Hong Kong National Security Law Finally in Place
China's Democratization Is God's Will


On July 1, which marked the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return from the U.K. to China, approximately 370 people who participated in the protest against the National Security Law were captured by the police.

The Hong Kong National Security Law passed by the National People’s Congress (NPC), a Chinese lawmaking committee, came into effect on June 30. This law outlines four crimes—crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion—that are punishable by a maximum sentence of life in prison.

In response to this law democratic activists, Ms. Agnes Chow and Mr. Joshua Wong, announced their decision to leave their political party, Demosisto. The two are already being tried for inciting a protest that surrounded police headquarters in June of last year and participating in illegal rallies and Ms. Chow received her sentence.

In addition, the Chinese government opened a national security office in Hong Kong on July 8 of this year. Public security agents sent from mainland China will use this office as a base of investigation. It will also be possible for Hong Kong citizens to be sent to mainland China for trial.

There is also the possibility of hundreds of thousands to millions of Hong Kong dissidents being sent to concentration camps in places such as the Gobi Desert for quarantine.


China Has Not Learned From Nazi’s Mistakes

Our magazine, as well as the rest of Happy Science, have been aware of and continue to announce the danger of Mr. Xi Jinping from the time when he was first appointed as the next supreme leader of China in October of 2010. Over the last decade, all the predictions from Japanese media and political parties have been shown to be invalid, while only Happy Science’s “worst case scenario” proved true.

The Xi administration has not learned from the Nazi government, and thus does not understand its mistakes. One of Nazi’s problem was the persecution of Jews, who they considered were harmful to the Nazi regime. Germany and the rest of the world has reflected that this action was wrong, but the Xi administration is repeating the same mistake with the Hong Kong people.

Furthermore, there is a network of 200 million surveillance cameras and face-recognition systems that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in mainland China. If this technology existed during the times of Hitler, then the Jews would have been finished without even being able to escape abroad.

The Xi administration claims that this is a “Happy System” for it decreases crimes, but they are in fact building a surveillance nation, worse than that of Hitler.

If Hong Kong continues to lose their corporate and political freedom, more and more businesspeople will flee overseas, and Hong Kong will be driven into poverty. In addition, China will receive criticism and punishment from the international community, centered around the U.S. and U.K., leading to global isolation. As a result, China will be heading towards closure instead of opening. According to Chinese economic experts, China will return to its pre-2001 condition, before its membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), if they go into isolation. If this occurs, it will cause a shrinking economy that will ultimately lead to the internal collapse of China.


Putting Immense Pressure Onto China Needed

The Xi administration, and the Chinese media under its control, has no understanding of the conditions of prosperity that the Hong Konger’s advocate, such as political freedom, economic freedom, and civil liberties such as free speech and religious freedom.

Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa remarked in his July speech, “What We Should Learn from the Hong Kong Crisis,” that “We must believe that some form of liberalization or democratization against a massively-populated nation such as China, who is trying to create a unified state like Emperor Qin, is of God’s will.”

In order to achieve liberalization and democratization in China, countries all over the world need to create a siege toward China and exert strong pressure for them to improve.

Japan should make their own efforts and not rely on the U.S., such as returning companies in China back to the nation, dramatically strengthening defense capabilities, and making clear what justice is, leading the world through public example and opinions.

However, the Japanese government still only continues to express their regret over Chinese wrong doings. This lack of action is due to their ongoing hope for the Chinese economy. They must understand that this attitude will be strictly denounced by future generations, being called out for helping a demon worse than Hitler.

Hong Kong National Security Law Finally in Place
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