Even Spielberg Will Be Astonished by the Space Age
Master Okawa's Lecture Celebrating the Lord's Descent

Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture at Saitama Super Arena, Japan, on the 4th as part of the celebrations of his birthday. The Celebration of Lord El Cantare’s Descent, as it is known, is one of the two biggest occasions celebrated at Happy Science.

The lecture entitled “The Dawn of The Space Age” was broadcast live in 3500 venues across the world.

For over 30 years Master Okawa has given lectures on a huge variety of topics, from teachings on the mind and the afterlife, to the truth about the spiritual world, work and management skills, and politics and economics.

This time “The Dawn of The Space Age” took everything to the next level.


Even Spielberg Will Be Astonished by “The Laws of the Universe, Part 1”

Master Okawa began by referring to reports that state that around 10 million Americans have experienced being abducted by extraterrestrials. This information is closely related to the animation film “The Laws of the Universe, Part 1”, due to screen in Japanese cinemas in October, for which he provided the original outline and served as executive producer.

“This film surpasses Hollywood in terms of scale. Even Hollywood couldn’t make something like this. Hong Kong films couldn’t do it . . . Even Spielberg will be astonished if he ever sees it. Even he couldn’t make something like it.”

And he said this for good reason. Master Okawa has conducted many Space People Readings where he summons a person’s ancient soul memories from back before they came to Earth. These readings have revealed that there are over 500 different species/races of extraterrestrials out there.

This plurality is linked to the differences we are now experiencing in our modern age: differences in racial and religious values.


A Common Ground as Earthlings

So many of us have our soul roots in different parts of the great universe, so when we are born we naturally uphold different values, which is causing conflict on our planet. This is the real problem.

“There are people who think that the weak are the prey of the strong: that the strong are justified in destroying the weak,” Master Okawa said, referring to one country whose political leader has his soul roots in a particularly destructive extraterrestrial species. “They think that because they are more scientifically advanced, they are allowed to destroy the less advanced, and tern them into slaves or feed on them. But we must make them change their ideas.”

The lecture ended thus:

“If neighboring countries are infringing human rights, we must imbue them with the values of freedom, democracy and faith; and use my remaining time in life to spread teachings that will unite the Earth into One to create a common ground as Earthlings.”

Master Okawa also spoke about the following topics in the lecture:

  • Is Japan’s level of faith really the same as in China?
  • What NASA knows about the other side of the moon
  • People in the age of dinosaurs
  • Even Charles Darwin believed in God
  • How to overcome differences in race and skin colour
  • Why extraterrestrials are visiting Earth
  • Earthlings possess something that extraterrestrials can’t understand
Even Spielberg Will Be Astonished by the Space Age
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