North Korea Problem Could Make Japan A Battlefield

Key points in this article:

  • For over 20 years Master Okawa has been warning of the North Korea problem
  • If nothing is done it could lead to World War III
  • Justice is necessary to establish new peace

We will soon be welcoming the New Year, but looking back over this year, the North Korea problem looms as one of the most unwelcoming of world problems, especially for Japan and the U.S.

Experts think that in the next 2 to 3 months North Korea will complete a nuclear missile that can hit the U.S. mainland. When this happens, the U.S. will no longer risk their safety to protect Japan.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, began warning against North Korea’s growing military ambitions over 20 years ago. Let us look at Master Okawa’s main public lectures from this year to look at his messages to the world.


“A High Possibility for War in the Near Future”

Master Okawa has given over 100 lectures this year alone, starting with “The Gateway to the Future” on the 9th of January at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. In it he mentioned how Happy Science and HRP executives attended the Russia-Japan Forum commemorating the 60th anniversary of renewed diplomacy, and was honored with the most distinguished seating position in the room.

At the forum, the Russian side was positive about Russia-Japan cooperation with regard to dealing with North Korean missiles. “Happy Science’s activities are influencing the world,” commented Master Okawa. (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “The Laws of Faith”.)

In February, Master Okawa gave a lecture entitled, “The Power to Believe”, at Beppu B-Con Plaza, in which he also mentioned North Korea and China’s menace. “There is a high possibility of a local armed conflict or full-scale war in the near future,” he said. “That is why Japan must adopt a proper attitude towards national defense, and at the same time, to adopt a transcending logical ideology”. (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “The Laws of Faith”.)


“Politicians Must Protect the People at the Risk of Their Own Lives”

In April, Master Okawa gave the lecture “Living Life Profoundly” at Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

“We must assess how the people of those [dictatorial] countries are being treated. Is this dictatorial system indifferent to genocide? Are people given freedom of speech and other rights that bring them happiness? Are people being treated like animals? We must look at these questions and think about what sort of future we hope to see.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “In Search of the Infinite”.)

In May, Master Okawa gave a lecture at the Rohm Theatre Kyoto entitled, “In Search of the Infinite”, in which he gave a message to Kim Jong-un:

“We will have to impose an absolute sanction on North Korea. In the end, Kim Jong-un would have no choice but disarmament . . . He will have to decide: does he want to protect himself at the expense of starting a war that will kill millions of citizens? A great leader will risk his or her own life to save the people. If Kim ever shows this quality, I am sure countries from all around the world will lend a helping hand.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “In Search of the Infinite”.)


Is That Country Worth Protecting on the Grounds of World Justice?

In August, Master Okawa gave a special grand lecture at the Tokyo Dome for the first time in 22 years. Master Okawa spoke to the 50,000 in the stadium on various issues under the title “The Choice of Humankind”. On the North Korea problem, he said thus:

“Each country has a right to protect and love their people. But we must ask if that self-protecting country is acting accordingly to global justice; whether they are acting accordingly to God’s justice.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “The Laws of Faith”.)


If We Leave North Korea Alone…

In September, Master Okawa gave a lecture entitled, “The Mind to Never Give Up”, at Hotel Newcastle in Aomori Prefecture. Just one hour before the lecture, news reports flooded world media that North Korea had conducted its 6th nuclear test. Master Okawa commented on this in his lecture.

“When a country appears with hegemonic ambitions, it is up to our decision whether to maintain world order or not. What we are seeing in real-time is what happens when we abandon that decision-making. If we leave North Korea to keep doing its thing, they will continue to make atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and ballistic missiles. The government will be powerless against them.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “Protect Your Own Country”.)

Master Okawa gave another lecture that month at Rihga Royal Hotel Niihama in Ehime Prefecture, entitled “How to Become a Resourceful Human”. He criticized the Japanese politicians for their lack of a defense strategy.

“North Korea is making Japan question itself: ‘We have placed our rights to life in the hands of America for 72 years, but is this really okay?’ . . . If you don’t want to face destruction, do what you have to do.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “Protect Your Own Country”.)


A High Chance for Triggering WW3

In October, Master Okawa gave a lecture at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan, entitled “Japan’s Future Path”.

“If Japan continues to ignore the North Korea problem without taking any countermeasures, North Korea will reemerge a few years later as an incredible nuclear superpower . . . That is why if we defer this problem there is a high chance Japan will become the central battleground, and may even trigger World War III.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “The Conditions of National Prosperity”.)

Master Okawa gave another lecture in October at Happy Science Osaka Shoshinkan, entitled “The Conditions of National Prosperity”, in which he spoke about the urgency of strengthening national defense.

“While national defense does not create wealth, but is imperative to protecting free market, and the peoples’ lives and properties. It is not a waste. You must remember this . . . We really must be cautious of aggression and invasion by foreign countries. This caution will end up protecting the people and property.” (This lecture forms a chapter in the book “The Conditions of National Prosperity”.)


Justice Is Necessary to Establish New Peace

In December, Master Okawa gave a lecture at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture entitled, “The Power to Spread Love”. He said that we must never forgive dictatorial governments such as North Korea and China that terrorize its people and neighboring countries.

“Peace doesn’t exist for justice; justice exists for peace. Justice is needed to create new peace for the future . . . ‘Justice’ includes activities that bring future peace. If there are people suffering under an evil regime, we must release them.”

Just like we reap the benefits of the hard work of those who came before us, our activities now will shape the future of the younger generations and the generations to come.

We must feel responsibility for the future world, and if we do, each one of us must translate these feelings into action.

North Korea Problem Could Make Japan A Battlefield
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