Japan remains vulnerable to China’s military threats.

Meanwhile, in early August, several spiritual figures related to China came forth to Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa. Starting with Lu Xun (1881-1936), the founder of modern Chinese literature, the First Emperor of Qin (259-210 B.C.), and Dongting Lake Niangniang, the Goddess of Dongting Lake in northern Hunan Province, appeared.

These spiritual readings that revealed the aims of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s government (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Beijing government’), has been recorded in 『Spiritual Interview Lu Xun’s Hope for the Freedom of China』 — this book will be available starting Aug 12 in Japan. The spiritual reading is also available in Happy Science temples and shojas (main temples).


What Is Needed to Break Down China’s One-Party Dictatorship

At the beginning of the spiritual reading, the spirit of Lu Xun, known for his short stories, “The True Story of Ah Q” and “A Madman’s Diary”, compared his lifetime mission to Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) who philosophically supported imperial Russia’s independence movement.

Regarding the CCP’s current rule, he said that their politics cater to some Communist Party elites, and that a “true revolution,” one that is not Mao Zedong’s revolution, must occur from within China. Lu Xun’s spirit pointed out that, “After all, it is difficult to break them down unless factors such as ‘external pressure’ and ‘internal resistance’ come together. Really difficult.” He regretted the Beijing government learning from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre that they can maintain a one-party dictatorship as long as they censor information.

Lu Xun’s Spirit:“Taiwan and the Philippines Are Hoping for Japan to Create a Joint Defense Zone”

Subsequently, Lu Xun’s spirit also spoke out on neighboring countries. He said that Japan’s neighboring countries who are witnessing Hong Kong’s disasters “are probably hoping for Japan to create a joint defense zone with Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines to prevent them from being invaded.” Regarding the Abe administration and Japan’s economy that prioritizes friendly relations with China for economic gains, he said that “the basics of Japanese values are misaligned.”

In addition, Lu Xun’s spirit revealed that he is supporting hidden intellectuals in China, as well as Chinese people who fled to Japan, and he said the following: with an expectation for Happy Science philosophies that contain Eastern philosophies to spread throughout China:

“Above all, I want Chinese people to understand, ‘You need faith in God and Buddha, now’… If the word ‘God’ doesn’t make sense, use the word ‘Buddha’ and believe in Buddha. Believe in human potential. Believe that ‘there is another world after death.’ I want to convey this. Do you think just the name of Lu Xun will make its way to China? That’s why I stopped by today.”


The Spirit of the First Emperor: “Beijing Government Will Simultaneously Attack Taiwan and Okinawa. It Will Also Attack Hong Kong”

The next appearance was of the spirit of China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who unified the Chinese continent for the first time. In recent years, “Kingdom” has become a popular manga in Japan, attracting attention as it has made its way into a movie, but this spiritual reading revealed his terrifying thoughts.

The First Emperor’s spirit revealed that the Beijing government gave up on collecting data on infected and dead people as a result of the China-originated coronavirus, and admitted that, domestically, China is in an “emergency situation” as a result of flood and grasshopper/locust damages.

However, he revealed the Beijing government’s aim in a time when countries around the world are stuck in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic:

“Right now, we’re throwing ‘jabs’ at the Senkaku. Every day, we’re doing ‘invading the Senkaku territory.’ It’s not like that because we’re going to do Taiwan and Okinawa at once. We’re planning on a simultaneous occupation, so you should be prepared…We’ll attack Taiwan and Okinawa at the same time. We’ll also attack Hong Kong…It will become easier to do as we get closer and closer to Trump’s election.”

In addition, the First Emperor’s spirit also hinted that the Chinese economy is in a difficult situation and revealed that they’re using a fake currency (digital yuan) to make it seem like the country is prospering, and leading on other countries’ governments and businesses to invest in China.


The Spirit of Dongting Lake Niangniang: “Japanese Businesses Should Quickly Retreat From China”

The last to appear was the spirit of Goddess Dongting Lake Niangniang.

She pointed out that natural disasters in China will continue onwards and touched on the possibility of the Beijing government demanding, “give everything back,” to countries that they lent out money to. She also spoke on the possibility of the U.S. taking firm measures, and alarmed the following:

“Japanese businesses and factories should retreat quickly… It’s ‘approaching.’ That’s why you should quickly return to Japan if you can. It’s dangerous.”


Numerous Achievements From Master Okawa’s Spiritual Readings

In the U.S., protests originating from the death of black people are turning into riots. The involvement of the Beijing government in the radicalization of these riots has been pointed out by a different spiritual reading.

The Beijing government is intervening in the U.S. presidential election to prevent President Trump from being reelected without caring about their facade, but there is a possibility of military action in the future, and if that happens, Japan must be prepared for casualties.

A calm observation of the current military and economic movements show that the Beijing government is preparing to take on Hong Kong, Taiwan, Senkaku, Okinawa, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, the U.S. and the U.K. If things remain the way they are, Japan will fall into a state of dysfunction once the Beijing government initiates any full-blown action.

Spiritual readings cannot be laughed off as something that can’t be seen with our naked eyes. Master Okawa’s spiritual readings have numerous achievements.

Before the appointment of state chairman in the fall of 2010, Master Okawa saw through Mr. Xi Jinping’s ambition of creating a “world empire”; in the summer of 2008, the spirit of former U.S. President Obama said “the U.S. will stop being the world’s policeman,” and five years later, Mr. Obama himself said the same line during his speech. Master Okawa has paved paths for major shifts in global affairs, and pointed Japan’s government, businesses and individuals in their rightful paths.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and economic recessions, it may seem as if humanity is voyaging in uncharted waters. However, right now, God’s light is without a doubt pouring on Earth. We need to take in this fact seriously.

Will There Be War?
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