Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on the Trump-Kim Summit
"The Spiritual Messages from Xi Jinping's Guardian Spirit"

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Spiritual Messages


“The Spiritual Messages From Xi Jinping’s Guardian Spirit”

Recorded 21 June 2018

It has been over a month since the historic Trump-Kim Summit, and both countries are now undertaking undisclosed negotiations on the exact plan for the denuclearization process. The question is whether North Korea will put the plan into action as swiftly as we wish it. The international community is watching to assess the outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit.

The international community, however, is watching another player in this match: China. What did Chairman Xi Jinping think of the Trump-Kim Summit? What was he trying to achieve in meeting with Kim Jong-un after the Summit?

Master Ryuho Okawa founder and CEO of Happy Science recorded the spiritual messages of the guardian spirit of Xi Jinping on the 21st of June and interviewed him on his opinions about the Summit and his next world strategy.


Xi Jinping Emphasizes the Merits of the Trump-Kim Summit

First, how did Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit see the Summit?

“Well, a minor country called North Korea held a summit with the President of a superpower called the U.S.A. ‘as equals’ in Singapore. And this Kim Jong-un comes on a pilgrimage to Beijing. It’s obvious what this means.”

In other words, while the Trump-Kim Summit was held with both sides ‘as equals’ in a neutral country, the Kim-Xi summit was held with Kim paying tribute to his ‘emperor’ and ‘elder brother’. Following the logic, it would mean that China stands above the U.S. That was the purpose of the Kim-Xi meeting, explained Xi’s guardian spirit.

Of course Trump agreed to hold his summit with Kim on equal terms for strategic and courtesy purposes. He thus chose substance over appearance. In contrast, Xi is focused on his appearance and reputation.

What are Xi’s thoughts on the new closer relationship between North Korea and the U.S. and the move towards denuclearization?

Xi’s guardian spirit said that to him, North Korea is a mere vassal province of China, so denuclearization is no big deal. Instead he’s pleased about the fact that the denuclearization process will increase the authority of his voice in the international community.

His guardian spirit also predicted that the U.S. would be less mobile while engaged in negotiations with North Korea, which will mean a decline in America’s China strategy. He also considered that the American businesses that will be entering North Korea would effectively become his hostages.

North Korea is indeed China’s buffer state. The U.S. entering North Korea will mean a risk for both sides. Either way, Xi’s guardian spirit confirmed that the U.S.-North Korea relationship would be getting more intimate.


Xi Believes That Trump Is an Isolationist

The spiritual messages moved onto the topic of the U.S.-China power balance problem.

The U.S. has started a trade war on China by imposing tariffs on imports form China. These trade dealings are what support the Chinese economy, and consequently the tariffs are precipitating the economic collapse.

When asked a question about this, Xi dodged the question and began talking about his retaliation plans. If Chinese goods and money disappear from the U.S. market it will affect the economy too, he said. He also boasted that if he sold the U.S. bonds in his possession, it would plunge the U.S. into chaos.

Of course, if the U.S. government bonds make a sharp fall it would be a huge blow to China, who is an owner. “It’s war policy, so if we tell the people to endure, they’ll endure” he said, illustrating the ‘strengths’ of a totalitarian regime. “[We can tell them to] shut up and eat broom-corn”.

The Trump administration’s stabilization policy, on the other hand, is successfully reviving the American manufacturing industry and many others. They are starting to decrease their economic dependence on China. Xi’s guardian spirit commented that the U.S. is adopting the Monroe Doctrine of economic isolation and indifference to world conflicts. We are entering the “G1” age, the age of the Chinese Emperor as the personification of world justice, he said.

Many major media companies hold a similar opinion: that Trump is moving towards isolationism and a Monroe Doctrine mentality. In reality, however, the U.S. has started to resume their role as the world police. For instance, there was the strike on Syria and the recently announced sanctions on Iran. The media ignores the potential that economic revival has to expand the military budget.

Xi Jinping has defeated his rivals over the leadership of China and is rapidly securing his absolute dictatorship. The spiritual message clearly revealed his unwavering confidence in the future of a Great Chinese Empire that will rule the world.


Xi Is Nearing the Limits of a Dictator

“It is true that democracy has its weaknesses,” Master Okawa said in his post-spiritual message commentary. “But democracy also has its strengths: it can continue to produce educated and skilled people, which becomes an unbroken source of power for the country. He [Xi] seems to be misunderstanding this point . . . five or ten years from now he may see his end — just like Hitler and Mussolini.”

Xi’s bloated world strategy sometimes shows signs of its own frailty. Whenever the coming end will be, for now it looks like the 2nd Cold War will continue.

The spiritual messages also covered the following topics:

  • Is dictatorship 10 times stronger than democracy?
  • China’s powers behind the suspension of U.S.-South Korea joint military training
  • What they talked about in the Xi-Kim summit
  • China may use the U.S.-North Korea negotiation period to annex Taiwan
  • Xi’s opinions on the anti-China sentiment in South East Asia
  • Is Trump easier to deal with than Obama?
  • Chinas India strategy
  • Is Russia a threat to China?
Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on the Trump-Kim Summit
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