5G: The U.S.-China Geopolitical Warzone(2)

5G is at the center of the technological struggle between the U.S. and China. We will take a closer look into rapid actions taken by the U.S. to prevent China’s 5G domination.

(editorial board Hanako Cho)


The Global Standards of 5G
Should Be Created by Democratic Nations.

Imagine a world where tens of billions of people are using the 5G network controlled by communist China in the next five years.

China will have the whole globe under surveillance with the ability to take any amounts of intellectual property or classified military information. This will literally lead to “the end of democracy.”

The Trump administration has eliminated Huawei to prevent China’s domination over 5G and take a step to triumph in the 5G network war.

Japan also has the responsibility to create a 5G network following the guidelines of freedom and democracy. What must they do?


Obtaining an Advantage Through Cooperative Development

The current “embargo” that the U.S. has initiated is preventing technological leaks and weakening Huawei for the time-being.

China is attempting to approach Japan and increase their semiconductor imports, but Japan should conform with its ally, the U.S., and prevent a drainage of technology.

A “technological advantage” is necessary in this circumstance. Therefore, the cooperative research development between democratic countries has become significant as Spalding stated.

Furthermore, philanthropic activities should be operated more frequently in order to prevent the dominance of cheap Huawei products in emerging and developing countries of Africa and Asia.

The belief that data belongs to individuals, not to those who collect it, is essential in preventing the rise of dictatorship. A 21st century Hitler will emerge from people who attempt to influence the world through accumulation and manipulation of massive information. With this in mind, a firm political stance that “the global standard will be created by a democratic nation” must prevail.

When Huawei establishes dominance over 5G, the world will sink into darkness. Now is the time for Japan to look ahead and take measures for prevention.

5G: The U.S.-China Geopolitical Warzone(2)
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