Stop the Warped Coverage of Trump Part 1

“Donald Trump is a Crook”, “the man holding a gun to his head”, “The president is either ignorant of American history or trolling those of us who aren’t”.

Trump criticism in the media has stooped so low that some of it has become like arguments in an internet forum.


Candid Advice from Harvard University

Articles on President Trump are often abusive of him, and this is quantitatively evident.

According to research at Harvard Kennedy School, 80% of the larger media companies published anti-Trump reports during his first 100 days in office, as opposed to 20% of reports that covered Trump in a positive tone.

The Harvard report concludes, “Journalists need to resist even the smallest temptation to see themselves as opponents of government. It’s the competition between the party in power and the opposing party, and not between government and the press, that’s at the core of the democratic process.”


Targeting Trump Supporters in the Media

The criticism in the media is also being aimed at Trump supporters.

Bill O’Reilly was a host at Fox News, the most popular conservative news station in the U.S., and a known Trump supporter. In April, he had to resign when The New York Times – a newspaper particularly critical of Trump – reported that O’Reilly had settled a number of sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him, and in some cases had paid out-of-court settlements.

Following strong pressure from human rights organizations, major sponsors withdrew their advertising contracts and Fox lost a commentator who had attracted US$100 million worth of advertising income over 3 years.

There is no doubt that sexual harassment is unacceptable. However, it is clear that the Times brought up the sexual harassment cases to target O’Reilly for being a Trump supporter.


“The Most Dishonest Human Beings on Earth”

It would be fine if the reports were true, but many of the major media companies are continuously reporting falsehoods.

Here are some examples:

  1. Report – the elections were rigged in favour of Trump’s victory  a recount found 131 more votes for Trump.
  2. Report – Trump had an orgy in a Moscow hotel  proved entirely false
  3. Report- Trump has evaded Federal income tax for 18 years  he paid US$38 million in taxes in 2005 alone.

Back in January, Trump blasted the media by saying, “I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth.”

Trump has been directly addressing people through his Twitter account, but that just makes the media even more enraged. We cannot stand idly by and let fake news prevail.





False Charges Against Trump and his Aides

Leaks, National Security Advisor dismissed, VPN…

There are continuing suspicions of a conspiracy between the Trump administration and Russia. Let us investigate the truth.

“Russiagate” is a word that is now used commonly in the media. It refers to a possible conspiracy between Trump and Russia to hack the U.S. election.

Let us look at 3 of the alleged scandals to see if they are true.


Scandal 1: Did Trump Order the Leaking of Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

No Evidence After 1 Year

In September 2016 during the election campaign, Wikileaks disclosed a large number of emails belonging to leaders of the Democratic Party.

The one that received the most attention was Hillary Clinton’s email sent to her rival for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders that other party officials were conspiring against them. The people’s trust in the entire party plummeted.

The Democratic Party and the media claimed that Trump and Russia had conspired against them and launched a cyber attack to obtain the information. The FBI then began investigations, but it’s now 1 year later and they have not found a single piece of evidence.


A Crime Committed by the U.S. Intelligence?

Although it has seldom been reported, there was actually a widespread opinion that the leaks were instigated by U.S. intelligence agencies. Craig Murray, former ambassador and now working at Wikileaks, maintained that it was the NSA who leaked the information because they were unhappy about the Democratic Party’s treatment of Sanders.

While the CIA continued to declare that Russia’s hacking was behind the leak, The Guardian reported Murray’s statements that the CIA, “are absolutely making it up.”

In fact, the CIA allegedly has the ability to camouflage their own hacking activities to make it look like other countries did it.

Other information pointed to a member of the office staff at the Democratic Party, but he died a suspicious death leaving us in the dark.


Scandal 2: A Cabinet-Russia Collusion

Trump’s Cabinet has constantly been the target of scandals.

Trump’s National Security Advisor was dismissed in February this year. This followed constant suggestions in the media that he spoke to ambassador Sergey Kislyak about lifting the Russian sanctions. What he actually said was less conclusive: that if Trump becomes president, the government will re-evaluate the sanctions. Many people argue that it was actually the NSA who did something illegal by wiretapping the phone conversation.

After Flynn’s dismissal, the media’s next target was the President’s son-in-law and Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner. Journalists decided to highlight Kushner’s attempt to establish communication with Russia before Trump’s inauguration. The supposed “secret communication line” was in fact a simple “designated line”, one that has been used multiple times by people like Richard Nixon when he tried to improve relations with China. Nonetheless, the media used their malicious word play to manipulate public opinion.

Attorney-General Jeff Sessions was the next target, with a Russia collusion scandal erupting; but again, he was only doing his job as a Senator. Even anti-Trump officials such as Obama’s Director of National Intelligence and the CIA Director are skeptical about this alleged scandal.


Scandal 3: Comey’s Dismissal and Trump’s Obstruction of Justice

In May, Trump dismissed FBI director James Comey. The media immediately closed in on this opportunity to slam Trump for another unfounded story: that Comey was investigating the Trump-Russia collusion, and therefore his dismissal is an obstruction of justice.

Comey then leaked to the media information that suggested Trump had pressured him to stop the investigations into Michael Flynn. Just as Comey planned, the case was referred to the special prosecutor (something that did not happen in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal). However, when asked during a senate hearing whether Trump told him to stop the Flynn investigation, the best Comey could say was that Trump expressed “hope” that he would let the investigation go. This was hardly pressure from the President to end the investigation, and was certainly not an order that he do so.

Comey also confirmed that the FBI’s investigations had found no evidence to suggest Trump colluded with Russia to interfere with the US election. This led political commentator and vanguard of the anti-Trump forces Chris Matthews to admit that Comey’s testimony collapsed the Russian collusion story.

Even if what Trump said about the Flynn investigation was an order, Trump legally has the power to stop FBI investigations into anyone, including Flynn.

Constitutional expert and Harvard Professor of Law, Alan Dershowitz says that the president has the power to pardon the individual under investigation and therefore to stop the investigation.

In 1992, contrary to the special prosecutor’s decision, President George W. Bush’s pardoned Casper Weinberger for selling U.S. missiles to Iran.

Stop the Warped Coverage of Trump  Part 1
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