Trump’s Wise Decision to Fire FBI Director Comey
Master Okawa's Kyoto Lecture

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, gave a public lecture entitled “In Search of The Infinite” in Rohm Theatre, Kyoto, Japan, on the 14th. 2,200 people gathered at the main venue. The lecture was broadcast live via the Happy Science network to various venues across the country.

Until now, Master Okawa has given more than 2,600 lectures worldwide (including over 100 in English). This time, many were listening in anticipation of the Japanese release of the film “Kimi no Manazashi” [Your Gaze] on 20 May. It will be the 11th film produced by Master Okawa. He began the lecture with an introduction to the upcoming film: “It will teach people about the mysteries of the eternal life of the soul, why people are born, the meaning of an afterlife and the meaning of reincarnation.”


President Trump’s Dismissal of FBI Director Was Common Sense

On the morning of the lecture, North Korea launched another ICBM aimed at the Sea of Japan. It is speculated to be a new model from its unprecedented speed (30 minutes until landing) and altitude (2000 km).

Master Okawa proposed varying strategies to solve the North Korea problem. One of these touched upon U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent dismissal of former FBI director James Comey.

Trump has yet to make clear the reason for his dismissal of Comey, but the FBI was in the midst of investigating possibilities of Russian cyber attacks during last year’s U.S. Presidential elections, and possible connections between Russia and Trump’s campaign team.

“It is imperative that the U.S. establish strong relations with Russia and China to solve the North Korea problem”, commented Master Okawa. “These large trends must be protected as a national strategy; it is no longer about personal profits and ambitions.” The fact that the top of the police is obstructing national strategy “gives Trump the right to dismiss him: this is common sense”, he said.
Obama magnified frictions in U.S.-Russia relations when he responded to Russia’s annexation of Crimea by imposing economic sanctions. To reverse this Trump appointed pro-Russian Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. He has hinted plans to lift the sanction to improve relations with Russia.

The FBI investigations were problematic as they could be seen as an act of hostility towards Russia. If relations sour again Russia could very well turn to supporting North Korea, which would make them unstoppable.


Most Important Is the “Outcome” of the Investigation and Arrests

It is legal in the U.S., as in many other countries, for the government to intercept police investigations if they could potentially cause national crises. For instance, in Japan the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law states that the Minister of Justice appointed by the Prime Minister has the right of command over the Public Prosecutor General.

For example, in the Shipbuilding Scandal of 1954 in Japan, when the Prosecutor issued a warrant for the arrest of Liberal Party executive Eisaku Sato for suspicions of receiving bribes from a shipbuilding company, the Minister of Justice, Ken Inukai, commanded the postponement of the prosecution on grounds that the country was preoccupied in passing two important national defense bills.

This was the only instance where the Minister of Justice exercised the right to command. Critic and scholar, Shoichi Watanabe, who held that “in politics, responsibility for the outcome is of utmost importance”, commented on the 1954 scandal thus:
“What was the outcome of the right of command exercised in the Shipbuilding Scandal? Two years later, Japan topped the world in quantity of ship building.”

“The revival of Japan’s heavy industry began with shipbuilding. No one can deny this; it is historical fact. But if the right to command was not used and Eisaku Sato had been arrested and the governing power had been handed across from the Liberal Democratic to the Socialist Party, Japan would not have achieved the economic growth that it did.”

Decisions that politicians make determine the future of a country. And while the press has slammed Trump’s dismissal of Comey as a seemingly authoritarian attempt to hide a scandal, Trump had his mind not on himself but on the future of America: he stopped the FBI’s intervention into affairs of national strategy.


Disarmament for North Korea

“In the end, Kim Jong-un would have no choice but disarmament”, said Master Okawa in his Kyoto lecture. “He will have to decide — does he want to protect himself at the expense of starting a war that will kill millions of citizens? A great leader will risk his or her own life to save the people. If Kim ever shows this quality, I am sure countries from all around the world will lend a helping hand.”

Master Okawa ended the lecture explaining that the mission of Happy Science is to “make this country a better place, and to create a world in the name of peace and happiness”.


Pre-release Event for Film “Kimi no Manazashi”

Master Okawa’s Kyoto lecture was preceded by a special pre-release event for the upcoming film “Kimi no Manazashi” [Your Gaze] to be released in cinemas all over Japan on 20 May. The leading actor, Kaito Umesaki , and actress Yuko Mizuki appeared alongside president Hiroshi Okawa, President of their talent agency, Newstar Production.

Hiroshi Okawa, who was also the screenwriter and chief producer of the film, gave a brief comment on the film. “There is this line in the script, ‘There is always a reason for the suffering and difficulties in life’,” he said.

“I hope that the audience will be stimulated to ponder that perhaps life really is a series of reincarnations, and that perhaps there really is a God. Please watch it with your friends and family, and use it as an opportunity to think about these things”

In addition to the above, Master Okawa spoke on the following topics in his lecture:

  • The reason for the continuing publications of spiritual messages
  • The true foundation of basic human rights
  • The characteristics of a totalitarian state
  • What revolutions should aim for
  • North Korean missiles and cyber attacks
  • How education can affect politics so that virtuous people are chosen
Trump’s Wise Decision to Fire FBI Director Comey
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