Power of Faith Repels Coronavirus

This section introduces stories of three folks who miraculously were revitalized through the power of prayer.


1) A Story of a U.K. Woman Who Saved Herself From the Coronavirus, a Devil in Disguise, Overnight

I got a call from my older sister when the coronavirus was quickly spreading in London. She told me, “I think I got the corona. My body is shaking and whether I’m sleeping or awake, I feel like my head is being pressed down by the devil and I’m going crazy. It feels like I’m getting attacked by the devil.”

She couldn’t walk. We knew that there would be a long wait even if she went to the hospital, and her symptoms will worsen. Her brother made a last-minute decision to head over to the Happy Science temple in London to take the “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.” People we knew in Japan also prayed for her, and the next morning, her condition completely turned around. She had no more symptoms.


2) A Story of a Brazilian Man Who Recovered From the Coronavirus and a Kidney Stone

In mid-May, my entire body was hurting as if I caught the influenza. I got tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms quickly went away when I took the “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” at my temple.

Another miracle occurred in 2018 when I did a Golden Butter Meditation on top of a ritual prayer. My kidney stone that was causing me endless pain disappeared in 10 days.

Catholicism plants sin and fear into its believers. They don’t know about the spiritual world. On the other hand, Happy Science teaches us that we’re all children of God, loved by God and there’s nothing to fear.

My co-workers are scared of the coronavirus. I would’ve been scared too if I didn’t have faith. Ever since I recovered from my conditions, I’m living every day to its fullest along with my faith at heart.


3) A Story of a U.K. Woman Who Rose From the Edge of Death With the Power of Prayer and Love

I always go to church every Sunday, the Church of England. One Sunday morning, the churches were closed because of the corona so I had to find God in a different way. That’s when I met a Happy Science minister.

One time, I had an ongoing fever and it felt like I was drowning non-stop. So I decided to take “A Prayer for Success” and “A Prayer of Thanks” at the temple. At the last minute, when I knew I was going to die, it dawned on me that I want to live for my children and see my grandchildren, and eventually help people falling apart to find God. Immediately, it was like a breath of fire filled my life and I felt my body regaining energy.

My mission is to help people find God because our people in the U.K. will have less depression if they know about Happy Science. I was told that I’m mentally disturbed and I was hospitalized for three months from the end of last year. The doctors say I need more medication but they don’t realize the spiritual side of things. Mental or physical health problems sometimes heal themselves if we wait upon God.

Comparing with different religions and branches of Christianity, I believe Happy Science teaches about the spiritual side of things. Your body is a flesh that lasts maybe 70 or 90 years at the longest. After that, your body’s gone and you’re left with your wandering spirit. Happy Science is something more of what the Christian church calls “eternity.”

I don’t think you can live a good life unless you know the other side of life, which is the spiritual side. Happy Science deals with the long-term of myself as well as my short-term life.

For me, [Happy Science] just completed my faith and my Christian belief.

Power of Faith Repels Coronavirus
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