The Truth Behind China’s Flooding
“Flood Damage Incapacitates Chinese Army” by the Goddess of Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake.

This year China has been met with disasters such as the spread of COVID-19, an outbreak of grasshoppers and various flood damage that occurred since June. In particular, flood damage has affected 38 million people as well as the supply chain.

In this more-than-devastating situation, the spirit of Mao Zedong, the founding father of China, appeared in front of Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa on July 19th and revealed China’s difficult circumstances. Afterwards, Dongting Lake Niangnian, the Chinese goddess of traditional folk religion, also appeared and discussed politics of the Chinese Communist Party.

This was disclosed in “The Beginning of the End of the Chinese Communist Party Regime—Mao Zedong’s Spiritual Reading/Dongting Lake Niangnian’s Spiritual Reading(3)—” available worldwide in Happy Science branches, temples, and shojas from July 21st.


Flood Damage Incapacitates Chinese Army

In the beginning, Mao Zedong’s spirit mentioned the spirit of Deng Xiaoping and the guardian spirit of Mr. Xi Jinping approaching Master Okawa one after the other, and that he himself has come as well (related article: “‘Aiming towards the collapse of the Great Chinese Empire by the end of this year’: Goddess of Dongting Lake Declares the Future of China”).

Then, he recounted, “Things are going horribly for us right now. We’re in an age where we can catch fish on the roads, literally,” and showed signs of distress about the escalating flood damage in China.

Next, Master Okawa invited Dongting Lake Niangnian, whose spirit pointed out that “Dongting Lake Niangnian’s power over water is preventing Okinawa, Taiwan and Hong Kong from being taken.” She continued, “Water puts out fire [from firearms, etc.]. It incapacitates the army,” and revealed that the flood damage is limiting the growth of the Chinese military.

On top of that, the spirit asserted, “We can at the moment control all of water, fire, earth, and air… We’ll be able to show you the strength of Dongting Lake Niangnian,” suggesting the arrival of even more disasters in the future.


Problem With Chinese Satellites!

Dongting Lake Niangnian continued with the following surprising statement:

“I’m still in contact with the God of the Sky. The being already has plans to crush those plotting China’s world domination using satellites. China’s satellites will experience strange troubles—very soon.”

Presently, China is focusing on a GPS system, the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. They hope to broaden their hegemony by exploiting big data that they will gather from various nations. Dongting Lake Niangnian predicted that China will have trouble with their satellites, which play major parts in China’s national strategy.

Furthermore, they said, “The Yangtze River has its lord. And the Yellow River also has its own. So China’s weakness is water,” hinting at the existence of other spiritual beings who are questioning the Chinese Communist Party’s structure, and pointed out the importance that China regains faith.

The Truth Behind China’s Flooding
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