Overcoming Obstacles With Will Power
World Teacher's Message 248


The Question:

I am wanting to create a network for people receiving welfare support through systems such as E-Learning, to help them become independent. How will we be able to create new added value in the world of social welfare?

(N.B. the questioner’s physical disability made talking difficult, so an interpreter helped ask the question)
5 June 2010 at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Answer:

You yourself must attain the next level of strength for that to happen. If you do not gain strength it will be difficult to help other people.

Other than that, your question was regarding the difficult issues of welfare and added value, so I would like to say a few things on those matters.

In our country and in many other countries there are a great number of people who need a helping hand – be they handicapped, ill or elderly. But as an overall idea, a state system that spends a lot of tax revenue to help them and makes them incompetent is no good.

We must think about and lead the world in a direction where these people can become independent, and live in society without outside help. People who used to be healthy but got ill or injured, must also be careful. If hospitals are ‘kind’, they advise patients to take their time and stay.

But if you stay in hospital for too long, you’ll find that your legs stop working and you won’t be able to stand. The muscles shrink and you strain your back, and may even end up in a wheelchair. Some people find that they cannot return to society after staying too long under the care of a kind hospital.

Maybe the hospital income increases, but for the patients it is best to attempt to become independent after a certain period. You must train yourself to do so.


Increasing Things You Can Do by Yourself

When people become too dependent on various helpers, they fail to unleash the true power that they actually have. Many people tend to become too used to being protected by others.

I believe you have a handicap, but I think it’s important that you don’t limit yourself because of it. You should try to increase the number of things you can for yourself, bit by bit every day.

The effort to increase things you can do by yourself without help from others will increase your power to guide other handicapped people who are now receiving welfare support.

We have to watch out because politicians try to shift the issue of social welfare into a money problem. This is a great worry.

Some physical health problems can be cured through training and practice. By principle, people can change through strong will power by constantly thinking that they can change.

Your pronunciation may not be clear right now – I can even pick up foreigners’ pronunciation, but I couldn’t quite catch everything you said. But if you utilize your will strongly, “within a few years I will definitely bring myself to a stage where everyone can understand me when I speak”, I guarantee that this will slowly become a reality. If you practice this, you will be able to guide those experiencing similar difficulties.


Will Power and Power of Prayer

People seem to think that social welfare is to inject money to people, and the problem is solved. But there is more to it than that. In a religious sense many things help change and save you: your own will power; the spiritual power of love, prayers and support from those around you; or the concentrated energy from your group. These powers are extremely strong.

Please feel a sense of mission in becoming better. Will strongly that your improvement will allow you to guide many other people; that that is where your mission lies. Then you will improve. And in the process of your improvement, those around you will also improve.

With regard to added value in social welfare, it is actually a bad thing for the country if there are too many people needing support. If support leads to making these people incompetent, then it is a bad thing. Social welfare is counter effective unless each person works hard to gradually increase the number of things they can do without help.


Why Religions Are Public Services

I am being hard on you, but I would like you to strongly desire to improve to the point where you can live a more regular life in society within a few years. If you do, I assure you that the next time you ask me a question you’ll be able to speak so that I can catch what you are saying. Happy Science is a religion that has no problem in curing your problem. Your faith will definitely cure it.

I have yet to use my full strength. Everyone’s faith is still weak so I have nothing to do, but if true faith is established we will begin to see more and more miracles.

Religion can become a power that cures people’s illnesses and brings people success in society without using any of the country’s taxes. In this sense, it is a public service group through and through. We can definitely become a power that can improve society without asking for a cent from the government.

So, I pray: “O Light, Guide this person”. You will definitely get better! You will definitely become a guiding light for those around you! Do your best!

Overcoming Obstacles With Will Power
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