Former President Kim Il-sung Complains
Odd Happenings Amongst North Korean Authorities? Omens of Downfall?

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North Korea opened a party conference for the first time in 36 years. The style of steering the country through the party’s decision-making body is designed to strengthen the system, and is based on the methods of former president and grandfather of the current first secretary, Kim Il-sung.

On the 6th, the morning of the party conference, the spirit of Kim Il-sung appeared before Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science. It appears that North Korea is in a very difficult situation due to economic sanctions and isolation from the international community prompted by their hydrogen bomb experiment in January.


They want to have Friendly Relations with Japan?

The spirit of Kim Il-sung started his message by proposing to form friendly relations with Japan. He said: “We can’t bear being under U.S. control” and “China cannot be relied upon”, so “we want harmony with Japan”. These unusually conciliatory ideas coming from North Korea must have some underlying reason behind them. So the interviewer questioned him, and it turns out that all he wanted was for Japan to provide them with financial support of approximately US$5 trillion. He said he plans to use that money to annex South Korea. This made it clear that Kim Jong-un’s hydrogen bomb experiment has thrown North Korean economics into difficult territory.


Restraining Trump as President and a greater Japan-Russia cooperation

Additionally, Kim Il-sung’s spirit expressed his fear that North Korea’s foreign relations encirclement network was almost complete. On the first day of the North Korean party conference, Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, visited Russia and conducted an unpublicized meeting with President Vladimir Putin and spoke about resolving the Kuril Islands dispute and strengthening their economic cooperation. If Japan-Russia ties become stronger, Russia’s provisional support to North Korea may be reduced. If Japan and Russia go further and form a security partnership, North Korea will be sandwiched and thus checkmated by them.

The spirit of Kim Il-sung said that, “Mr. Abe’s power of agency is insufficient to maintain friendly relations with both Russia and the U.S.” and thus tried to restrain Japan from cooperating with Russia.

The other thing Kim Il-sung found disadvantageous was if Donald Trump became President of the U.S. Currently Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President. President Putin had previously commented that Trump was an excellent politician, and Trump has also said that President Putin was a powerful leader. These mutual encouragements indicate that if Trump becomes President, the U.S.-Russia relationship may also strengthen.

Kim Il-sung’s spirit said, “Trump and Putin seem to get along, so I think this is dangerous for North Korea” and “If the Trump-Putin-Japan relation succeeds, North Korea will be in grave danger”.

Back when suspicions first arose that North Korea was developing nukes, the U.S. had considered attacking North Korea with nukes. President Jimmy Carter, however, met with the then North Korean President Kim Il-sung, and stopped the idea of an attack. Since then the U.S. has been having ‘talks’ to try to resolve the issue, but meanwhile, North Korea has continued to develop nukes.

The spirit of Kim Il-sung looked back on that occasion and reflected that he thought the U.S. wouldn’t have been able to attack. He also thinks the same of current President Obama who is trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons, and thinks that Hilary Clinton probably wouldn’t attack either. He said, however, “If Trump comes out he may very well attack.”


To Collapse the Kim Administration

The spirit of Kim Il-sung expressed his concern for his grandson, the current First Secretary, Kim Jong-un, due to his increasing enemies in the international community. In a bid to stop the downfall of North Korea he proposed, “Let’s just get along and end America and China’s dominance”.

After the message, Master Okawa explained that, “they [North Korea] probably only have one year left unless they find a new path.”

Of course as a country we cannot allow them to continue on their current path. North Korea is a country that develops nuclear weapons disregards its starving people, and has no second thoughts regarding abducting people from other countries; they are immoral. To let them do as they please goes against the international sense of justice and freedom.

The Happiness Realization Party has been urging Japan to deploy nuclear armaments within the bounds of self-defense in order to counter North Korean nuclear forces. In addition, we have been proposing foreign policies such as including Russia in the liberalism region, and enhancing the path of North Korea into a peaceful collapse.

We cannot just stand by and watch this Hell that has appeared on Earth. The world must act to save the North Korean people from oppression, and allow every country to prosper under peace and freedom.

Former President Kim Il-sung Complains
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