Modern Era’s Battle of Trenton――Trump’s Big Battle


Past Life Story: Humans Are Reborn

Humans are eternal beings who are born over and over again to polish and improve their souls. The process of reincarnation becomes a story shaped by every individual’s “personal color.” By observing the past life of a famous figure revealed by Happy Science’s spiritual investigations, you can see the nature of the soul that shines timelessly.

“The Trump administration is over” — this has become the default for many commentators of the U.S. media. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and protests over the death of a young black man, discord is intensifying. President Trump’s approval rating is starting to fall significantly.

On the other hand, the battle with China is approaching its peak. All that we need is evidence of the coronavirus leakage and the concealment of the infection at its early stage to halt China’s dictatorship and hegemony.

If no actions are taken and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, an acquaintance of Chairman Xi Jinping, wins the presidency, liberal countries will no longer be liberal.


Will Trump Be Able to Turn the tables?

This article will shed light on the past life of Mr. Trump and reveal his hidden abilities for a battle. According to Happy Science’s spiritual investigation, one of the past lives of Mr. Trump was that of George Washington. Washington is a great hero of the U.S. who became the first president by leading the American War of Independence against Great Britain to victory.

Washington has a diligent and serious impression; it’s no surprise that most of us won’t see the overlapping persona with Mr. Trump. But if you look carefully, there is an unexpected commonality in the way they live their lives.


Adventuring and Investing: Innate Risktakers

The first commonality between the two is that they are both innate risktakers. Washington became an adept surveyor at the young age of 17. Given the situation in the American continent at the time, he was essentially an adventurer, exploring unexplored territories alone. Washington protected himself from beasts and bandits, survived encounters with Indians and slept on a bed of straw at night. He was the Indiana Jones of that age and looked for new fields to explore.

On the other hand, 28-year-old Trump embarked on a housing development along the Hudson River during a recession when New York City was rumored to be going bankrupt. Additionally, Mr. Trump bought a prestigious hotel that experienced a downturn, and reopened it as Grand Hyatt when he was 34-years old. Mr. Trump succeeded in high risk investments where most people would stay away, and climbed to the top through real estate.

Pay attention to the following words of Washington: “Land is the most permanent estate and the most likely to increase in value.”

Was his talent to spot and invest in land potential carried over from his previous life?

In any case, Mr. Trump continues to demonstrate his risk-taking ability, such as running for president and entering a trade war after taking office.


Reviving From Failure and Getting Back on Their Feet

Another noteworthy common characteristic between the two is their ability to not easily back down or accept failure.

At the age of 20, Washington inherited a large territory with the death of his brother. Around this time, Washington became an officer (commander) of the Virginia militia, and became enthusiastic about public affairs. Washington was at the forefront of the French and Indian War as a lieutenant colonel when he was just 23-years old. At that time, a stubborn general mishandled and caused a historic catastrophe.

The Indian chief of the opposing force saw Washington’s strenuous efforts and was surprised. Witness accounts from Indians indicate that when they attacked and aimed at him multiple times, the bullets never reached him. These witness accounts describe that it seemed like he was being protected by a much stronger force than they.

“The Great Spirit protects you — you will become the chief of nations, and a people yet unborn will hail you as the founder of a mighty empire,” an Indian chief said when he met Washington. His prophecy turned out to be true.

Mr. Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times, but has bounced back each time, becoming a billionaire again. When his casinos and hotels went bankrupt in the early ‘90s, he was called the “poorest man in the world” with a debt of 900 million dollars.

During that time, Mr. Wilbur Ross represented bondholders and was working for restructuring failed companies. Mr. Ross saw crowds of people pour down on Mr. Trump’s limousine to get a peek at him and realized that Mr. Trump is not an ordinary man.

Mr. Trump surfed through a booming economy in the later half of the 1990s and listed the Trump Organization on the New York Stock Exchange. His company raised $1.2 billion and had $450 million in assets as of 1996. Since then, Mr. Ross has been a supporter of Mr. Trump, even supporting his presidential administration as the Secretary of Commerce.

Both Washington and Mr. Trump have a mysterious aura for reviving from failures and getting back on their feet.


Young Donald Trump succeeded in high-risk investments one after another, becoming a billionaire.(Photo:ALBUM/Aflo)


“Surprise Attacks” to Find Potential in the Dead of Night

The third commonality between Washington and Mr. Trump is their ability to launch a “surprise attack.”

