North Korean Launches Missile: Japan in Mental Paralysis


The News

North Korea has launched 6 short-range ballistic missiles since 25 July.



Japan Is Exposed to the Threat

Among the missiles launched is a new model based on the Russian-made Iskander missile. It follows a low altitude trajectory before making a sharp rise, making it difficult for missile defense systems to strike it down. The Japanese government has made no diplomatic efforts to counter this situation.



Limitations to Relying on the U.S.

North Korea’s missiles are not on President Trump’s current list of concerns. By focusing on the trade war against China – North Korea’s powerful patron – he hopes to crush both regimes at once.

That being said, the U.S. mainland lies far outside the range of those short-range missiles. For Japan, they pose an immediate threat. But postwar Japanese politics has always had a self-harming trend, and this time is no exception.

The Japanese government has not made any moves to reinforce defense, and the media seem to think North Korea’s missiles are a joke dubbing it “the traditional event”. Japan is unmistakably in a state of mental paralysis.


What Japan Must Do

Strengthen Defense

The North Korean problem is something that Japan ought to deal with by themselves. More specifically, they must arm the nation with missiles that can reach North Korea, bombers and stealth aircrafts, while also preparing nuclear weapons for deterrence.

They should also establish special forces that have the ability to rescue the abducted Japanese citizens. The Abe government wants to prioritize negotiations on the abduction problem, but it would be more effective to prepare everything possible and put pressure on North Korea.

Photograph: The “New Model” missile that North Korea officially announced.

North Korean Launches Missile: Japan in Mental Paralysis
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