China Commemorates A Fake Event
Paying Respects at Nanking Massacre Day

Key points in this article:

  • A memorial event was held in China on 13th December
  • But the Nanking Massacre was a fabrication
  • A demand to erase the Nanking Massacre from the UNESCO list

13th December marked 80 years since the day the Japanese Imperial Army invaded Nanking to end the Second Sino-Japanese War. On the 13th, chairman Xi Jinping was seen attending a memorial event at the Memorial Hall of The Victims in Nanjing held by the Beijing government.

On the same day, many events on the Nanjing topic, such as operas and library showcases were held all over Mainland China. This movement was not confined to China alone.

Last month in Canada a Diet woman with a Hong Kong background spoke in the House of Commons. “Eighty years ago, Imperial Japanese Army Forces raped an estimated 20,000 to 80,000 Chinese women and girls and some 300,000 people were killed,” she said. “Western eye-witnesses in Nanjing described the atrocities as ‘Hell on Earth’.” She proposed to the Canadian government to recognise the 13th of December as the anniversary of “Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day”.

The parliaments of Ontario and Manitoba have followed the motion. There is a high likelihood that this movement will spread all over North America.

In October, 2015, the Nanjing Massacre as submitted by China was listed in the UNESCO MOW.


The Nanjing Massacre Is a Fabrication

As The Liberty Magazine has stated many times, however, the Nanjing Massacre never actually happened.

For instance, China’s infamous leader Mao Zedong never mentioned a word about any such massacre during his lifetime. If we count the number of times the words “Nanjing massacre” appear in the Communist Party-owned newspaper the People’s Daily we get the following result:

  • 1946 to May 1960: 21 times
  • May 1960 to June 1982: 0 times
  • June 1982 onwards: 830 times

It is obvious that the Nanjing Massacre only became a political topic very recently.

The person responsible for this augmentation was the Japanese journalist, Katsuichi Honda. In his column ‘Travels in China’ serialized in Asahi Shimbun, Honda wrote in detail about the inhumane atrocities committed by Japanese troops in Nanjing. Former Japanese soldiers, however, have flatly denied any occurrence of the sort, saying that it is all fake news.

When diplomat Tokuyasu Fukuda arrived in Nanjing the day after the Japanese troop left the city, he saw “not a single dead body in the streets”.

Ichiro Tamaki who fought in the battle of Nanjing and later became president of Netx Toyota said in a lecture, “My impression of Nanjing was not one filled with rubble and corpses. That was all cleaned up. The 3 months we were on duty there were filled with a peaceful atmosphere. It is impossible for a place to experience a massacre of 300 thousand and still feel that peaceful.”


A Demand to Remove “Nanjing Massacre” From UNESCO MOW

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”: this is China’s method. We cannot let this fake news continue to spread and into our history textbooks.

The problem here is that the Japanese government has issued a statement that they “cannot deny” that a massacre took place.

It is of utmost importance that the Japanese government issues a public statement to the world denying the Nanjing massacre. The Japanese people must also demand the removal of the Nanjing massacre and all related materials from the UNESCO MOW.

We cannot let a false truth distort our view of Japan forever.

China Commemorates A Fake Event
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