President Trump Will Start His Rampage Anew

Covid-19 Puts Trump in a Tough Situation.
What will he do in preparation for the November’s presidential election?

It seems like President Donald Trump is facing adversities in the face of this fall’s presidential election.

Previously, President Trump reached an agreement in the “tariff war” with China at the end of last year and led a drone attack to kill Iran’s Commander Soleimani with a bomb at the start of 2020.These events gathered support from U.S. citizens and kicked off the presidential race with a high approval rating.

When faced with the sudden coronavirus disaster, Mr. Trump took proactive measures by banning travelers from China. However, the world’s greatest pandemic still broke out in the U.S. afterwards, damaging the American economy.

As the lockdown began to lift at the end of May, George Floyd’s death shook the U.S. This reinvigorated the topic of racial discrimination and dragged Trump’s approval rating way behind that of Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden (as of mid-June).

It appears as if Trump is facing a huge upheaval, but the spiritual world says otherwise.

In the spiritual reading that Master Okawa performed in April, the guardian spirit of Peter F. Drucker made the following statement: “We are in an age of crisis, and if we don’t have someone who is chosen by Heaven as our leader, it will result in a catastrophe. The leadership qualities we desperately need are ‘military leadership’ and ‘economic leadership,’ but there is hardly anyone with both. U.S. President Trump may be the only one who meets both these qualifications.”

President Trump may be the only leader who is able to overcome this national crisis. Let’s take a look from the perspective of economic leadership.


People Can Die From Unemployment

In the United States, there are two million cases of Covid-19, and the death toll exceeded 100,000.

Amid this desperate situation, Mr. Trump declared that he will not be closing the country down if a second wave hits, and that he intends on pushing forward to normalize economic activities.

His words may seem like pure absurdity for people who believe that we should do everything we can to limit victims of Covid-19.

However, the mainstream media is not reporting the true intention of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s idea is that when weighing deaths between Covid-19 and the economic damage resulting from the lockdown, reopening the economy should be prioritized. Economic damage includes unemployment numbers comparable to that from the Great Depression, the widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor, depression and suicide.

In fact, the unemployment rate skyrocketed during the lockdown, pushing it from 3.5 percent in February to 14.7 percent in April.

However, thanks to the swift monetary and economic policy responses, the unemployment rate in May began to recuperate. Investors who anticipated a quick economic recovery began to reinvest in stocks, bringing up stock prices once again.

In addition, further efforts are being put into infection preventative measures. In late March, the National Defense Production Law was enacted to encourage private companies to obtain and produce medical supplies, and production increased for ventilators and cotton swabs for collecting specimens and masks. The number of PCR tests, which were limited previously, went up to 1.5 million tests a week, the highest in the world. Three government-sponsored vaccine plans will also enter the final stages of pre-commercial clinical trials this summer.


A Superb Strategist With Distinguished Military Talent


Critic Masahiro Miyazaki

Born in the Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, in 1946. Authored “‘Post-Corona’: China will Initiate the World’s Last War and Destroy Itself,” among many others.

How is Mr. Trump’s military leadership?

Mr. Trump was enraged as he believed that the infection spread worldwide because China initially covered up the existence of the virus.

By May, he suggested, “There are many things we could do. We could cut off the whole relationship [with China].” The hard push against China has escalated once again.

It can be observed that his move against China will start off by cutting supplies flowing into China to hurt their economy.

“The fight against China progressed from trade war, technology war, then financial war, in that respective order,” Japanese critic Masahiro Miyazaki said. “The person who came up with this is an exceptional strategist.”

First, there was a trade war that imposed tariffs on Chinese products to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China and prevent China from making profits.

“Due to the trade war, almost half of all American companies that have been acquiring parts and raw materials from China have left; we’re seeing results, Mr. Miyazaki said.

Next, there is the technology war revolving around China’s largest communication equipment manufacturer, Huawei. Mr. Trump prohibited the export of products that contained more than 25% of American parts to the company. In addition, he is trying to cut off their semiconductor supply. Furthermore, to prevent theft of high-end technology, he revoked visas for some Chinese students.

Then, there is the financial war. Mr. Trump has prevented money from flowing to China by suspending Chinese investments made through the pension mechanism, commonly done by U.S. federal employers. He is also restricting new Chinese company listings on the U.S. exchange giant Nasdaq.

History has shown that the countdown to military clashes will begin if financial sanctions are tightened further.


Prediction of Trump’s Rampage

Even when taking into consideration that the popularity polls for early June may have been skewed as if they were performed by anti-Trump media giant CNN, there is still a substantial gap between candidates Biden and Trump.

Regarding this situation, a heavenly spirit (India’s god, Shiva) gave a warning-like prophesy.

For one, Shiva stated that “Mr. Xi should be careful of being killed through a drone bomb attack, similar to Iran’s Soleimani.”

This is not unreasonable, as U.S. deaths from Covid-19 have already surpassed double the victims from the Vietnam war. In addition, the undercover parts of the U.S. government and intelligence agencies have mostly confirmed that Covid-19 was a biological weapon developed by China.

Taking this into account, Shiva predicted that “in some cases, the entire Chinese leadership could be ‘disposed of,’ and U.S. may strike as soon as China begins to close in on the oppression toward Hong Kong.

He also predicted that “major events will occur before the presidential election in the fall” and depicted a vision of the event as “King Kong (representing U.S.) suddenly attacking and starting a war against a giant dragon, symbolizing China.

In the past, former president George H. W. Bush had increased his approval rating up to 90% by initiating an air strike on Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War. Although he lost to Clinton in 1992 due to a fault in economic policies, Mr. Trump, who is superb in economics, will not need to worry about this.


A Soul Gifted in Surprise Attacks

It has been revealed by Happy Science spiritual investigations that Mr. Trump is a reincarnation of the U.S.’s first president, George Washington.

Washington commanded the War of Independence against Britain while fighting the infectious smallpox. On Christmas night in 1776, Washington led his Continental Army across the icy Delaware River and made a surprise attack against Britain’s German mercenary unit stationed at Trenton.

The Continental Army hardly incurred any loss and captured almost all enemy troops. With this victory, the Continental Army reversed their tide completely. It raised morale and paved the way for the U.S. victory in the Revolutionary War.

Covid-19 changed the world in dramatic ways. Mr. Trump will find his approval rate surging before the presidential election to beat Mr. Biden, the coronavirus, and Chinese President Xi Jinping — similarly to George Washington. He will reveal his true potential from now.

President Trump Will Start His Rampage Anew
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