Hong Kong Elicits Chaos and Confusion
"People of Japan, Don't Give Up on Us"

“Japanese people, could you please help us!”

In the midst of August in Tokyo’s SL Square by Shinbashi Station, a group of overseas students from Hong Kong scream in tears.

Their protest that fights for the complete withdrawal of the revised extradition bill is drawing blood.

The police are shooting tear gas and rubber bullets from a close distance towards peaceful protesters; reports of bloody citizens hit by batons are apparent.

The scenery is similar to that of Syria’s oppression towards its citizens. But this is not Syria in the far Middle East — it is our neighboring country, just a 4-hour flight away from Japan.


“The Match Is Over When We Give Up”

A 20-year old male student participating in the protest near Shinbashi Station took part in the democracy protests—the Umbrella Revolution—as a middle school student.

A free and fair election, however, didn’t become a reality and the ‘revolution’ failed. He lost hope in the future of Hong Kong, which “can’t win over China anyways,” and wishes to work outside of the country. He came to Japan to study abroad in 2018.

Through a turn of events, anti-extradition bill protests spurred in his hometown. He even received a message that his friend got injured and hospitalized. Upon sending a worrisome message to a junior, she replied: “No longer scared. I’ve prepared my sacrifice.”

‘Why am I living carefree in Japan instead of fighting in Hong Kong…’

He couldn’t bear the guilt and began participating with other international students; they gathered all the Japanese they learned and appeal to passers-by.

“You can’t use social media in China! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Line are out of the question. Hong Kong will soon turn into that!”

“Let’s watch the news more! After all, we still have freedom to!”

“Japanese people, don’t give up on us!”

“We have to let my friends fighting in Hong Kong know [the Japanese people’s] support!”

“We understand that they’re not easy enemies. ‘The match is over when we give up!’ (*2) As long as we have your powers, as long as we’re together as one, we can win! Please lend us the courage and power to fight against the Communist Party of China!”

“To our comrades in heaven, to our comrades who suffered a never-healing scar. We have to fight for them! Liberation Army, bring it on! Your threats are meaningless!”

The male student spoke the above to our reporter after his speech.

“Even a speech like this can offer support… (in a choked voice) Did I properly fulfill my duties…?”


“I Believe in Japan”

Suzuko Hirano (25) is organizing and taking care of international students from Hong Kong. She received thousands of appreciation messages from Hong Kong people who saw their activities on social media. “Thank you for fighting alongside Hong Kong. We love your country, Japan,” these messages read.

“These kids say it too, but there’s no chance if it’s Hong Kong vs China. That may change, however, if the world takes Hong Kong’s side,” Hirano said.

The Japanese government is taking a silent stance regarding the situation in Hong Kong. We asked the male student if he believes Japan will save Hong Kong in the end.

“I believe. Hong Kong and Japan are good friends,” he said.

Members including Hong Kong students protesting in front of SL Square by Shinbashi Station.

Hong Kong Elicits Chaos and Confusion
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