Column What if Biden Becomes the Next President?




What if Biden Becomes the Next President?

What would happen if Democratic candidate Biden becomes the next president?

“I think Biden is a trash politician. He appeased nations such as Ukraine and China because they gave him money. He had the taste of this politician’s greatest pleasure, and he must have gotten used to it. He doesn’t have any political ideologies as well. Even if Biden becomes the president, nothing will change. Basically, he will just revert America back to the weaker times of former president Obama.

The Deep State (*) that is resisting Trump will come back, and elite politics for the elites will take place, leaving the common people behind.”

This was said by previously mentioned Japanese critic, Mr. Masahiro Miyazaki.

In addition, to winning the presidential election, Mr. Biden is trying to gather the votes of the far left and accelerating leftward shifts in policies and personnel.

The Democratic Party itself stands on the platform of ‘large government’ that collects huge amounts of tax and distributes this to the poor. He will increase intervention in economic activities and regulations, distributing more money to employees and small and medium-sized companies that suffer from Covid-19, much more than the Republican administration.


Suspicion of Proximity with China

Then how about diplomacy With China?

“The U.S. parliament and the public are angry with China over trade and human rights issues. Even if Biden becomes the president, he will continue the pressure on China, but it will weaken compared to the Trump administration,” said Mr. Miyazaki.

Mr. Biden’s strategy focuses so much on the idea that ‘politics should reconcile racial and social conflicts’ that he can’t let go of the belief that U.S. should deal peacefully with China.

Then, there is the more serious issue of Biden’s smoldering allegations that he is associating with China. While he was vice president in 2013, he visited China with his son, Hunter, who tried to establish an investment company in China. Mr. Hunter Biden was an executive for a company handling an investment fund established by a Chinese entrepreneur (he resigned in October 2019).

Mr. Trump has accused Mr. Biden of supporting his son’s Chinese business by working with the Chinese government, and that Biden has taken a policy of reconciliation with China because his son had been accommodated by the Chinese business. In addition, Mr. Trump further criticized Hunter Biden stating, ‘he got 1.5 Billion Dollars from China despite no experience and no apparent reason.’ (NOTE FROM RISA, WASN’T this the UKRAINE, not China? Or is this something else?)

Can China’s madness be stopped by someone who has a deep connection with China?

At this point in time, I believe that Mr. Trump will win the presidency, even though it won’t be an easy fight,” said Mr. Miyazaki.

(*) A word that criticizes globalists who dominate the U.S. It is said that these people are going against the administration chosen by the people, covering up the facts, and leaking disadvantageous secrets for the government.
Column What if Biden Becomes the Next President?
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