Putting an End to the Dispute On “Who the One True God Is”



The U.S. is determined not to allow Iran to hold a single nuclear weapon. But they remain silent about the fact that Israel probably owns over 100 nuclear warheads. The Islamic countries have accused the U.S. of this unfair ‘double standard’.


Why Global Opinion Leans Towards Israel

And global opinion supports this unfair diplomacy. A 2015 study by the software company Bloomberg revealed that around 50% of Americans thought the U.S. should back Israel even if it meant going against national interests.

There are 2 powers that are influencing global opinion to become so protective of Israel. One is the pro-Israel lobbyist. They lobby for Israel’s interests from inside the U.S. government in order for Israel to maintain their special relationship to the U.S.

The other power behind this global opinion is the Evangelicals. They strongly believe that it is necessary for the children of Israel to return to their Promised Land before they can witness the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore they claim that supporting Israel and the Jewish people is a religious duty. There are said to be 15 million Evangelicals in the U.S., and that’s where Trump gets a lot of his votes.


Guided By the Same God

On top of this, the 9/11 attacks became a cause for major Islamophobia in the West.

This fear of not just radical Islam but of all Muslims, materialized as the Muslim ban in 2017, which prohibited the entry of Muslims into the U.S. This lack of tolerance triggered Islamist terror attacks, and now people associate ordinary peace-loving Muslims with terrorists. It is a vicious circle.

At the bottom of this is the dispute about whom the true omnipotent God is. Around 80% of Muslims in the U.S. acknowledge that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. But the Christians don’t like that idea.

Franklin Graham once said in an interview that the Islamic God and the Judeo-Christian God are different, and denounced Islam as “a very wicked and evil religion.”

Franklin is the son of Billy Graham, an evangelist minister who had led millions of people, and Franklin himself is one of the leading Christian figures in the U.S. This opinion is so powerful that there was even a professor who was fired from his post in an American university for claiming that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God.

In the Old Testament there appear two Gods: Yahweh who is jealous and cruel, and Elohim who is loving and merciful. Theology tries to make sense of this by explaining that they are two sides of the same God. But spiritual investigations at Happy Science have revealed that they are in fact completely different Gods.

Not only that: “Elohim” is the same God as Christ’s “Father in Heaven” who is the same God as Islam’s “Allah”. If people realize that the same God Elohim has created and guided the three religions, then conflicts will cease.

Instead of highlighting the differences and attempting to erase each other, we should put more effort into looking at the common foundations these religions all share.


Nuclear Disarmament for Israel

As we open our eyes to this religious truth, we should also look at dismantling Israel’s oversized military.

Israel came to possess over 100 nuclear warheads because the U.S. promised never to make Israel join the NPT or make them publicize confidential information. The two countries have a special relationship even in nuclear matters.

But Israel’s nukes will probably encourage a ‘nuclear domino’ in the area. If Iran’s uranium problem is such a big deal, so are Israel’s nuclear weapons. The international community should oblige Israel to join the NPT and request nuclear disarmament.

Japan is a country of religious tolerance, and with memories of the horrors that a nuclear bomb can create. They are the one country capable of assuming leadership to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.


The God whom Jesus called “Father in Heaven”

And whom Muhammad called “Allah” are the same God.

Christianity and Islam have the same roots.

Please stop fighting, because you believe in the same God.

(Master Ryuho Okawa, lecture entitled “Be Confident in Your Life,” at Fukuoka, 5 July 2019)
Putting an End to the Dispute On “Who the One True God Is”
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