God’s Love Can Conquer Racism and Open Up a Magnificent Future
Master Okawa's Berlin Lecture

On October 7th Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, gave a lecture in Berlin, Germany, entitled “Love for the Future”.

Master Okawa has given more than 2,800 lectures of which over 120 are in English. He has travelled around the world and given lectures in 5 continents.
The lecture in Berlin went for approximately 1 hour, including a Q&A session, and more than 400 people who filled the venue could be seen listening attentively.


Master Okawa’s Dreams on His First Night in Berlin

A standing ovation welcomed Master Okawa as he appeared smiling and gave greetings in German.

“This is a beautiful city,” he began. “But something is lacking,” one of the reasons being “some sadness I felt”. Next to Berlin is Potsdam, the city where, towards the end of WWII in 1945, Britain, the U.S. and China wrote the Potsdam Declaration calling for the surrender of Japan. Master Okawa said that on his first night in Berlin, the former Japanese Emperor Hirohito (the Emperor during WWII) appeared in his dreams three times.

“More than half of the German people think of him like Adolf Hitler: but indeed he is not,” Master Okawa remarked. He now resides in the “lower part of the sixth dimensional world” in the spiritual realm: a place where people close to god return after death. The reason for this is that Emperor Hirohito lived for 40 years after the war and made Japan economically prosperous. “So what he did is a little bad and little good, and totally, he was judged as the lower part of the sixth dimensional world.”

“In a nutshell, people who lived badly go to hell, and those who lived good in general go to heaven,” he added, explaining the spiritual truth.


Overcoming Your Past for a Bright Future

Germany has a tragic history of having slain millions of Jews during WWII when the Nazi Party took power.

Master Okawa pointed out that not just the Nazi’s, but also the U.S. and Britain, have a history of racist colonial exploitation: the purging of native Americans, discrimination against black people, and the British exploitation of India, to name a few. “So the 20th century is the century of war but in another meaning, it’s a century of hatred of races.”

Germany is now a central country in the EU, and is influential both politically and economically. But 70 years since the war, the country still has a feeling of guilt about their history of Nazism. Master Okawa commented this way:


“You regret a lot about the Jewish. I know you did a lot. Enough! It’s enough! That’s the voice of God. Enough. Next it is in charge of God.

Please let God [guide the] lost Jewish people. Of course you can. And please choose to build a shining brighter future. Never make a mistake in your choice.”


An Ideology to Stop WWIII

Master Okawa also condemned China’s religious persecutions, human rights infringements and expansionism. There is the potential for a Third World War, he said. Therefore:


“We must stop the Third World War. It will start from the South China Sea through Xi Jinping’s expansionism and hegemony. It’s a problem. So being kind to them in terms of trade and earning money is okay, but say something to them: “be democratic”, “give people liberty and freedom” and “don’t kill the people who have faith in God”.

He emphasized that a happy future will come about if each person in the world chooses freedom, democracy and faith. We also need a teaching that overcomes the differences in race and religion:


“In conclusion, if their names were Islamic or Christian or Japanese Shinto, or another religion, they are the same. There is one teacher in heaven. There is one God in heaven. There is one Father in heaven. I have been teaching you about that.”

The Primordial God supervises countless local and ethnic gods and deities regardless of their religion. Our belief in the Primordial God’s love for all humanity will help us overcome hatred and conflict, to open up a bright future before us.

In the lecture, Master Okawa gave insights into how to liberate the German people from their feelings of guilt, and what direction the world should now take.

The lecture and Q&A session also covered the following topics:

  • Hitler’s current situation in the spirit world
  • The ideal relationship between Germany and Russia
  • The mindset France needs to adopt
  • The association between beauty, wealth and faith
  • The problems with the Western view of marriage
  • The history of colonization and how to save the souls of the African people
  • A teaching that will overcome racism
  • Japan’s achievements in WWII
God’s Love Can Conquer Racism and Open Up a Magnificent Future
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