The Choice of Humankind
Freedom And Democracy or Fearful Submission

On 2nd August Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, gave a public lecture that will become a significant milestone for the humanity. The lecture entitled “The Choice of Humankind” was given at the Tokyo Dome, seating around 50,000 people, and was even broadcast live to over 3,500 sites around the world via the Happy Science network.

The last time Master Okawa gave a lecture at the Tokyo Dome was in 1995, 22 years ago.


We Are at the Crossroads of Fate for Humankind

Dancing lights and thunderous applause accompanied Master Okawa’s appearance on stage. “We now stand at the top of our climb; a time that will decide the future of humankind,” he said, explaining that the current crisis facing our global situation is now at a crossroads that could mean the end of our civilization as we know it.

Calculations suggest that, depending on the launch angle,the North Korean missile launched on the night of 28 July could potentially reach Washington D.C.

In the past, the U.S. considered striking North Korea for suspicions of nuclear development, but state wide and global opinion pressured them into resorting to diplomatic solutions. As a result, North Korea is now on the verge of possessing nuclear missiles that can target the hub of U.S. politics.

The world is under the threat of totalitarian states that deny its people freedom of ideology and freedom of opinion, and the U.S. must now make a monumental decision.

From the North Korean perspective, however, their nuclear missile developments are a self-defense method against the American military. Is it okay, however, for a country to have a nuclear arsenal, when their people are suffering from malnutrition and poverty, and are deprived of the path to attaining freedom and happiness?

“Each state has a right to protect their state,” said Master Okawa. “But we must ask if that self-protecting country is acting according to global justice; whether they are acting according to God’s justice.” He said that we must base our sense of justice on God’s view.


Do Away With War Through an Understanding of God’s Truth

Master Okawa pointed the way to end conflict and terrorism in the world.

Indeed countries that advocate freedom and democracy are far better than totalitarian states, he said; but in democratic countries, the separation of state and religion is an issue. The separation was introduced to avoid the impartial support of religions, but it is now being used to distance religion from politics. God’s voice is being ignored, and conflict is arising as a result.

Islamic countries that claim to unify state and religion, on the other hand, are experiencing terrorism in the name of God. “The current political and Islamic religious leaders cannot hear the voice of God,” Master Okawa warned. The problem, he said, was that both countries that embrace the separation of state and religion, and religion-politics unified states are ignorant of the voice of God.

Master Okawa ended his lecture with a message towards North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chairman of China, Xi Jinping, telling them to stop the conflict:


“Humankind must know the true voice of God, overcome their differences, harmonize, cooperate, evolve and prosper together.”

“I love all of humankind, over and above the differences! Please learn the meaning of love through the act of believing!”

The audience was enraptured by the words filled with an ardent desire for the happiness of the children of God.

The following topics were also covered in the lecture:

  • The secrets of the creation of mankind starting more than 3 hundred million years ago
  • The rise and fall of past civilizations
  • The potential triggers of nuclear war around the world
  • Each state and its levels of freedom seen in anti-government news reports
  • Problems with monotheism
  • Why god created the system of reincarnation
The Choice of Humankind
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