Virus Infection Not Different From Devil-Possession

An increasing number of people are turning to God to obtain inner peace. The number of Google searches related to prayer skyrocketed in March when the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the globe.

In March, President Donald Trump cited a line from the Bible, “For with God nothing shall be impossible,” and urged U.S. citizens to turn to God.

There is a reason why people say that faith heals you from illnesses. But as aforementioned stories describe, there aren’t many teachings in today’s religions that show the spiritual causes behind illnesses. Happy Science teaches modern people the reasons why faith is the cure for illnesses.

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa outlines it in his book, “Survival Methods in the Coronavirus Recession.”


Cleansing the Mind Through Self-Reflection

It is commonly said that in a world of infectious diseases, a virus “selects” an owner — if that’s the case, what kind of people are often selected by the virus?

Master Okawa says that for viruses that spread exponentially, “fear” spreads faster than the virus. He also wrote in his book that fear creates an opening for devils.

Negative emotions like fear makes it easier to be possessed because of the law of attraction which states that people with similar vibrations attract each other. Since the virus is similar to being possessed by the devil, you should purify your mind, stay positive and energetic and be optimistic for future through the process of self-reflection. These mindsets will make you less vulnerable to the virus.

“Those who are making effort towards enlightenment, those who are always trying to give love to others, those who are trying to give instead of take, those who are always living with goodness in their hearts, have warm light emanating from them like a power generator,” Master Okawa says.

These people have an aura radiating from their bodies that make them less likely to catch the virus.


Prayers Always Go Through

We’re all humans and we’re not perfect so there may be days where we lose control of our thoughts and become negative. If this ever happens, you want to value the act of praying.

Master Okawa says the following in his aforementioned book on the coronavirus: “Prayers always go through. From the virus perspective, they are trying to duplicate their bodies and multiply, but a beam of light suddenly flows in. This is an unexpected, unknown attack for the virus, so the virus will ‘escape.’ The virus would feel more comfortable in another person’s body; thus they will move out.”


Prayer Book and Prayer Protect You

“Getting rid of the virus is similar to the method of sending a lost spirit to the other world, so anything Happy Science does will do the job. General ritual prayers, prayers and music [produced by Happy Science] all work,” Master Okawa says.

What kind of mindset should you have when praying? This is what a member of the Church of England and Happy Science said: “At the last minute when I knew I was going to die, it dawned on me that I want to live for my children and see my grandchildren, and eventually help people falling apart to find God. Immediately, it was like a breath of fire filled my life and I felt my body regaining energy.”

This member strongly wished to fulfill her mission of giving love, and her vibration changed. This is how the virus may have been pushed out of her body. “I’m one of the angels of light. Please protect me as long as I have a mission to fulfill.” You can strengthen your immunity and cleanse yourself with these mindsets.

Distance is not an issue when praying; even if the person you want to save is on the other side of the world, it will reach that person for sure. There was even a case where a younger brother prayed for his sister in the U.K., and she recovered from the virus.


Music Repels Virus

Just as someone’s experience has felt like she was being “attacked by the devil,” the coronavirus hints a connection with cosmic darkness. Master Okawa composed a song, “THE THUNDER,” as a weapon to fight against this malicious virus. Master Okawa saw an image of a battle to purify planet Earth in his spiritual vision.

If you are having a difficult time with a severe illness, it is important to wrapped up in this music that repels your virus.



◆ ◆ ◆

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claims that he will redeclare a state of emergency if the second wave hits; however, a coronavirus recession is being caused due to a new lifestyle prompted even after the state of emergency was lifted.

If he ordered people to stay inside again during the second wave of the coronavirus, businesses as well as the nation’s finances will crash, and the suicide rate will increase. Of all times, now is the time to bring back the power of faith.

“Since there’s no effective vaccine developed yet, now is the time to reconsider the power of faith. A collection of small viruses possessing someone is the same as a possession by the devil; therefore, it is possible to repel these viruses with the power of God. Please fight the Grim Reaper with this book,” Master Okawa says.

Virus Infection Not Different From Devil-Possession
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