Master Ryuho Okawa Against President Xi Jinping’s Visit to Japan in Lecture

On Jan. 5th, Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa held a lecture in Tokyo Shoshinkan, a Happy Science facility located in Tokyo, titled “The Laws of Steel Lecture,” with his newest Law Series book, The Laws of Steel, as the reference book. Approximately1,200 people gathered to the auditorium, and this scene was broadcasted across the nation using Happy Science groups relay network.


Conflict Between the United States and Iran

In the opening of his lecture, Master Okawa prospected, I believe 2020 will be a difficult year.” He touched on the U.S. military’s killing of Iran General Soleimani that occurred at the very beginning of this year, stating that “the key point, I believe, is essentially the conflicting of ideas,” and concluding that after organizing the Western countries’ and Islam countries’ opposing beliefs, Japan needs to put in the effort so that the world heads towards its ideal form.

Furthermore, he revealed in the lecture that General Soleimani’s spiritual reading was recorded the previous night.


Will Japan Repeat Its Past Mistakes?

About Japan, the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s planned visit this spring was mentioned. President Xi has been oppressing his people such as the Uyghurs, and it is speculated that his crimes are about to surpass those that dictator Hitler committed. “There are nations that do not desire peace, so please stop inviting the president of these countries as a state guest,” said Master Okawa, expressing his opposition to the visit. An applause erupted from the audience in support.

In the past, Japan’s Prime Minister and Emperor at the time had visited China when China was isolated globally due to the Tiananmen Square protests, which created an opportunity for the cancellation of their economic sanctions. Japan should not once again lend a helping hand to China, who is now isolated with its Uyghur oppression and Hong Kong conflicts.

Master Okawa pointed out the possibility of China threatening to gain the Senkaku Islands this year, and thus the necessity for a drastic amendment to Article Nine of the constitution.

Around 1,200 people arrived at the event, who listened intently to the lecture.
Around 1,200 people arrived at the event, who listened intently to the lecture.


Varying Consumption Tax Across Regions

Japan’s economy has not been able to escape its recession for a long time and is about to enter a consumption recession due to last year’s increase in tax rates. The Economic Trend Index for October of 2019 was worse than the one prior when the consumption tax was raised to 8%.

Regarding this “decline” of Japan, Master Okawa has commented that “Japan can’t just go down. There are still ways to change this country in a powerful way.” He presented ideas such as individual regions setting up their own tax rates based on their economic situation instead of having one set rate for the whole nation.

In fact, the United States is currently incorporating this, with their regional differences in value-added tax, which is equivalent to Japan’s consumption tax. If Japan too decreases tax rates in rural areas, corporations will return to those areas allowing the economy to bloom.

Lastly, Master Okawa concluded the lecture as he declared, “Based on the truth that God exists and that we are in an eternal loop of reincarnation with Earth as the base of our soul training, the development of society and the realization of God’s ideals need to be aspired.”

Also, in his lecture, there were comments regarding other points, noted below:

  • The direction of the Islamic Revolution
  • The truth behind the Chief of Staff’s accidental death in Taiwan
  • The situation of North Korea which announced the resumption of its nuclear development
  • The attitude towards the environmental problems advocated by Greta Thunberg, who hints about a visit to Japan
  • The economic policy that is allowing the U.S. to prosper
  • The evaluation towards Abenomics
Master Ryuho Okawa Against President Xi Jinping’s Visit to Japan in Lecture
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