U.K.’s New Prime Minister Johnson Emerges
Will the "British Trump" make history?

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Criticized for No-Deal Brexit Declaration

Boris Johnson took office as Prime Minister of Great Britain. He declared British leave the European Union (EU) at the end of October.

Mr. Johnson further added that even if the E.U. refuses any negotiations, they will still leave without an agreement. He has already gathered criticism.

The U.K. decided on Brexit after a referendum vote in 2016. Former Prime Minister Theresa May created delays regarding the Irish border backstop (safety measures), however, and resigned before settling the U.K.’s exit.



Breaking Free From E.U. Restriction

The E.U. is a trade bloc—created to counter Japan, which had become an economic giant. The EU generated a “unified nation,” an assembly of countries differing in political and economic ideas; it is structured for an economically wealthy country to support an impoverished country.

While the U.K. pays approximately 9 billion euros every year to the E.U., they are not enjoying the benefits due to E.U.’s economic restrictions. They can’t set their own tariffs, limiting their trade policy. Minor restrictions on “the power of vacuum cleaners” and “planting three crops per one agricultural land” exist.

The U.K.’s decision to leave the E.U. would signify freedom from these detailed restrictions and bring back its freedom for economic activities. Mr. Johnson has promised to revive the U.K.’s economy by lowering both income and corporate taxes.



Is He Really a “British Trump?”

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, “[Boris Johnson] will be great!” and called him “Britain’s Trump.”

For sure, both sides have made similar statements. Mr. Trump declared “make America great again” and won the presidential election.

“By 2050 it is more than possible that the United Kingdom will be the greatest and most prosperous economy in Europe,” said Mr. Johnson in his first speech to Parliament. “…for the purpose of uniting and re-energizing our great United Kingdom and making this country the greatest place on Earth.”

Perhaps, Mr. Trump and Mr. Johnson share a common sense of appropriate nationalism for a country to rebuild itself and cultivate its own people.



Strengthening Relations With U.K.

Mr. Trump described the U.S.-U.K. relationship as “the greatest alliance the world has ever known.” The U.K.’s leave from the E.U. will strengthen this relationship.

Japan must also strive to strengthen its ties with the U.K. As for the U.K., stronger economic relations with Japan will help reduce their economic damage in case they receive sanctions from the E.U.

Additionally, a stronger Japan-U.K. relationship would naturally strengthen U.K.’s ties with countries like Australia and India which were under the British Empire. Unlike the E.U.’s structure of “a unified nation that denies borders” or China’s structure of a “military domination,” the U.K. can return to an ideal relationship with other countries—for each country to retain its sovereignty, prosper and cooperate as individualistic nations.

Stronger ties with the U.K. will also keep China’s global domination in check. Before returning to China, Hong Kong was under British rule. If Great Britain and the U.K. join U.S.-Japan’s China encirclement network, we can further prevent China’s rule.

Despite his declaration to leave the E.U., issues pile up.
Prime Minister Johnson’s capability is tested.

U.K.’s New Prime Minister Johnson Emerges
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