What defines Death? Brain-dead Polish Woman gives Birth

The AFP reported that a Polish hospital revealed that a woman who was said to be brain-dead gave birth to a baby after being kept alive on life-support for 55 days.

The woman was reported brain-dead due to a brain tumor that developed while she was pregnant late last year. In January, week 26 of her pregnancy, doctors performed a Caesarian section and delivered the baby.. The baby boy was born weighing just 1000 grams but after 3 months in the ICU, he weighed a healthy 3000 grams. There were no detected complications, and the baby was discharged from hospital.

The hospital staff that was in charge explained how rare it was to be able to maintain the pregnancy for a baby whose mother was on life support from the early stages of development at approximately 17-18 weeks to birth.


Death is When the Spiritual Cord is Broken

There have been many cases where patients deemed brain-dead gave birth to babies or continue to grow in height. It challenges the notion that brain death means the person is dead.

In conclusion, brain death does not mean the person is dead. In his book “The World of Eternal Life”, Master Ryuho Okawa founder of Happy Science says the following:

“There is a spiritual cord that connects our souls to our physical body called the Silver Cord. True death is when this cord is broken. As long as this cord is connected, the soul and the physical body are never completely severed, and therefore the person is not yet truly dead. This is why resuscitation becomes possible.”

In true form, humans are souls. Although brain-dead patients are unable to move physically, their souls are struggling to live and they really feel pain and heat like other healthy people. Organs taken from such patients for transplants are fine as long as the person previously had this sort of spiritual knowledge, and it would be the patient’s own responsibility. If the patient didn’t know about this truth, however, organ transplant is almost like murder on the doctor’s part.

The AFP reports that the mother’s life support was terminated after the baby was born, but it makes us question whether the hospital was aware of the spiritual situation.


Only 0.1% of Human History has seen the Spread of Materialism

Master Okawa gave a lecture in Kyoto on the 17th of April and in it spoke about the current trend of not believing in the afterlife or Heaven. He said, “only in 0.1% of the human history we know of did the mistaken idea spread; namely, that there is no life after death and the material world and our physical bodies are the only real things.”

Materialistic science cannot give a definite answer on the question of death, nor does it really understand the importance of life, because it doesn’t believe in the spiritual world or the soul. In this mechanically developed civilization there is a dire need for medical studies that bring an understanding of the relationship between the physical body and soul.

What defines Death? Brain-dead Polish Woman gives Birth
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