How Will Iran Avenge Soleimani?
"Iran's Actions Represent Our Pride for History and Culture"

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Key points in this article:

  • Why the anti-U.S. protests in Iran?
  • Is the Nuclear Deal dead?
  • The underlying reason behind the Iran-U.S. clash

Tensions rise in the Middle East in response to the U.S. assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

The assassination was carried out to prevent war, Trump claims. Soleimani was allegedly planning to attack U.S. military and diplomatic personnel.

The streets of Iran are flooded with anti-U.S. protests, and the sentiment is spreading throughout Shia countries such as Iraq. Iran has declared to withdraw from the Nuclear Deal and go forward with unrestricted uranium enrichment. The crisis of war is near at hand.


Iran Is Not a Dictatorship

On the night of the 7th, the guardian spirit of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei approached founder and CEO of Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa. Ayatollah Khamenei’s guardian spirit messages (a reading of Khamenei’s true intentions) have already been recorded on multiple occasions throughout 2019.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s guardian spirit explained that the U.S. is confronting Iran with a crusade of democracy. He also denied the claims that Iran is a dictatorship.

“If we were to follow their democratic example, we can’t be satisfied until we take revenge. Our people are doing anti-U.S. protests, and our whole Consultative Assembly unanimously agrees to take revenge. Everyone feels humiliated. Our government is not one where I can singlehandedly decide on these things.”


Iran’s Target of Revenge

He also noted that his potential targets include the U.S. military bases and embassies in the Middle East, U.S. warships and other vessels in the Persian Gulf, or to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Other Shia groups will be joining Iran in the attacks, he said.

On the withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal, he explained that while Iran has made every effort to follow the Deal, the U.S. broke their INF deal with the Soviet Union. The INF would enable the U.S. to attack and invade other countries without getting international consensus.


Predicting the Attack On Many Occasions

The leaders of Iran have disclosed their true thoughts on many occasions through spiritual messages at Happy Science. President Rouhani’s guardian spirit said in a message on 14 December 2019 that the U.S. is preparing to attack Iran. “There’s a possibility that they’ll make a surprise attack, as early as January or February,” he said.

On the same day, the guardian spirit of Ayatollah Khamenei explained that if they kill the Supreme Leader the U.S. would have to face fierce guerilla combat.

In the most recent message from Khamenei’s guardian spirit commented that the anti-U.S. sentiment is flaring up in the Middle East, and the strategy of supporting Israel and treating Iran like an enemy is not heading towards the Middle Eastern peace and security they hoped for. In fact it is heading in the opposite direction. If China, Russia and North Korea, decide to support Iran, that will gain Iran access to nuclear weapons, leading to a world war, he added.


To Avoid A World War

So, what was Ayatollah Khamenei’s guardian spirit trying to say? His message was a refutation against the U.S. idea that Islam is a satanic religion, and that Iran is a group of terrorists like Al-Qaida and ISIS.

Khamenei’s guardian spirit said that Iran is not a totalitarian country but a theocracy, and the people’s uprising was triggered by the inflation and suffering that the economic sanctions were causing. It is completely different to the Hong Kong protests resisting the CCP’s oppressive rule.

“If we’re not allowed to fight now, it would be like we have not right of self-defense. We’re not doing anything weird by the standards of international law,” said Khamenei’s guardian spirit. Iran’s actions represent our pride for history and culture. Iran is resisting the fact that the Western sense of liberalization is trying to change even the Islamic teachings.

While it is true that the Islamic law is in dire need of liberalization and reform, it should not be a simple Westernization process that denies their faith. Islam itself needs some sort of innovation. If the U.S. truly intends to prevent war, they must develop an understanding of Iran and the religion they love.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s guardian spirit requested that if war breaks out, Japan should mediate the peace negotiations. We are seeing a materialization of the religious conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Japan must widen her scope to take on this daunting task of resolving the age-old conflict.

How Will Iran Avenge Soleimani?
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