An Undercover Video Has Revealed the Blatant Bias of CNN’s CEO
The Russia-gate Scandal is being fuelled for the Sake of Money and Higher ratings

Main points in this article:

  • The U.S. internet news media has revealed that the CEO of CNN is biased against President Trump.
  • The CEO of CNN is reporting false anti-Trump news to boost CNN’s ratings.
  • Despite this being revealed, CNN is continuing its blatantly biased news coverage of President Trump.

Following the U.S. media that has been bashing President Trump day in and day out, the major Japanese media has been reporting anti-Trump news every day.

In the midst of Trump bashing by the U.S. media, the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, agreed to be interviewed by the Asahi Shinbun in Tokyo. President Trump had accused CNN of
reporting “fake news,” and Mr. Zucker responded to his remark, saying, “When he
talked about fake news, he talks about the news he doesn’t like. He uses the phrase to
talk about stories and ideas that he doesn’t like as opposed to what is actually fake
news.” (the July 27th issue of Asahi Shinbun)

Mr. Zucker, who had a relationship with Trump before the election, went on to say,
“We have known each other for some time, so he may have expected us to report news in
favor of him. But it is not our job.”

He insists that Trump is irrationally criticizing journalism that holds on to a principle
of fair reporting. Is what he says true?


“Trump Is Good for Business”

Project Veritas, the U.S. internet news media that investigates and exposes corruption,
dishonesty, and other wrongdoings using a hidden-camera, has revealed the true
intention of the CEO of CNN, sending a shock wave through American

The CNN supervising producer, John Bonifield, referred to the Russia-gate scandal, saying,
“There is no solid proof to the Russia-gate scandal,” “(The) Russia narrative is mostly bullshit,”
and “All the excessive Russia coverage is to boost our ratings.”

He also explained that the instructions to bash Trump came straight from president Jeff
Zucker. He says, “Many of our viewers are delighted at anti-Trump coverage….Trump
is good for business.”

The video has revealed that CNN forgot the mission of journalism – to hold fast to fair
coverage of facts – and has been biased in reporting for the sake of their higher ratings.

Mr. Bonifield also said that media is biased in its coverage about speech and action of
not only Trump but also conservative citizens.

In response to this video, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told
reporters at a press briefing that she encouraged media and people across the country to
view the undercover video. She criticized CNN for its attitude toward news coverage,
saying, “I think if it is accurate, I think it’s a disgrace to all of media, to all of

Ms. Sanders’ criticism is valid, and CNN should be accused of a lack of


Despite These Revelations, Nothing Has Changed

After the Project Veritas video was revealed you would think that CNN’s propagation of false news media and its biased coverage of the Trump White House would change. But nothing could be further from the truth. CNN’s relentless focus on of the Russia scandal has continued unabated and shows no signs of letting up. CNN continues to use anonymous news sources to blow the situation completely out of proportion. All the while, the actual achievements of the Trump administration receive little attention.

Unfortunately this phenomena is not limited to CNN. This makes it very difficult to get unbiased news coverage in the U.S.. If the American people only rely on the mainstream media for their news they are unlikely to get correct information about what is happening in U.S. politics. It is essential that each and every person uses wisdom to assess the information they are receiving to determine whether it is accurate coverage or is coming from a biased source. That is the only way we can get a true picture of what the Trump administration is really doing for America and for the rest of the world.

An Undercover Video Has Revealed the Blatant Bias of CNN’s CEO
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