Mr. Trump faced another crisis in 2004 when the Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. filed for bankruptcy. What action did Mr. Trump take, that ordinary CEOs wouldn’t? He started appearing as a host in a TV show called “The Apprentice.” “The Apprentice” is an American reality show, and the premise of the show was to conduct a job talent search for a person to head one of Mr. Trump’s companies. The catchphrase “You’re fired!” became popular and the show grew. The audience built to 27 million by the end of the first season.

Right before Mr. Trump went bankrupt, he launched a surprise attack and gained a new asset: national name recognition.

It goes without saying that his newly gained name recognition became useful for his business afterwards, but it also became his fund source when he ran for the presidential election in 2016.

Washington also became a hero through a surprise attack.

After retiring from the army, Washington witnessed a brutal dispute with Great Britain, which was triggered by heavy taxes and the collapse of communication with Great Britain. The Continental Congress commissioned Washington as Commander in Chief once military clashes with Great Britain intensified, and he decided to commit himself to the Revolutionary War.

The Continental Army seemed to have the advantage when the war broke out in 1775. In the following year, however, British troops counterattacked and pushed the Continental Army to the corner. British troops sent up to 45,000 men to New York in the summer; the Continental Army desperately fought with 28,000 amateurs, repeatedly losing the fight. By the time they left for Pennsylvania, there were less than 3,000 soldiers left. Moreover, the term of service for these soldiers was scheduled to expire at year-end.

In desperate circumstances, Washington’s army planned an assault on their enemies in Delaware’s Hessian garrison at Trenton. He told his soldiers that they will cross the Delaware River on the night of Christmas. Washington was telling them, ‘Win or die. Fight or throw away the cause.’

At this time, the Continental Congress, where independent political leaders gathered, was pessimistic about the war. The Congress fled far away and left the future of America to Washington and his 2,400 soldiers.

It was a stormy night, and it seemed suicidal to cross an icy, wild river. But this was the only day that the surprise assault could have succeeded. The British troops were notified of the surprise attack through their spy and had their guards up. Even then, they didn’t predict that the Continental Army would cross the river in the middle of a storm on Christmas. The British troops had their guards low just on that day.

Washington and his men endured the frigid wind and rain, wrestled with drifting ice and muddy currents and carried artillery and warhorses in flat-bottom vessels. Many soldiers couldn’t swim, so they would drown if the ship capsized. The outcome of this war depended on a successful landing. Additionally, they risked annihilation if they were caught by the enemy while crossing the river.

In the worst of circumstances, two out of three troops crossed the river; however, one troop couldn’t carry a cannon. How were they going to beat a garrison with adequate weapons?


Battle of Trenton, a surprise attack, that became a turning point in history. (Photo:akg-images/Aflo)

The entire army was ready at 4 a.m. Washington launched a surprise assault at the last minute. His poor soldiers who didn’t even have proper shoes marched forward as they left blood stains on the frozen ground.

The British army gave it their all, but the Continental Army benefited from the first strike and won the battle. They captured nearly 900 enemy soldiers. Nine days later, the Continental Army, which had been increased to 5,000 soldiers, faced 7,500 British troops attacking Trenton.

The enemies’ front unit attacked at night — right when Washington expected it. He made it seem like the main force was resting in the camp by burning a decoy fire. The “disappeared unit” attacked the enemies’ rear unit, and Washington defeated the enemy twice through surprise attacks.

The morale of the Continental Army greatly increased, and the war begun to change in favor of America. The U.S. gained enough confidence from this victory to step towards independence.


What’s the “Battle of Trenton” Today?

Mr. Trump, who is Washington’s reincarnation, is about to face a similar situation to the Battle of Trenton as a U.S. commander. Mr. Trump is trying to defeat the Democratic Party which raises socialist economic policies to “Make America Great Again.” He is also going up against China to end their materialistic dictatorship. There is no chance that he will leave the presidential election in November without any plan.

Mr. Trump is aiming for the right opportunity to enter a critical battle like the Battle of Trenton that opened the future of America.

*Past lives are investigated by interacting with multiple spirits and researching the spiritual world from different lenses. Therefore, details may be updated from time to time.


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Modern Era’s Battle of Trenton――Trump’s Big Battle
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