If It Was America, the HRP Would Have Produced a President
Master Okawa's Lecture in Fukuoka

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, gave a lecture entitled “Be Confident In Your Life” on the 5th in Fukuoka Convention Center, as part of the Celebration of Lord El Cantare’s Descent, Master Okawa’s birthday and one of the two biggest celebrations at Happy Science.

5,200 people packed the main venue, and the lecture was broadcast live to 3,500 locations worldwide.


Many Things Are Being Given to You

Master Okawa began the lecture with the title topic, “Be Confident In Your Life,” saying that the strength of your confidence can open paths in life. For example, he has done over 2,900 lectures over the years, and plans to reach 3,000 this year.

Master Okawa has lectured in Uganda where security issues required rifled security guards to stand inside the venue, in India where air pressure and temperature conditions were challenging, and in places around Japan where typhoons were approaching, and to cheer up a region near where North Korean missiles had just landed.


If you have passion, you can do everything. You can surpass the average in any sort of work. If you have strong conviction and continue doing what you do, you will succeed at anything without a doubt . . . You may feel that you don’t have enough talent, or an adequate career record, or performance. But you mustn’t think only about the negatives. If you have a feeling of gratitude, you’ll see that many things are being given to you.


The HRP Is Japan’s Republican Party

The lecture went from discussing the ways of the mind, to politics and economics. Master Okawa pointed out that the Trump administration’s Trumponomics, with its huge tax cuts and economic progress, is almost identical to the economic policy he introduced through the Happiness Realization Party (Japan) when it was founded 10 years ago.

He compared political parties in the U.S. to those in Japan and said that the U.S. Democratic Party is like Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, and the U.S. Republican Party is like the Happiness Realization Party. The Liberal Democratic Party is domestically dubbed the “war hawk” and PM Abe is dubbed the “dove,” but Master Okawa dubbed the opposition coalition the “natural monument” due to their insistence on preserving the current Constitution.


The Republican Party is conservative and aims at making America strong while advocating small government. They have achieved economic growth, regained a strong America, and are trying to bring order to the world. The only party in Japan pushing for these things is the Happiness Realization Party. These ideas are really mainstream . . . If this was the U.S., the Happiness Realization Party would be producing presidents.


Only Japan Can Mediate Between Christianity and Islam

Master Okawa has been supportive of the Trump administration as far as the tax cuts and diplomatic siege on China are concerned, but confirmed that he is not that attached to the U.S.

“I’ve been asking the U.S. to not immediately attack Iran,” he said, reaffirming what he said in his lecture in Hokkaido last month.

The U.S. is not happy about Islamic countries holding nuclear weapons, but no one argued against the Jewish nation of Israel from developing nuclear weapons when the country was founded. “We cannot deny that they have two decision-making criteria. But they actually need make decisions from a neutral perspective,” commented Master Okawa.

It is time for religion to come out and mediate between the Christian and Muslim cultures, he said.


The One whom Jesus called “Father in Heaven” and whom Muhammad called “Allah” are the same identity. That’s why Christianity and Islam have the roots. You believe in the same God, so please, stop fighting each other . . . Only Japan in the East can mediate between them.

The venue resonated with applause as Master Okawa said this.


Prosperity Through Self-Help Will Decide Japan’s Future

After the lecture, Ryoko Shaku the chairperson of Japan’s political party run by Happy Science, the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), appeared alongside Masatoshi Enatsu the HRP candidate for Fukuoka.

Enatsu mentioned how the other parties are adopting a wealth-redistribution policy disguised as “free of charge” benefits (such as free education), which is eating at the people’s sense of passion and enthusiasm.
“I want to do something about this,” he said. “If we really advance this, our country will meltdown and become a country that relies on other countries for help. Prosperity through self-help is what will decide Japans’ future. Each of us needs to be confident that we are children of God, of Buddha. Let us really make Japan prosper.”

Chairperson Shaku also spoke to the audience.


The Happy Science group is aiming at bringing every person happiness. Japan must be useful to the peace and prosperity of the world by acting as the world’s mediator. The HRP is fighting to make Japan a world leader. We want to make this country a country where everyone can say, “I’m glad I was born in this country.” Please help us make this happen.

Master Okawa also spoke on the following additional topics in his lecture:

  • What happens when we live and work with an attitude of confidence and will?
  • How to change your life and become a new person.
  • Why China is being aggressive towards the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Japan and China’s GDP will flip and swap by 20xx.
  • What Master Okawa thinks about the “Party to Protect the People From NHK”
  • Is there any need for Japanese people to respect Douglas MacArthur?
  • The U.S. is too supportive of Israel.
  • Is the God of Judaism really omnipotent?
If It Was America, the HRP Would Have Produced a President
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